**This page is for historical purposes only. CTS no longer exists as an independent entity.

One Shields Ave, 1440 Surge II
M-F, 10am-4pm
(530) 752-3333

In 2007, Classroom Technology Services merged with Mediaworks to form Academic Technology Services. All of CTS's services are still available, just under different names.

Classroom Technology Services, under the information and educational technology dept, is available for campus departments, clubs, orgs, faculty and staff. They charge through University Re-charge and Purchase Order. They also take cash or charge. If you need any kind of equipment, CTS might have it for you to rent. They specialize in Audio-Visual and Printer Repair. They also distribute the keys to the lock boxes in all lecture halls. For instance, if you need a remote to navigate DVD menus, CTS is your man.


  • Microphones, $1.00 each/day
  • Projector stand, $1.00/day
  • Projector screen up to 7', $6.25/day
  • Projector screen 8', $25.00/day

I don't know what their policy on renting to students is, but i walked in there and rented stuff for ASUCD Entertainment Council with no problems. - ArlenAbraham