1050 Lake Boulevard
(West Davis, near the intersection of Lake Blvd. & Russell Blvd.)

Office Hours

Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm




Central heat/air
Laundry (open 24hrs)



Game room Pool (open 9am-9pm)


Video tour available on our website www.clubsideapartment.com 

Size 1 Bedroom
Sq. ft. 705
Rent $1650
Deposit $500

Size 2 Bedroom
Sq. ft. 955
Rent $1950
Deposit $600


Lease and Deposit

Leases are generally September 1-August 30. No application fee. A security deposit is required to hold a unit. First and last month's rent, are due prior to or at move-in.

Cats allowed (up to 2) with an additional pet damage charge of $300ea.

You pay PG&E, cable, phone and internet.

Additional Amenities

- Kitchen & Spacious Bedrooms - Spacious closets - All Electric Kitchen - Tiled Kitchen and Bath - Tiled entryway - Energy Efficient Appliances - Vaulted Ceilings in Upstairs Units - Attached Storage Closets - 2 Parking Lots - Beautifully Landscaped - Garbage Disposal - Across from Stonegate Country Club (limited memberships available) - The complex is adjacent to the Westlake Plaza shopping center. - Color Coordinated Quality Carpets - Dual Glazed Windows & Energy Efficient Insulation - On Unitrans Buslines D and K

General Comments

While maintenance was a problem in the past, the complex now has a full-time dedicated maintenance staff. Past problems with management have also been largely resolved ever since the previous managing couple were replaced with new management in 2010, which has led to much higher satisfaction among residents.

One of the features of the complex is a game room/clubhouse, which contains a pool table, dart board, and fire place. The community pool is open for use during the summer months.

One of the best things about the complex is that it's quiet, since it seems to attract an older clientele than some other apartment communities.

To find out what other rental housing options exist in Davis, please visit our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments page.


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2006-02-20 16:48:18   The apartments are fine, it just takes forever for the managers to fix things. And, they use the community room as a storeage room, which is very frustrating if you want to use the room. —AcMach

2006-02-20 17:29:27   We were going to try to live here for this lease period. But I called everyday for weeks, and they never answered their phone or responded to any messages. I tried to randomly drop by the office twice, and both times they had a' manager sick' sign on the door. So we gave up and signed elsewhere. Figured if it was that hard to just talk to the manager, might be a bitch to live there and deal. —ES

2007-09-03 12:10:38   We just moved in, and the apt was filthy- mold & hard water stains on the faucets, food stuck to the dishwasher/refrigerator walls, old jars of food & pills in the cabinets/drawers, trash under the sink, dust bunnies on all the ceiling vents/door jambs, broken outlet covers and a broken smoke detector. The dining room window didn't have blinds at all, and the ones in the bedroom have some missing blinds and don't close properly. They did paint the walls, but left paint spatters on the entry way tiles and the doors. We'll see how well they get things fixed. —Toni

2008-02-29 15:36:14   I've been living at clubside since September and I think it's just swell. The biggest complaint I have is that there is only enough hot water for a 10 minute shower tops. It's also a little annoying that the super uses the community facilities as his workshop. I wouldn't use the community room but it might bother others that it is rarely, if ever, available. However, it is very annoying that the space under the awning by the pool is constantly occupied by his various projects. I chose my apartment because it has a nice view of the pool and it sucks that he is constantly there working on stuff. Other than that I have no real complaints so I'd say that overall the apartment is excellent. The apartment is not new but is kept up well and is pretty nice compared to other places in Davis at the same price (especially when you consider how cheap it is for the square footage). The layout of the 2 bedroom apartments is FANTASTIC for two people who want good sized room instead of the typically huge master bedroom and tiny other room. —BlairGoss

2008-02-29 15:41:03   Sorry to comment twice, but I figured this should be its own comment. The price of the two bedroom apartments (the upper limit) is AT LEAST 1,105 per month these days. My lease renewal states that to be the new price for current residents. However, it also states "Although the new rental rate is slightly higher than last year, it is less than what Clubside will be asking of incoming fall tenants." I am not sure if that is true or not. —BlairGoss

