The mural


This mural of San Francisco's Columbus Cafe in North Beach, painted by Terry Buckendorf, is located on the west wall of what was, at the time, Carousel Stationery on the southeast corner of 2nd & F Streets. Terry also painted the now destroyed Davis Arch mural. Note the only outdoor smoking allowed in Davis in the third closeup.

This mural was restored in 1989, and again in January 2013, due to the mural's extensive water damage. The restoration in 2013 was done by Kerry Rowland-Avrech, and the John Natsoulas Gallery, who placed a high grade varnish to protect the mural.

According to Ken Kemmerling, the guy lighting the cigarette is the artist, Terry Buckendorf. David Rubinstein was an original model for the mural, but was replaced. The women in the window are Andrea Bennet, Kathy Kopp & Gloria Seaborg (Terry's partner at the time). Terry & Gloria lived at 412 Second Street with fellow artists Steve Kaltenbach, Paul Biehler & Julie Partansky (who is peering out of a window on the right side of the mural) until March 1, 1976. Gloria was co-founder of Newsbeat, and later moved to Seattle. No one is sure of the identity of the guy with the beard sitting at the table.

According to Dave Hart, the real life models for the couple standing just inside the bar entrance were Jane Rhomberg and John Kopp. She was an undergrad ceramics student of Robert Arneson and Kopp was a graduate student in the UCD Psychology Department in the late 1970s.