Application for Corner Co-op: schadavis.org

Contact us at: [email protected]

Location: the south-west corner of  J Street and Third St, Davis CA
Owned Cooperatively by:
Solar Community Housing Association


What is our co-op about? 

  • Corner Co-op works to create an intentional, non-hierarchical safe(r) space that prioritizes Queer Trans People of Color (QTPOC) in Davis. 

  • Corner emphasizes collective engagement through house art projects, bi-weekly meetings, communal dinners, and contributing to our garden space.

  • Corner Co-op emphasizes mental health needs and works to create a space for healing and self-love.

  • Corner Co-op aims to be a resource for QTPOC members of the Davis community by hosting events and workshop.

  • Corner Co-op will not tolerate the following behaviors: Anti-Blackness, racism, sexism, hetero-patriarchy, homophobia, ableism, classism, ect.


Money and How To's:

  • Corner Co-op is low-income housing and prioritizes people from working class backgrounds.

    • *We ask folx to keep this in mind before applying to live with us.*

  • Corner Co-op members pool together resources in the form of monthly purchases that include food staples/snacks/bills. We call this our board. This usually ranges between $50-$100 and is additional to our rent.

  • To be considered to live at Corner Co-op you need to fill out our application that is featured here and at the top of this page. If you need ability accommodations please let us know!


  • Once you have completed the application email us and we will get back to you about setting up an interview! 



  • Corner Co-op has an ADA Ramp accessible through the drive way that leads to our side doors. There are two steps at each of the front doors. And three steps on our back door.

  • There are rooms with minimal exposure to the sun and rooms with multiple windows. 

  • Hallways in the house are wide and there are flat, wooden floors. Living room in one of the houses has sliding doors that need to be pulled to open and close. 

  • There are strong scents/fragrances in the space such as incense, tobacco, occasional perfumes and spices.

  • Corner Co-op aims to increase accommodations for folx with mental health needs by being conscious of triggers and having open dialogues about needs.


Corner Co-op within Solar Housing Community Association (SCHA):

  • Corner Co-op is a part of a larger non-profit organization featuring other Co-op housing arrangements in Davis. SCHA properties are considered cooperatives because the people who use them (tenants) are the people who control them (a majority of SCHA Directors are tenants)

  • Members of Corner Co-op work with SCHA through committees created for communal engagement. Examples of these committees include Communication, Maintenance, Finance, Social Justice Planning. To learn more about SCHA please click here!

  • Corner Co-op is committed to creating a safe(r) space for QTPOC in Davis, if you would like to live in the co-ops but are not QTPOC please consider our other SCHA houses that you can find on the SCHA website if you click here!



Educational Materials:

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If you're interested, check out this brief history of how Corner Co-op was constructed: on August 2nd, 2010 SCHA moved two historic homes from 311 and 315 B St to 3rd and J where they have been retrofitted as a green, affordable cooperative. See website for details. After the makeover, both houses are (August 2011) certified for occupancy as an 8-bedroom cooperative; an "open co-op" was held on the afternoon of October 15, 2011. In July  of 2009 the City Council (acting as the Board of the Redevelopment Agency) accepted SCHA's proposal to develop the now-vacant lot on the corner of J and 3rd Str. See the City of Davis RFP site for project documents. Habitat for Humanity Yolo County also submitted a proposal. Both organizations do very valuable work and can help advance the city's low-income housing plans. The support of neighbors and the proximity to the existing J Street Co-op may have lead Council members to recognize that this is a precious chance to meet the overwhelming demand for cooperative housing in Davis. If you would like to get involved in this project or other projects, please contact with us on the SCHA web site!


Thank You for Learning about our Space!