2008-12-11 04:05:03   When my roommate and I moved out and did our walk-through with the manager, she said that we had the cleanest apartment she had seen so far that year. She then mailed us a check for $300 (half our deposit) with a receipt for 100$ carpet cleaning and nothing else. I called her to inquire why the carpet cleaning was necessary and where the other 200 dollars went. She said that the two bedrooms both needed carpet cleaning (they didn't) and that the oven was a mess and there was stuff behind the fridge. She said the the minimum fee to have someone go in and clean the apartment was $200 regardless of how small the mess was. I had a lawyer send a letter requesting our entire security deposit but the manager refused. My only option now is to take them to small claims court. I would suggest taking very detailed photos of the apartment when you move in and move out. Good luck! —BlairGoss

2009-08-23 18:53:20   I went there today for checking out some furniture that was placed right in front of their dumpster. An old guy barked at me that I was not supposed to dumpster dive. It's the end of August in DAVIS! What is wrong with that? He said at this time of the year he had to be the cop (looked like someone who paints the apartments). Probably, he feels better after putting students down for recycling furniture. —AmericanSweetheart

2010-01-09 00:32:50   I was a former resident. Really enjoyed the tranquility, the location (right next to bus stop and food places), and the family-friendly environment surrounding that area. The managers were very nice. The only downside, in my opinion, was the high laundry fee. —MissSunshine

2010-01-11 23:24:22   I am the new manager at Clubside Apartments. I also come with a new maintenance man. We live on site and are in the process of catching up with all the work that has been overlooked for some time. The study room is now cleaned out and has a brand new pool table in it. We now have a super market next door to us, opening Jan. 15, 2010. All of the washers and dryers are working and we are in the process of replacing all the filters for the air conditioning units. The pool is also now clean and my boyfriend has been trained by a pool company for proper care. I just moved here myself and I really like it, the grounds are beautifully kept, the people here are great, it is quiet and I am excited to polish up the little imperfections and turning into a property with a waiting list. —kimthegoodtwin

2010-06-08 16:35:55   Our family has lived at Clubside for almost two years and we are sad to be moving away from Davis. We had some of the same problems here before but they all went away under new management. The new manager is very sweet and professional. Her boyfriend is the maintenance man and they make a great team. They respond to repairs/complaints almost immediately, but at least let you know the plan. The pool is always very clean, the grounds are lovely with the flowers, shrubs, and trees. They recently installed new dual pane windows in every apartment. There is plenty of parking as they have extra in the back of the complex. We have looked at many other rentals for our college bound ones and could not find anything within this price range especially that would come close to Clubside. Many of the other places were smaller for more money and not nearly as much to offer. Clubside is set in a park like, quiet, safe community where you are close enough to everything but out of the busy grind. There is a bus stop right in front of the complex, a nice grocery store, coffee shop w/video, salons, pizza, chinese food, mexican food, and more right next door, which is so convenient. There is also the possibility of joining the Stonegate Country Club across the street for a fee and it is worth it because they offer the lake, paddle boats, canoes, party rentals, swimming pools, pool tables, ping pong, and a fitness room. Honestly, it is one of the best rental experiences I have ever had but mostly due to the environment and the awesome management. Thanks! —SusanRoads

2010-10-05 14:54:32   VERY POOR RATING FROM A 2 YEAR TENANT. The management at Clubside Apartments is horrible. This husband and wife duo are rarely present during the posted office hours of M-F, noon-5pm. It took me two weeks to pick up a package that had been delivered to the office because they are never present during their office hours; I took off from work 3 times to come to the office during their posted availability, and each time there was no manager with no posted explanation. The mangers did not return a call to set up an appointment to pick up the package, either. If you want to request a repair or to pick up a package, your best bet is to pester the managers at their personal apartment on the premises.

The mangers two young children are extremely loud and obnoxious, especially to anyone seeking a college student environment. It was impossible to study at home because the kids would often be outside, yelling and accidentally throwing their various toys into my patio area. The kids had the audacity to pound loudly on my front door to request that I throw the toys back over to them; when they continued to throw the toys back over into the patio several times within a single hour, I stopped heading their request. Also, once when I was carrying a case of beer into my apartment, one of the kids exclaimed "is that BEER?" Yes, I am a college student, and my grocery purchases should not be scrutinized. A dangerous note on the kids is that they would often play in the front parking lot unsupervised. The little boy often lays on a skateboard on his belly, and many time while backing out of my parking space I was fearful that I would accidentally run over him. The managers not only neglect their duties at the office, but also their duty to properly supervise their young children.

