Contact :
[email protected]
Location :
UC Davis - 1205 Bainer Hall
Hours :
Open 10am-12pm, Saturdays
UC Davis Org Sync
UC Davis ASCE Chapter

An engineering student competition team at UC Davis. A group of Engineering Students (majorly Civil Undergrads) participate in constructing a Concrete Canoe and taking it to a competition each year. The Canoe is comprised completely out of concrete and reinforcement methods designed by the students each year. The original purpose of the competition is to teach students the variability and capabilities of concrete. The team develops lightweight concrete less dense than water which means that the final product will inherently float in water.

Past Canoes

2007-8: Rho-Boat
2008-9: Monstracity
2009-10: Dark Horse
2010-11: Aggie's Wind
2011-12: Ag-pocalypse
2012-13: Enginuity
2013-14: Gunrock
2014-15: Quintessence
2015-16: Polaris
2016-17: Aggventure

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