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2006-12-09 21:16:07   no photos of this man currently exist. does he exist? I wonder... —users/PaulHarms

  • He not only went to Cal for the (failed) impeachment of Sonya Banerjee, but he was most definitely at the start of the last Sentate Meeting (I saw him while the band was playing). —users/MaxMikalonis
    • 2006-12-09 23:37:41   Do I have any word in this? I could just be a product of mass hallucination. —users/DavidPoole

2006-12-10 00:33:01   David Poole is definitely NOT a real person. —users/PaulHarms

  • 2006-12-10 01:59:06   David Poole has a Facebook acount, and witnesses saw the Friends' leader at Senate, so did I miss something —users/SteveOstrowski
    • 2006-12-10 11:09:35   Steve has a point...everything with a facebook acount exists in real life. Anyway, I am pretty sure that David actually exists, I have talked to him, but what does that prove? —users/AndrewPeake

2006-12-10 11:54:61   I do concur, if it exists as online data, it exists in the real world, it is the wikiality clause of the universal bylaws/constitution, in any case, dont let the possible non-existence of this candidate deter your vote. ~~users/DavePoole

  • I would like to thank personally whomever put that link in there, it is much appreciated.

2006-12-10 13:03:51   David is about 6'4, really skinny with black, buzzed hair and blue eyes. He was at several Senate meetings. —users/JamesSchwab

2006-12-11 11:12:08   please remember to be a good wikizen and preview before saving to avoid clutteing a page's version history. —users/ArlenAbraham

  • Sorry, I make many edits, however they are in different areas and tend to be over a length of time, rarely is it because of a need of previewing, but thank you for being alert.

2006-12-12 14:05:38   THIS IS FINALS WEEK!!!!!! GET OFF THE WIKI AND FACEBOOK AND START STUDYING!!!!! —users/MaxMikalonis

  • Wha? I already failed my one final, there is a high probability of going on Academic probation and the like, also I am studying.. and my finals are only for chemistry... so yeah, wiki is greater than chemistry, and facebook, well that site is just open. ~ Dave

2006-12-14 14:03:49   When I created that Navbar, I pulled the link from somewhere, so you're misspelled elsewhere on the Wiki. Sorry about that. —users/JabberWokky

It isn't that, it is more that I make use of the links here to remember where I have been, so thus I also use a redirect page to keep everything filtered, it is really silly I imagine, but oh well. Anyway, not an issue anymore. ~David

2006-12-17 10:18:25   This edit made me lol. :) —users/EdWins

2006-12-26 10:43:21   Why do you put " ' "'s between the letters of ASUCD? —users/MaxMikalonis

  • Grammatical conventions, it is an acronym that is not a word, and periods/stops tend to look weird, so apostrophes.

2006-12-31 13:13:37   I need to talk to you. Find me on the daviswiki users/IRC or aim, I'm nick255 or nickzxcv. —users/NickSchmalenberger

2007-01-03 15:34:37   Wow. You and Ostrowski Agree on Something —users/MaxMikalonis

2007-01-23 16:41:27   So, I finally gave in after, oh, 32.5 hrs, which included a full day of monday classes and loads of hw. That was interesting. —users/MaxMikalonis

  • Awesome, labs were interesting for me, sadly I was up from working on wiki stuff. Yay me.

2007-01-26 12:29:58   The Closed Session is not legal until I get a notification, and the Wiki doesn't count, furthermore where did you get this information. —users/SteveOstrowski

  • I deleted the post, as I said, misinformation. I am well aware that the wiki is not an means to give notice, as you are well aware that as I am not a member of the ASCUD and hence not giving you notification on any matter. I would like that you take down any untrue information immediately, thus any mention of you having a closed session filed against you, everything else is true right? ~users/DavePoole
    • Nice Try, I think I have other ideas in mind. I don't believe you, what are you doing on the Third Floor? —users/SteveOstrowski
    • I am using a computer? what do you think I do here, it is a nice office and the folks up here allow me to sit warm and comfy and kindly let me use their computers. What is it you are implying?
    • Your access to information is considerable, you know something, and now that you have gained my full attention. There is no way you came up with this on your own, there is some other ASUCD person over your shoulder. —users/SteveOstrowski

2007-01-26 13:29:23   You are quite the trouble maker, now half the Senate thinks there is a closed session. Better be careful next time. —users/SteveOstrowski

  • Firstly, there is nobody 'over my shoulder' I take full responsibility for my actions, and honestly, though I had posted incorrect information, you insisted it remained posted despite my repeated reverted to my deleted version, hence the comment "misinformation". ~DP

2007-02-07 01:05:57   You do seem to like creating pointless drama, though. Perhaps it has a point when you do it? —users/MaxMikalonis