Although I was told during my exit walk-through that I would receive $400 dollars back of my $500 deposit, a check for only $60 dollars was sent over a month after I moved out. The managers are dishonest in addition to being lazy and MIA.

Lake Blvd. is a great location, but avoid Clubside apartments. Since the units are older and constantly in need of repair, you will soon run into the problem of getting in contact with managers that seem content to act only as tenants and never occupy the office. Two thumbs way, way down. —cphillips

2010-12-29 14:37:45   I feel the need to respond to the above comment posted by (CPHILLIPS) because i think it is horrible that someone would post anything about someone's children in such a manor. I have been a tenant at Clubside apartments for four years now and i could not be happier with the new management team. I have met and talked to their children a number of times and i think they are very smart and well behaved children. I have seen the kids play in the front parking lot, when Kim is in the office that faces that parking lot. I have also called the office inquiring about packages and on the recording is Kim's personal cell phone number, that i called and easily reached her. She explained to me that she is not in the office between 2pm and 3pm because she has to pick her children up from school. Kim also encouraged me to knock on her apartment door any time after office hours if it was more convenient for me. I also know (because I read my lease) that tenants are responsible for the cleaning of the carpets,cleaning of apartment,and freshly painted walls at the end of your lease. The security deposit is used for these responsibilities (see lease for particulars). As far as maintenance this place is kept very well. I highly recommend Clubside Apartments. —ronmunroe

2011-01-07 14:41:41   This was my first year managing an apartment complex and my first turnover. I do apologize that the above previous tenant was not happy with her return. I do hope you realize that I do not write security deposit checks for exiting tenants, I just do the walk through, at which you signed the inspection form that stated "Needs Cleaning" on it. And no I'm not always in the office, since I do have parenting obligations. I did give every single tenant at this complex my personal phone number. I also would like to add that you lived right across the hall from me and I saw you on a daily basis, so how were you not able to retrieve a package from me? If my children are so horrible, why did your boyfriend invite them to one of his concerts? My children do play here at the complex, this is their home, what should I do, lock them up all day in the summer? During the school year they are in school. Over the summer there were other children who lived here and I was bothered by the noise they created. Those children no longer live here. As for maintenance, we have resided the entire complex, installed all new windows, retiled half the showers, replaced all the heating elements in all the heaters, re-carpeted any apartment that had a carpet that was more than 5 years old, and put new light fixtures in all of the apartments. I don't understand how you could accuse me of being MIA when I work, live, and go to school here (online). —kimthegoodtwin

2011-01-12 12:49:19   I've lived at Clubside for two years as I work on my masters degree at UC Davis. Before the new management I had some issues with things in my apartment not getting fixed on time. However, the new manager, Kim, is friendly, and responded quickly when I called her about a burned out lightbulb and a leaky faucet. This is a great place to live as a grad student or as a couple with young children. The area is well kept and quiet. I can get to campus without hardly having to leave a bike path. The new managers are young, have kids and are students too. I don't know how they managed to put as much time and effort into renovating this complex as they have. They may be busy, but they are also easy to get a hold of by phone, or sometimes just knocking on their apartment door. They are approachable and helpful. This past turnover I asked to move from one apartment to another because the person above me played loud music late at night. They came over and helped me move my furniture on their own time! —ChristinaReedy

2011-06-04 13:04:22   I have lived at here for a year, and I love it. The management team are very helpful and kind. The complex is quiet, nice and bug-free (crucial in Davis). There is a grocery store, several restaurants and a video store right next to the apartments. I highly recommend Clubside to graduate students and families looking for a peaceful to live. —FemaleGrad

2011-06-06 21:17:41   I've lived here for 2 years and it has been a great experience. I'd recommend this place to grad students, young professionals, and young families with one or two young kids. It's clean, affordable, and quiet. I'd echo the positive reviews from the two posters above me, and add the following ...


Clean, well-maintained apartments for great value; these are very inexpensive 2-bedroom apartments by Davis standards, and they have been slowly making upgrades to many of the units (new windows on about half the apts. thus far).

Pool and laundry room are central and clean.

Grounds are cheerfully landscaped, with abundant rose bushes and other flowers.

Neighbors are friendly and the vibe here is laid-back.

