The Covell Drainage Channel runs along the boundary of north and west Davis. There appear to be two channels, A and B?, that ultimately flow into either the North Area Drainage Pond or the West Area Drainage Pond. Both channels are marked on the Davis Bike Map. Along the sides of the channel in North Davis runs the Covell Drainage Channel Trail, or the Channel Trail for short.

Someone with more knowledge of the topography and hydrology of Davis might do a better job on this page.

You can catch Crawdads in the channel that parallels the North Davis Fitness Trail or at least you could when I was young —StevenDaubert

Covell Drainage Channel as it runs under Sycamore Lane. When the channel isn't dry, cattails can be found growing in and along the water. A view of the drainage channel from F Street. Lots of birds that didn't catch well in the photo.

If you pick up the drainage channel trail on Sycamore and walk west behind Temescal and Chaparral, you'll reach the channel underpass (I guess that's what you'd call it?) beneath Highway 113. The three passages are big enough to walk through (crouched over), but they're dark, scary, and full of wasps' nests. Good to know if you need to cross 113 without anyone noticing?

Covell Drainage Channel as it passes under Highway 113. The 113 underpass... Big enough to walk through!