  • no, honestly I don't want to create drama, I rather try to kill it, the thing with the closed session, I was jumping the gun to have the first update about it, it was a rather complicated issue as apparently Andrew reached steve's voicemail and hence my information suddenly became incorrect. The drama that came in the aftermath was honestly pretty stupid. Aside from that, everything else has been to prevent drama, oh and a few edits to publicize some rumors/facts, things I pick up that I feel people should know, so I suppose it has some point. Any advice? ~D
  • I think you're assuming that Joe Levy = David Poole, which is completely not the case. Only LID knows his true identity. —users/BrentLaabs
    • I know it isn't the case because of some edits, but yeah.
  • yeah, I know you know that, it is pretty obvious, the account seems to be non-functional, unless someone changed the passwords finally, I gave the info to Joe a bit ago, just for the hell of it, whatever, I need sleep, ~D

2007-02-13 01:36:58   Spell check didn't help that much— They refered to a Senator "Joe Bidan" of Delaware... Never heard of him. And then theres a small little thing about DCD in between all the mess. —users/MaxMikalonis

2007-02-13 03:02:14   "Steven Osterwski - Seems unlikely as fliers were free of spelling errors, reference to empires or conspiracies." ROFL!! —users/Edwins

2007-02-24 19:15:24   We stomped a bit on each other's edits on users/Bicycle Advisory Commission. Make sure I didn't drop anything you intended (I don't think I did). —users/JabberWokky

can you please tell me how to make the icon on the SOC page similar to yours-to the right side with writing wrapped around it. thanks.—users/AlexandraKollontai

2007-02-26 18:09:18   thanks for your help!!—users/AlexandraKollantai

2007-02-27 14:02:06   Thanks! It suddenly occurred to me late at night, looking at the checklist that having a wiki page would really help people planning in Davis. —users/JabberWokky

2007-03-02 09:35:30   I matched the layout to the Spiritual Orgs. entry. I figured I'd go back and address that later. The photo sucks badly. —users/JabberWokky

2007-03-03 19:08:03   I saw you by Miskhas today, I said 'David' after you passed cause thats when the familiarity clicked. You didn't turn around <3 BTW the ministers were there today, got it fixed —users/StevenDaubert

2007-03-09 07:42:18   You might not want to add comments up high... there's a current initiative going through and archiving old comments (2005 and back are currently getting moved). See users/Wiki Community/Proposals for details. In theory, your comment won't get archived, but by being undated and at the top, it's easy to see ah honest mistake sweeping it out of the entry. —users/JabberWokky

  • Thanks, I will keep it in mind to date my comments on pages, or just use the comment box. ~Dave

2007-03-13 17:39:36   What users/AGASA event did you attend? —users/KarlMogel

  • I attended the showing of the Jesus camp movie, which was a bit interesting but nothing that new, it seems people don't seem to think Atheism as a religion, and equate religion with a sort of backwardness, I dunno, maybe it was just me but AGASA seemed pretty anti-religion rather than pro-atheism/agnosticism, the latter of which was not really represented well, but then again, that is a first impression, hardly something that one should judge by. ~Dave

2007-03-22 09:42:44   Not botted — the links in the entries were integrated into the text. Likely spam, although there is always the possibility that somebody has a hard core fetish for the product. —users/JabberWokky

Beh, spam is the work of the devil, never will it ever go with green eggs even. ~Dave

I dispute your assumption that what I do is a pyramid scheme because such things are illegal which implies that I engage in illegal business activities. —users/SteveOstrowski

Who said pyramid schemes were illegal? If I remember correctly, if all the paperwork is in proper order, rather there was no false contracts etc. it is all legit. Now if you engage in other illegal activities on your own free time, I really don't care much anyway. ~Dave

2007-03-30 13:45:43   i too love the sushi at the co-op... i work with a guy who is either; you, or someone with a similar name. i haven't had the chance to tak to him or else i would know by now... any thought? —users/MichelleAccurso

Interesting conversation

Warning, this person is suspected to be fictitious!

To help the wiki please cite sources and insure the accuracy of this page.

David Poole is a ghoul in the 'Portland by Night' larp. His character history can be found online at

  • For the fun of it, I cite, very reliable sources. ~DavePoole
  • Having run several very large LARPs over many years, I can point out that it is pretty common practice for somebody to swipe online photos and backstory. A guy in Portland creates a character named David Poole, Googles it and gets this page and then has everything needed to create a full character. It makes even more sense when you read that Portland by Night has "hundreds of NPC characters". I've lifted from tons of sources myself when creating NPCs and PCs. I usually swap around details, but this isn't uncommon at all. Regardless, I emailed the player, so we'll soon know. —JabberWokky

No need to. David is real. Somebody is just trying to make a funny. —WilliamLewis

