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Jean Jackman, Alan Jackman, Sue Sheya & Mark Spiller
January 2012

DOERS ("Devoted Outdoor ExploreRS", sometimes also "Davis Outdoor ExploreRS") is a group affiliated by interest in exploring the outdoors with others. Biking, hiking, geocaching, kayaking, morning walks (and more!) - are all possible. There are no dues, no elected officers, and no newsletters. No one is in charge of the group. You are welcome to just attend activities when you have time and interest. Attendance is not expected unless you have volunteered to lead an activity.

Volunteers post activities that you are willing to share/lead to the Google gGoups email list, [email protected] (join using the Google Group address above - only members can post).

Posting Trips

Useful information that you probably want to include: a good description of event and physical aspects (pace, level of exertion, etc.), location and time, clear directions to the location where the activity will start (e.g., provide a link to a map if you know how), description of any suggested gear (e.g., lunch, water, snowshoes, binoculars), contact info, and cancellation conditions (including time and mechanism of indicating cancellation). We suggest that all activities typically be considered adult activities unless specified as dog friendly or child friendly (but you can always feel free to ask the leader). Please try to start activities at the time posted. If you are a member of another group that has an activity appropriate for people in DOERS and you plan to attend that event, feel free to also list it with DOERS (as permitted by the other group). Note that each participant in DOERS activities is responsible for his or her own health and safety.

Email Protocol/Etiquette

Every email sent to the list will automatically include "[DOERS] -" at the beginning of the subject line. Please include an additional word in BOLD to specify the type of activity (e.g., HIKE/BIKE/KAYAK/BIRDWATCHING followed by a brief description of the activity) - this allows folks to easily filter out things they aren't interested in. Note that only members of the list can post to the list, so you should use the email address that you're receiving this message via to post.

Messages to the email list should generally be related to outdoor activities - no politics/sales/proselytizing/donation requests/spam. Safety issues, road closures, etc. permissible.

Sample Ideas and Resources for Potential Activities

There are lots of good outdoor activities in Davis, Yolo County, and the surrounding area! If you'd like to propose an activity, but are having a hard time thinking of something, two good places to start include our Google Group list archive and the Outdoor Activities page.

Some other specific group activities and locations that we think are worth mentioning/considering include:


Orienteering (directed hiking!)


Water Activities



Fly Fishing



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