Cruz Reynoso is a UC Davis Law School professor emeritus and former California Supreme Court Justice. He served on the Supreme Court from 1982-1987 before being ousted, along with two other liberal members of the bench (Chief Justice Rose Bird and Justice Grodin), by voter recall. He has a great deal of experience in civil rights law and legal ethics, and the bulk of his legal work is pro bono.

In 2010 an award-winning documentary about Reynoso was released, entitled "Cruz Reynoso: Sowing the Seeds of Justice." It will be screened on September 26th and 28th on the local PBS station; a full schedule of broadcasts can be found at the documentary's website.

Reynoso chaired the task force that produced the Reynoso report, which detailed and evaluated the events surrounding the November 18, 2011 UC Davis Police Response to Occupy UC Davis.

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