Great location on the west-side of Davis — it's a short bike ride to campus (almost entirely on bike paths), and it's right next to a small shopping center with coffee, groceries, restaurants, dry cleaners, and strangely, at least two nail/beauty salons.

Walkable to several great parks for kids (we have a toddler), as well as the big wetlands off Arlington and Shasta (if you like birding).

Each apt. has a private patio space, which you can BBQ on if you like.

If they're available, you can get a membership to the Stonegate Country Club (AKA"The Country Club Without a Golf Course") for a nominal fee, which includes unlimited use of pools, lighted tennis courts, canoes on the lake, BBQ facilities, ping pong, billiards, and exercise rooms.


After two years of living here, I have no complaints whatsoever.


This is a great place for young professionals and small families, as well as grad students and others who are looking for an affordable place that is quiet and well-maintained.

Most of the complaints I see above here have at some point been rectified in the last several years. I've never had a problem with hot water, or promtness of response from management. In fact, the management are virtually always out and about and visible, and are clearly putting in their time on upkeep. —ColinBishop

2011-07-27 18:20:45   I've lived here 2 years and am really satisfied with everything here. New dual pane windows and new paint of door and stairs. Here is quiet and clean, very suitable for young people, small family and students. Especially need to be mentioned is the new manager and maitainance man, they are very friendly and professional, they are making this apartment community more comfortable and nicer.Highly recommended! —SharonWang

2011-08-20 13:06:19   I was a grad student at UCD for several years, left to work in the Bay Area and returned last year to work here in town for one year. So I had some experience with renting before deciding to go with Club Side, and I my research was quite exhaustive. My priorities were: acceptable rent, quiet, good management, and close to places where I can run and bike. I have gotten all of the above. One person commented that s/he did not have anything to add as "cons" for this place and I will agree. It is true that recently major repairs were made to the water pipes etc which required sporadic water outages, but that has come to pass. My take is, atrophy increases and all buildings would need some maintenance and repair sooner or later that would be inconvenient. The question is whether the place is a good pick on balance and I have to say that is absolutely the case. Kim (manager) is very competent, and she is as friendly as she is able. Ben (resident problem solver) has time and again gone out of his way to respond to whatever it is that required his attention; he is as brilliant as he is cool. I recommend this place, and would continue to live here but for a need to relocate due to work. —DZee

2012-01-20 01:33:04   Instaconnect is no longer offered here. Got to shell out the bucks for comcast. —RickEhlert

2012-01-20 17:09:45   Hi Richard, Instaconnect is still here, you just have to pay for it. I think it is around $20 per month. —kimthegoodtwin

2012-03-11 11:32:10   I have lived here since August 2011 and have had a very good experience with the apartments and the managers. Since many of these comments are very old - over six years - the apartments have been completely transformed with hundreds of thousands of dollars of upgrades and new management. I do recommend Clubside over many other apartment complexes in Davis which are managed by big impersonal companies that sometimes really are dishonest, and really do have serious maintenance issues. Personally, I have never selected a place to live based on dumpster diving (see comment on this thread), but if I ever do, I will add the best places to dumpster dive to this wiki..... —MarkRowan

2012-04-04 16:02:41   My husband and I had lived at Clubside for almost five years. We moved out of state last month and I just wanted to say what a nice place Clubside is. The place is very clean and quiet. The manager (Kim), the maintenance man (Ben), my nearest neighbors, and all people that I came across at Clubside are all extremely nice people. Kim and Ben are very friendly and at the same time very professional and responsive to all issues that tenants may have. All concerns that I had were addressed right away and all things that needed to be fixed in my apartment were fixed without any delay and very professionally (and I must say I never had any major problem, because my apartment was in a pretty good shape to begin with). Ben even helped me once with my car when I couldn’t find anyone else to help me – it was dark, cold and pouring rain and he obviously didn’t have to do that – he went far beyond his responsibilities to help me (thanks so much again, Ben). The place itself is very well kept and the management does a lot of upgrades and preventive maintenance stuff to make sure that the major problems never happen. Before we moved in I did quite a bit of research and found that Clubside had the best quality-price ratio and I believe this is still the case (especially now, under new management). In short I would like to say that my husband and I had the best rental experiences here, at Clubside, and I would highly recommend this place to anyone (a single person or a small family) who is looking for an apartment in Davis. —AFNikitina