Just a side note, if even I were using this as a pseudonym, why would it matter, though it is nice to use your real name, I don't see any requirement for it, I mean, alphadog and the covertprofessor (who I could have sworn I saw at borders the other day) both use such a mechanism for good reasons. I mean who I am here, and who I am in the outside world are not the same exactly, they are connected, are names so binding, I mean, sure having the same name is kinda more binding the two worlds, but does a name in all cases bind to the individual, and as such, what does it matter? Regardless of my reality outside the wiki, "DavidPoole" is certainly 'real'. ~Dave

  • I agree (look at my nickname), and if David Poole was a pseudonym I wouldn't care at all. Pretty much the only reason I bothered was to counterpoint Mr. Tilde and try to end the rather annoying repeated assertions being posted to this entry. *You* aren't fictitious, and somebody using a nom de wiki is just as real as Mark Twain or Lewis Carroll. Somebody's writing things under the name "David Poole", therefore there is a person who is known as David Poole. Basically, it was early in the morning and I saw yet another header jammed into your userpage and I bit. I have been trolled, ah well. It probably won't be the last time. Maybe I gave him a little bit of joy by wasting a couple minutes posting here and sending an email as I sipped my coffee this morning. Even if he is "right", it's an annoying, meaningless thing to post so adamantly in a header on this page. —JabberWokky
  • To be fair, both of your arguments now seem to consist of "well, David Poole might not be an actual person, but as long as SOMEONE's got a page on the wiki and is posting on it, that person exists". By that logic, some "person" named Jabber Wokky exists. And some random guy named "Tilde" exists. I think rather that what you're trying to say is that the "user" is real, even if the "person" is not. And what Mr. Tilde was saying was that the person may be fictitious. - Kit
    • No, although the terms used are confusing as hell. Here we go: The name "David Poole" might be fictitious, in which case Mr. Tilde is being annoying for no reason, as it doesn't matter here. The name "David Poole" might not be fictitious, in which case Mr. Tilde is being annoying for no reason, as he's simply wrong. The person who is posting as "David Poole" is not fictitious either way. — JabberWokky, whose soon-to-be-wife calls "Wokky"
      • I don't mean to piss anyone off. That said, just because something is fictitious doesn't mean it's not real. If things that were fictitious were also non-existant we wouldn't have a fiction section in most book stores. By the reasoning that "DavidPoole" is not fictitious because someone who really exists is posing with that account Mickey Mouse is also not fictitious. Whether or not someone actually has that birth name there is someone using that name right now. You can even meet them if you go to Disney Land. Therefore Mickey Mouse is real. I leave to you to decide whether or not Mickey Mouse is fictitious. We may simply be using different definitions of the word. - the Tilde
        • This is actually a pretty interesting conversation on the matter, I think everyone is agreed however it doesn't matter if I really am David Alonzo Poole outside the wiki as I am DavidPoole here. Just as Mickey Mouse is Mickey Mouse inside Disney land, but actually Joe Austin in the outside world, it is all a matter of perspective. I would define fictitious as some information about a reality outside of the socially agreed upon normative real world. However this is all merely semantics, I believe there is a stigma on the wiki about using a pseudonym given the frequency of people to use them as sock puppets for inflammatory, trollish remarks, or advertisement etc. however as namespace becomes limited eventually it will be necessary to use such pseudonyms. There is an interesting relationship between information and reality, reality is defined by information which in turn exists in some reality, therefore the information regarding the existence in another reality of Mickey mouse is real, as is the information that defines that reality, however that 'thing' only exists in the other reality and thus is not real to this one. It is all very interesting. Anyway, I would like at this point to add that I am not ~, though I wish I claimed the name. ~davepoole aka joelevy, .., .

2007-04-16 08:12:39   You just wanted Karina's ass to be in the picture! —WilliamLewis

2007-04-16 17:42:16   Meh. You can barely see my ass. I didn't even make note of it until Will mentioned it. —KarinaSummers

2007-04-16 18:28:42   Will's Just Jealous. —MaxMikalonis

2007-04-17 09:37:42   I didn't even know Sac had its own wiki. Sweet. —LeightonHinkley

2007-04-18 07:57:35   Current IRC guess is that you are Mr. dotdot. Yea or nay? —JabberWokky

  • Yea, I also claimed mister dot while I was at it, honestly it is like creating the [wiki:www], it is something that should not be allowed to happen, but can be done once, in any case it is the perfect invisible account as it really cannot have a userpage.
    • You have to get the good accounts while they're hot! —Brent

2007-04-19 11:35:06   On the Tustin Wiki, Kimer's Dairy is titled Kimer's Diary. Can you fix that? Right now it looks like a stationery store rather than a convenience store. —JudithTruman

