Looking north at the primary east entrance of Cruess Hall. Photo pre-Design department occupancy. (The ubiquitous yellow UDC building name/# sign is now specially decorated.)

Cruess Hall is currently the home of the Design department and Design Museum.

Cruess Hall was formerly the exclusive home of the Food Science department, a purpose it served since it was built in 1951 and included several food science labs as well as the offices of the food science faculty. The Food Sciences program has now moved to the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science. Cruess Hall contained the pilot brewery but this large room is now more or less empty storage space; its large bay of windows is visible from Regan Hall Circle.

Currently, downstairs is the Design Museum, Sewing Labs, Tool Room (stop in and say hey to Gerry, very chill hombre), student lockers (not enough) and several offices and general classrooms. Upstairs is the Mail Room, 205 Cruess Digital Printing Studio, Computer Lab & Lab Classroom run by Rob Brower, some have referred to him as the "coolest dude in the building" (which opens onto the computer lab and you can use if there is no class currently meeting) several studio and lecture rooms and additional offices.

The room next to the mens' restroom on the bottom floor is part of the Campus Lactation Support Program.

Cruess Hall is named after William Vere Cruess, a professor of food science at UC Berkeley and later UC Davis.

Cruess Hall was repainted and remodeled around the year 2002. It previously featured unpainted concrete and some exterior walls with beige or tan paint.

It was often a common sight in the past to walk past Cruess Hall and be asked to participate in an ice cream taste test. They were always coming up with new methods of making ice cream and needed volunteers to test out new flavors and ice cream making processes.

If those aren't the things you were looking for, perhaps you'd like to weigh your options at the nice old scale. (Reported to perhaps now be missing.)-confirmed missing



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