7:00 p.m Mondays in the Second Floor study room of Thoreau

Contact: Leadership Coordinator Nathan Moses (office is in Thoreau Hall and email is [email protected])

The Cuarto Leadership Council (CLC) is a group of residents in the Cuarto Housing Complex that plans activites, socials and other various activities for the entire Cuarto area.


  • To provide involvement opportunities and leadership development for residents
  • To plan fun and creative activities for Cuarto so that residents get to know each other
  • To make living in Cuarto an enjoyable experience
  • To build a sense of community among the residents of Cuarto
  • To provide inclusive activities that welcome all members of our community
  • To make living in Cuarto a memorable experience
  • To educate the Cuarto community
  • To take resident’s ideas and put them into action

Upcoming Events

  • Fall Welcome Week Events
  • Student Housing winter Formal
  • Spring Carnival
  • The EVENTS YOU want to see!

Past Events

To get updates on what is happening in the Cuarto Area, join our facebook group below. http://ucdavis.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2214813816


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