The Collaboration of the Month is a set of pages with a common theme to be given special attention for the month. The goal is to attract new contributors and focus the effort of current editors so that the wiki has more complete pages like Bicycling and Housing Guide and fewer stubs. See To Do for more general things you can do to upkeep the wiki. Or jump in on the weekly Add Content to the Wiki Project!

Collaboration for May/June 2009

After two years, it might be a good idea to revive this idea. How about local and regional festivals? Where are the local fairs, fests and days? Something like Annual Events, with everything from corn mazes to WEF to regional events within easy travel distance like the Sammies.

Past Collaborations

Proposed Collaborations

  • Davis Farmers Market — Document all the regulars with photos of their stands, notes on where they come from, how long they have been attending, both Wednesday and Saturday.
    • When I tabled at the Farmers Market, I went around to the booth and talked to some of them about the wiki. mixed responses... but maybe if some of us just went to each booth, took pics got info and created pages for the stalls they would be more receptive. —PxlAted
  • City Services — What does the city provide? If money is spent on it, it's in the budget, so that can be used as a checklist to research and document everything the city itself is doing.
  • Here's an idea for a mini-collaboration/project/whatever: Update all the California Aggie links to reflect the new domain ( ... if possible. Not sure how far back their archives go. —EBT
    • Oh they're all broken, probably. There's a couple of years of gap in the record because College Publisher is a shady company. They reuploaded some of their older archives where we deleted the links before the CP era. Anyway, if you can find the old Aggie content, we do have a license to upload it to the wiki if we cite it properly (see Copyrights). —BrentLaabs
    • Maybe it is the Aggie's fate to keep reinventing the wheel? If the articles were in Newsbank that would be ideal, because then it can't be touched. How good is coverage? —NickSchmalenberger
  • Month-to-Month Rental Agreement - not a huge project, just needs a bunch of phone calls and some organization.
  • It's not quite a "set of pages with a common theme" to work on, but I like the idea of adding history (particularly from a personal perspective) throughout the wiki. A combination of bugging friends and relatives who lived in Davis decades ago and checking out newspaper archives etc. to add information could be a lot of fun. —TomGarberson
  • I like the history idea, too. I am particularly interested in updating the history of elections, propositions, ordinances, etc. But that's work. Here's a suggestion that is a little more on the fun side, just to get lots of ideas out there: Business Showdown. —CovertProfessor

Discussion for next project

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2011-06-02 14:20:30   Bump. We should get this going again. —hankim

2011-06-02 14:38:33   Did the May/June collaboration ever happen? Or should that be bumped down to proposed? —TomGarberson

  • California State Fair is coming up. Wiki field trip? —hankim