2012-07-17 21:04:50   I recently moved out of Clubside to sacramento to be closer to my fiance. Clubside was the best apartment I have lived at in Davis. With over 8 years spent in Davis as a student (undergrad and grad), I have lived in 6 different complexes located in south davis, north davis, central davis, and east davis. This was my first experience in west davis. Every time I moved, I had to research a plethora of apartment complexes, going through the routine check of costs, amenities, location, quality, space, central air, pets/no pets... you name it! A most impactful aspect to how stressed I was going to be every time I moved was the date of move in/move out, and whether there was flexibility. I also try to pay attention to the manager and how they work, as well as how they handle maintenance/repairs. So with all that said, Clubside apartment gave me the best experience in all of my Davis years. I would move back there if I ever move back to Davis. The managers are wonderful. They are fair, reasonable, professional, friendly. But beyond the very satisfactory service they provide throughout the whole process(from doing research to moving out), they have been very kind, generous, hospitable, and diligent. They are very accessible even with my very odd hours. I was never home during office hours, but they are reachable by email and a knock on the door...always very gracious. The environment is very quiet-which was perfect for studying. The apartments themselves are very good quality and roomy for the price. Ben and Kim work diligently to take care of all reparative needs, quicker than I have ever seen. They even hosted a pool party bbq for all the residents, and re-vamped the pool room to become functional. They were also very flexible with me for the move in date, move out date, as I had to make many changes along the way. I sensed no pressure from them, as they are not pushy or annoyed when inconvenienced. I appreciate all the hard work they put into keeping these apartments a nice home for people. I remember when I first moved in, we even requested white doors for all the rooms (since they looked nicer) and they changed them all for us before we moved in. Even when speaking with other residents, I have heard more good stories about how Ben and Kim have accommodated their needs. I have seen lots of apartments in Davis, inside and out, meeting various managers, and seeing how things are run. Clubside cannot compare with other apartments I've lived in, as I have no complaint about anything there, and can only share the pleasant experience of living there. :) —petvet416

2013-04-20 12:50:05   Clubside is amazing. Attentive management and maintenance, well-kept grounds, friendly neighbors and a great entertainment/common area with the pool and pool room. Clubside is not just an apartment complex, it's a community. —AllisonJoy

2013-07-09 19:55:35   I have lived here for three years (starting in 2010) and I am honestly very sad that I have to move out! =( I've never had a problem here. This apartment complex really feels like home. It's is in a quiet community and the neighbors are very very friendly. The management is extremely friendly, cooperative, and attentive. I love the swimming pool and the pool table. They take time to clean the pool in the summer too. We paid a great price for the very spacious layout compared to other apartments (considering price per square footage). I have lived in two other apartments before and I have to say this was the best community in Davis I've lived in. All the other places are so small. It's going to be hard to find another apartment like Clubside... —JuliaThai

2013-08-02 15:20:46   My husband and I moved into Clubside right after we got married in July 2012, and we love it! The management has been amazing, they are so friendly, and very easy to reach. Anytime I have needed a repair, the repair man has come to fix it the very same day. When we get packages, we get an email saying it is in the office, and even if the manager is not in the office, I can go knock on her apartment and she is more than happy to get the package for me. We love the area, it is very quiet and all of our neighbors are very friendly and respectful. The grounds are beautiful and clean, and there are roses all over! The apartments are a nice size, and the storage closet on the balcony is really big, and has been a great place for us to store all of our outdoor goods and bigger items that don't fit inside. It is really convenient because it is close to Westlake Market and the greenbelt as well as multiple bus stops. It really isn't very far from campus, and it is an easy bike ride ~ 2 miles to campus along the bike path, which is really nicely shaded. This has been the best place to live in Davis, and we have really enjoyed living here. We unfortunately have to move in January because my husband got into grad school, but I would highly recommend living at Clubside! —NicoleKlingler

2014-02-08 23:24:05   Clubside was an amazing place to live! My wife and I miss it already! We had to move to SoCal for grad school, and our new apt complex just isn't the same. Clubside is clean, quiet, friendly and they fix everything really quickly. The manager is really nice and very helpful. She has continued to send us all of our mail as we are in the middle of switching our address. We would highly recommend living here! Perfect area and location, and very family oriented. No loud parties or people being loud at night, everyone is very quiet! Perfect place to live if you want a quiet place to study! —MattKlingler

