Simple Poetry — Used Toilets; makes a good desktop background

The Public Works Corp Yard is where the City of Davis Public Works Department is located and where the City of Davis stores a lot of the "stuff" it has. Broken cop cars, a ton of bikes, and the goods used to be kept in the yard. The entrance is located on Fifth Street and the public counter is in Building M, Stores Services and is open from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm M-F. The yard takes up most of the block heading towards L Street.

You can purchase maps of Davis ranging from small to HUGE [500 size address map is 4x7] ranging in price from free to ~$50 for a full color 500 size map. They can be custom printed and include numerous custom features [greenbelts, response zone, pools, zoning] I will specify when I get the time... You have to go the the portable building that is the main office in the heart of the corp yard, there are signs directing you to the civilian entrance —StevenDaubert As of September 5, 2012, maps are only available at the Public Works counter at City Hall.

The Public Works Department also has all sorts of fliers and info about recycling, household hazardous waste, composting, healthy gardens, pollution prevention etc., as well all cool free-bees such as fly swatters, plate scrapers, funnels and magnets. These items are available the Public Works counter at City Hall.

The toilets were probably leftover from a toilet rebate program or bulky items drop-off day years ago—they are no longer there anymore.