Crunk isn't just a word, it's a state of being.

Chronic (Marijuana) + Drunk = Crunk? Crazy + Drunk = Crunk? Crusty + Punk = Crunk?

Crunk is also quite a fun sport enjoyed by many on weekend nights on Russell as well as just about everywhere else in Davis.

Shortly after his show began, Conan O'Brien used the word crunk as a multi-purpose curse. It had no previously assigned meaning, and therefore eluded the censors.

Yes, crunk. Though extremely versatile to the point of gaining Pee-Wee Herman status, this word should not be spoken in public settings... unless of course you are filming an MTV music video. — ErnBro

The word 'crunk' was used as a basis for arguably the worst "Aggie Style" column ever.

There was a house known as the "Crunk House" (also known as the Bunny House).