Show Location
2737 Loyola Drive, Davis, CA 95618
Show Times
All shows start at 8pm
Email for Tickets/Reservations
[email protected]
Adults: $10
Students: $8
Children 10 and under: $5

Mission: To provide quality, collective theater that celebrates storytelling to the greater Sacramento area.

Description: Common House Productions was formed out the fervent desire to provide an outlet for collective and truly democratic theater in the greater Sacramento area. Common House produces works from both established playwrights and new artists that focus on the power of storytelling. Our aim as theater practitioners is to transform an ordinary or unconventional performance space into a "common house": a sacred space that fosters art and transformation. We recognize that the transformative acts of theater impact the individual, as well as the community that takes on the responsibility of telling a story, and we hope to be the catalyst for such transformations in the communities in which we perform. Together we can create a common space that provokes extra-ordinary theater.

Stay updated for the website launch, first season announcement, and opportunities for how you can get involved!


Come join us for The Woman in Black, a spine-chilling ghost story perfect for the Halloween season! Bring a folding chair and a blanket to wrap up warm and tight. Try to remain calm as the Common House players thrill you with a campfire rendition of a tale about the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman and the town haunted by her past.

October 31-November 4 & November 8-11 May be unsuitable for children under 10