500 Yardley Dr, Dixon
(530) 758-6610
Mike Forbes
September 5th 1901

This is a distribution service of the Crystal Cream and Butter Company, which is based out of Sacramento. This is one of the few remaining milk companies that will deliver milk to your door. For most details regarding the milk, history of business, etc. please consult the website.


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Someone might want to take advantage of this service, maybe this is something that the ASUCD should try once? I dunno will they deliver to the dorms. ~DavidPoole

2007-01-06 01:49:06   My parents got milk from crystal all throughout my youth, delivered to the door. —StevenDaubert

2007-06-08 16:23:43   Mr. Rice is the guy who did the Davis delveries. He used to deliver to my family when we lived in S. Davis. When he would deliver I would run down the street so I could hop in and ride with Mr. Rice back to my house. He only let me ride once or twice though. —MyaBrn

2009-11-22 12:30:09   Too bad Crystal milk is gross. If you want REAL milk, try Straus Family Creamery. They are a local, organic dairy farm that supplies delicious milk to the co-op in glass bottles. When you return the glass bottle you receive $1.50 back, because they re-use their bottles. THAT is old fashioned. I am not impressed that Crystal delivers. Safeway will deliver your whole grocery order for only $10 dollars! —AmandaAbughosh

2009-11-22 17:07:40   Agreed that Straus milk is delicious. —EdHenn

2011-05-19 17:02:26   It may be the same truck that's parked in the same driveway as before on Sycamore. It's been repainted with no signage and has a historical license plate. —BruceHansen

2011-05-19 18:27:23   it is the same truck. Mr. Rice lives there and he used to be the delivery man until he retired. —jsbmeb

2014-06-07 13:53:13   I'm sorry, but Amanda Abughosh — Crystal milk is not "gross." You've obviously never had it. Don't know why you were here trashing it either. Crystal milk, butter, and ice cream are now and have always been the richest, smoothest, tastiest dairy products ever. I have tried dozens of brands out of town and nothing compares. —CameliaLane

2017-01-06 21:08:23   I'm very much interested in glass bottle milk for home delivery. Can you please let me know the details to obtain this type of home service. Thank you very much. —martinezy44