This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


1520 E. Covell Blvd. (In Oak Tree Plaza between CVS and Nugget)
Mon-Fri 8pm-7pm
Sat 10am-5pm

Courtesy Cleaners was the only GreenEarth Cleaning affiliated dry cleaner in Davis (see their store locator) and one of only a few dry cleaners in Davis that claims to be environmentally friendly.

See our Laundry & Drycleaning page for other businesses providing clothes cleaning service or check our Tailoring page for a list of other tailors within Davis.


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2007-08-25 13:29:19   Not recommended. I brought in drycleaning and a minor alteration on a Monday (skirt needed a hole on the hem fixed), and they told me it would be ready for pickup on Thursday after 5. I came in on Saturday and only my drycleaning was ready — "alterations take a week" but I wasn't told. (I probably should have asked to cover my bases, but they should still let you know if there are two different pickup times.) —Maren

Edit: 2007-11-27   When I went back, the second woman was apologetic and kind, but it still didn't fix the fact that I couldn't wear the skirt for an event. The work was fine, I was just irritated enough to take my business to one of the many other cleaners in town. —Maren

2007-09-11 12:38:08   I actually like this place. Did a very good job and the lady working there was very helpful. —CaudreyL

2008-02-03 08:31:10   We've had nothing but good luck with Courtesy Cleaners. They cleaned my wife's wedding dress and prepared it in a very nice box for storage (all acid free papers). I have my shirts cleaned then normally and they are friendly, reasonable, and have never ruined any of my clothes. —SeanNittner

2008-07-09 19:58:55   They do alterations but not fittings, just noting, they were very helpful though :) —DavidPoole

2008-10-14 21:36:57   i took a skirt here to get cleanerd and altered. the skirt originally had no hem, just a straight cut. i appreciate that they kept with the original idea and just cut it to alter it, but they charged me $21 to cut it 1.5 inches! it was even a little jagged-y! i mean, come on, i would understand $21 if they actually hemmed it, but they just cut it and it probably took no mroe than 5 minutes. when i picked it up and brought it home, it wasn't even cleaned, although i paid for it to be cleaned. i had to take it all the way back and complain. the employees are very nice up front, but the guys behind the scenes.. a little dishonest, i'd say. —Lala

2010-05-08 11:19:15   As a note, this place does not do their own alterations. They send them out. For tailoring I would recommend Han's on D street, next to the Mustard Seed (not exactly customer service oriented, but a damn good tailor). As far as enviro friendly dry cleaning goes, this is the best place in Davis. Prices are reasonable and staff is nice. If you get lots of shirts laundered like I do this place is great because its cheap and they give you the 6th one free. —swiftling

2011-06-14 13:21:35   They did a GREAT job with two pairs of pants and two button-down shirts that I needed cleaned for graduation. The ironing was excellent, and they even trimmed some stray threads off of one of my shirts - it looked brand new. They were clear about when to pick up my garments, and got all the stains out. Very happy with my experience. —CalvinThigpen

2012-08-11 10:34:01   Very happy with the results here so far. Brought some very nice linen and hemp pants in and was very happy with the quality of work, they all looked very nice and were ready when promised. Then I brought in a hemp shirt of my husbands, with big sweat stains. I asked what they could do about them, and they honestly told me that they would not be able to get them out. I had them clean it anyway, and was really pleased that there was a marked improvement in the stained area. I appreciated that they did not make big promises they could not keep. Very pleased so far. I will be returning soon with my next challenge, some pant alterations. Will post back with results.


2013-08-01 12:54:21   Looks like they have closed and / or moved to Woodland as of July 8, 2013. Pink signs in the window give the Woodland address and phone. If you want to take your drycleaning to Woodland. —AlexPearson