Danny Garrett is an ASUCD Senator. He ran, and won, with the LEAD slate in the Fall 2008 ASUCD election.

Vote Danny #1 for ASUCD Senate!

Candidate Statement and Activities

Hey there! My name is Danny Garrett and I want you to vote for me, Danny Garrett, for ASUCD Senate in the Fall '08 election on Nov. 12th & 13th. I'm really excited for this opportunity to serve the UC Davis community and I appreciate any and all help with my campaign.

About Me:

Hometown: Northridge, California Major: History and Comparative Literature


  • Interfraternity Council VP of Recruitment
  • Greeks Against Sexual Assault Advisory Board
  • ASUCD Coffee House Supervisor
  • Sigma Chi Pledge Educator
  • Sierra Canyon Day Camp Counselor

Platform Issues


  • Establish an online Student-to-Student forum covering Financial Aid information including loans, scholarships, and FAFSA.


  • Work with the Davis PD and UCD PD to increase campus security, especially for late nights during finals week.
  • Investigate and make transparent the procedures and policies regarding Hate Crimes in Davis to ensure they are reported and tracked accurately.


  • Enhance collaborative efforts between Campus Unions, the Entertainment Council, and KDVS to enhance campus entertainment.
  • Work to ensure that the CoHo continues the tradition of great CoHo events and concerts after the upcoming renovations.
  • Work with the University to make the Mondavi Center more accessible to students


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2008-11-11 15:18:27   What exactly needs to be more transparent about hate crime reporting in Davis? Isn't a lot of this required to be made public under the Clery Act, Freedom of Information Act, and California Public Records Act? I'm not that well-informed about law enforcement issues, so please feel free to elaborate. Thanks! —BrentLaabs