Davis Community Park
August 1st, 2014 7:30 - 10:30 p.m.
Local Coordinators
Jason Moore, Davis Bike Collective & Robb Davis, Davis Bicycles!
National Coordinator
New Belgium Brewery

The Davis Bike Collective and Davis Bicycles! are working with New Belgium Brewery again this year to bring Clips of Faith to Davis on August 1st from 7:30-10:00 at Central Park! Clips of Faith is a beer tasting and film screening that is brought to cities across the United States. New Belgium brings out their Lips of Faith beer collection along with everyone's classic favorites such as Fat Tire and 1554 and shows a collection of films that have been submitted to their film contest.

New Belgium works directly with local bicycle related organizations and all the proceeds of the event are donated to help efforts related to bicycling advocacy and community building in the host town. Last year we raised over $4000 for bicycling efforts in Davis and had more attendees than any other city in on the tour.

So… We want to do it again and we need your help. We will need to mobilize about 70 volunteers for this year’s event to do things like serve beer, check ids and put bracelets on people, sell tokens, man booths, help with set up and help with clean-up.

Please consider volunteering at this year’s event. You can go here to sign up to volunteer. Go here for more information on the event and to download a Volunteer Information Packet that describes the work of most of the volunteer positions.

We will need lots of beer servers and need as many TIPS-certified volunteers as we can get. TIPS training certifies you to serve beer and can be done online. Certification costs will be reimbursed by New Belgium.

Please sign up today.

We also need a few folks to organize groups of volunteers for things like the beer tent and ID check. Please contact Robb Davis of Davis Bicycles! ([email protected]) or Jason Moore of The Davis Bike Collective ([email protected]) if you are willing to organize volunteers.

Feel free to contact Robb or Jason if you have any other questions.


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2011-07-14 19:18:47   This event was great last year, so much that I've scheduled my trip back to New York around it. Some of the film clips were not my taste, but it was still really fun. I discovered my love for sour beers, the weather was nice, and the volunteers were all dressed up in wacky costumes. Be prepared for long lines and mosquito bites. —MeggoWaffle

2011-07-14 20:10:12   I wonder why Davis would need more money for bike advocacy. —JimStewart

It looks like the money for this is going to the Davis Bike Collective and Davis Bicycles!. I think it's hard to deny that these two organizations (especially the Collective) practice a different kind of advocacy than the Davis Bike Club). The Collective especially needs money because they run Bike Forth. —WilliamLewis