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Most harvests occur on the mornings of 

Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday

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Executive Director
Greg Gibbs
Joe & Linda Schwartz, Greg & Pam Gibbs
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This organization evolved from the

Davis Team of Village Harvest, established

in March 2009

Community Harvest of Davis is a non-profit organization that harvests fruit from residential trees and donates it to agencies that feed people in need. As an all-volunteer organization, Community Harvest of Davis gathers fruit primarily in Davis with occasional harvests in Winters.  Fruit is donated to Davis agencies, primarily STEAC (Short Term Emergency Aid Committee), with any excess going to the Food Bank of Yolo County and to local churches.

Origin as Village Harvest

The Davis Team of San Jose-based Village Harvest was founded by Joe and Linda Schwartz and Greg and Pam Gibbs and started gleaning fruit in Davis starting in March 2009.  By the fall of 2014, the Davis Team had harvested and donated over 170,000 pounds of fruit and became an independent, Davis-based nonprofit, changing its name to Community Harvest of Davis. 

Volunteer at a harvest

Volunteer harvesters can sign up to receive email announcements of upcoming harvests by emailing [email protected]. Volunteers are welcome to help with fruit tree harvests on a one-time basis or at as many harvest events as they like. Harvests typically take place on weekends or Tuesday mornings in Davis and last 2-3 hours. No experience is necessary. Harvesters meet at a central location and carpool to the harvest site. Bikes are welcome, and the organization is always in need of people with trucks or vehicle space to help transport the fruit and equipment. Volunteers include individuals, families, and organizations including many UC Davis service groups.

Have your fruit trees harvested

Community Harvest of Davis encourages tree owners to harvest and donate fruit they cannot use themselves, but if you are unable to do this, Community Harvest may be able to schedule a harvest at your house. You can sign up by emailing [email protected] or calling Joe and Linda Schwartz (+1 (530) 759-9792).


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