2014-08-04 22:11:40   I started my residence here as a student and remained after graduation. I have lived here for the past 5 years with complete admiration of both the staff and the property. The apartments here are quiet and well kept. Management is competent, friendly and willing to go beyond the call of duty. —rogerH

2014-10-18 23:44:02   I lived here for one year, was very disappointed at move-out. Overall, a nice place to live, but the management is hit and miss. I think it's changed pretty recently. Do not expect to get your $500 deposit back, which is due at move in, along with first AND last months' rent. I left my place in great condition and only received back $68. It is stated in the lease that you will be charged for repainting, cleaning the carpets, and "general cleaning" no matter what. When I went to discuss the matter with the manager Lori, she explained the situation but said I would be able to receive the "general cleaning" amount refunded. This was a lie. I spoke to her in person, and she lied directly to my face. Very disappointing. After a year, it seemed like a very laid back complex, the manager certainly had no problem never being in the office and using the pool area as a personal party space late at night, but I guess the laid back atmosphere only applies to management.

Typical issues like poor insulation, lack of parking, etc. will be found at pretty much any complex. This place at least had no bug issues, great location, and well-behaved neighbors. It's definitely on the high side price-wise, but I get the feeling that's for the location, which is pretty nice, if on the very outside of Davis. Maintenance is ok, not great. They fixed my toilet when it started leaking, but never responded to the shower faucet drip that I asked about twice while living there. Water preservation is definitely not on their list of priorities based on how much they water though so I guess a faucet drip doesn't mean a whole lot. Not like we're in a drought or anything. Landscaping is weird, they show up every week for like four hours but I don't really know how it can take that long, there's only a couple little patches of grass. But the place does look nice. Other than that final disappointing experience, it's a good place to live. Just don't trust the management. —MGreen

2015-05-10 09:25:13   I am moving to Davis for graduate studies in the upcoming fall and am looking for a 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom (if possible but I am flexible) for leasing around August or early September (entrance exams are on September 8). Is there anything available? —Zachary

2016-01-30 17:44:42   I was very disappointed. This seemed like the perfect place for my son and I. I am a single dad and my son is 8. The pool was nice and clean. I was concerned about the inside of the apartment. My son has Asthma and there were visible signs of black mold in the bathroom and the carpet had been cleaned but was worn out and still looked dirty and the whole place smelled like smoke! The office smelled strongly of cigarette smoke too.This would have been great but the smoke is absolutely unacceptable with my sons asthma and I would not want a smoke smelling apt. I had an offer to re-do the carpet, but we all know it takes a lot more then cleaning an old carpet and poor general cleaning. Smoke takes a lot to remove it. They were unwilling to do more. Also with the smoke the office was messy unorganized and looked very hodgepodge, not a clean professional office. It is frustrating I am sure this owner does not want to invest in a complete turnover or other improvements...the students are temporary and don't care what they are getting! It's hard to find a reasonably priced apt. In Davis that has any standard for us families who want to call this home. —Chandler

2016-06-07 16:04:13   This is the least expensive one-bedroom in West Davis, yet it's good quality. I feel safe here and it's pretty. The manager is great and worked with us when we had to move out - she was even able to work with us on the end date of our lease! She made the whole process easy and cheap. I love this complex and I'm so glad I lived here! —mandyh

2017-08-08 14:24:28   Our family lived here for 10 years and we would have stayed on longer had we not had to relocate for work. Clubside is a gem of a complex. It is reasonably priced and in an awesome location right near a grocery store, a general store, and several good restaurants. The apartment community is warm and welcoming - it's the kind of place where neighbors get to know each other and look out for one another. It's also really quiet as it tends to attract grad students, professionals, and families as opposed to undergrads and partiers. The apartments themselves are spacious and comfortable, and the complex offers a pool and a recreation room with a pool table. The West Davis neighborhood is wonderful - very walkable with lots of parks, services and amenities. We lived through four management teams in our time at Clubside, and some were better than others (as is reflected in the comments here). The newest management team, Jennifer and Eric, have been at Clubside for about a year and have done a great job at maintaining the grounds and keeping things clean and well-kept. They were also really awesome about working with us when we were ready to move out. In sum, I highly recommend Clubside! —LizSweet