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So you want to contact someone about DavisWiki? you've come to the right place!

General information

If you just want to talk to someone about DavisWiki, create an account and head on over to Wiki Community/General Discussion. Alternatively, you can click on the link in the purple box above and start talking with wiki editors immediately.

Press contacts

If you are a member of the press that would like to talk to someone about Davis Wiki, you can contact the users listed below. Keep in mind that no one person represents the entire community and these users speak for themselves.

(Wiki users, feel free to add your name here if you don't mind dealing with press inquires.)

Wiki administrators

Administrators don't exert any more editorial control than ordinary users. They just follow the consensus that the wiki community comes to. If you disagree with the content of any page, create an account and click the talk link on the page and discuss the situation with your fellow editors. However, if anything illegal is posted on the wiki that needs to be removed yesterday or another wiki emergency arises, feel free to contact these administrators directly.

Technical contact

If you want to report a bug, head on over to Bug reports. If you have a feature request, head on over to Feature requests. However, if there is an emergency with our server (e.g. we've been pwned and are spamming you, the server is down how are you reading this?), contact

Graham Freeman 49 Cardinal Way Santa Rosa, CA 95409 USA

Tel:+1.4154622991 [email protected]

Agent for service of process

If you have legal papers to give us, direct them to:

Sheryl Schaffner, Esq. 3549 E Street Eureka California 95503 USA Fax: +1 415 462 5449