2007-04-30 03:16:34   Damn. I want a monocle! —JabberWokky

2007-04-30 22:53:35   Merry Pryanksters as in drama group? —StevenDaubert

2007-05-03 02:51:49   It's not quick, or that useful, if you plan to do over 9000 quick edits. Just edit the damn thing (it's an extra click and scrolling), try previewing a few times instead of lots of individual changes, and link yer name. :P —EdWins

2007-05-03 08:11:36   Thanks Dave for the comment re: my position. I think it is human nature for people to view stuff as binary: Obviously if you don't agree with me, then you must be against me... Especially in that type of forum,people are often quick to judge. —DavidGrundler

2007-05-03 11:55:39   did you notice me yesterday? I saw you outside of Miskhas —StevenDaubert

2007-05-03 19:02:14   Ummm... was that comment really for me? I don't understand. —EdHenn

I wasn't talking about edit count, I was talking about this type of stuff. That's not even the top of the list, or the bottom of the list. There's a decent bit more. Actually it's been oingoing on that page for weeks, and that's just a snapshot of recent parts viewable on recent pages (but if you look at the history, there's a ton on every page. Unless you check the Wiki quite often (clear changes just as often), it's almost a pages worth of mostly (quick edits), which makes going *through* the edits to fix things a problem, which I think JabberWokky found on that page or the other one hotly edited. My point, again, (from the other page/thread) is that a hammer is easier to use than a screwdriver, but sometimes you just gotta put it down - especially on such a hotly edited page. If it was some historical entry and you had several quick edits for typos and stuff, I think that's fine, but otherwise it causes a lil bit of a mess and is spammy (nothing to do with the user statistic 'edit count'. Waiting for Philip to change/add new features is great, but I don't think that's the solution. It could be easily made simpler for everyone else if you merely edited the proper way, and used preview. I don't think I'm the only one who would recommend it, though that was left before quick edits I don't imagine the thought changed. -ES

2007-05-03 21:52:57   <3 btw, not trying to be a jerk, even if I'm speaking/acting as one. Excuse me for the upload, named it temp, just wanted to try to illustrate what I was saying. —EdWins

2007-05-03 22:16:58   He's just using quick edit to be an edit count whore, much as I'm a revert count whore. But seriously, he became more involved in Wiki Spot project pretty early on in his wiki career, so he's more used to using quick edit. I think this may become more of an issue as time goes on, and in other new wikis. (Plus we all got really lazy editing the hub when only like 10 people were watching.) But yeah, David should be less sloppy about so many quick edits. —BrentLaabs

2007-05-04 03:34:46   Agreed, agreed, I understand, let me say, I honestly don't care about the edit count, it means nothing past the point that it shows that I exist, or rather that I am in this community. Oddly this will be #900, not that it means anything, back to writing essays, fluffy donuts opens soon. —DavidPoole

2007-05-06 22:46:49   You're suspected to be fictitious David. Oh no! —BreeButler

  • I found a character history for a Portland larp linked to in the forums of The link is The photo was also taken from the same source. I suspect that the "DavidPoole" user is some kind of joke.

2007-05-09 22:36:05   I'm here. _Chibi

2007-05-10 08:21:01   orly? Is there a way to keep user stats (must... whore... postcount... like forums!) or would I just make a new user... —StevenDaubert post script: I'm recovering nicely from surgery

  • Here, the magic of cut and paste ;)
  • Well that is one way to do it, you could simply reference the fact that you are also StevenDaubert. It really honestly doesn't matter but it is something I would like to bug Philip about when he has time, because it seems now-a-days everyone has multiple user accounts either because of the password reset (old database issue), or for some other reasons, personally I just had to claim .. though I didn't think to grab ~ considering my love of that symbol. But eh.

2007-05-11 00:43:16   David is a sexy guy ^_~Chibi

2007-05-15 07:26:35   David "The Odometer" Poole. —JabberWokky

Oh snap all up on your hometown wikim —StevenDaubert

2007-03-30 19:31:22   Hey David, just a heads-up that I reverted some of the changes in the css (width: 100%) and removed the position:relative bit. This is on zac/wikispot hub. Let me know if IE 7 still looks good with these changes —PhilipNeustrom Hmm the width 100% for the tab area shouldn't do anything, but alright (it has no overflow or limit to width already, so hence it is width whatever it needs), the position relative was the cause of the error when combined with the width 100% I think. ~Dave Poole

Can you boot up IE 7 and take a quick peak at zac so we can know for sure?

Okay, I didn't fix the bugs for the other two wikis, will do in a second for the tab issue. However there is indeed a bug regarding the images, mainly that the captions are displayed in a separate div, which is causing problems for some reason, I am not sure why because nothing, and I mean nothing has altered the pages.

2007-03-30 20:00:27   Hey David, did you know that you can set a "home" for your user page in your user settings? This is easier than making redirects. Did you see this option in your settings? Did you intend to have redirects instead? (I'm just curious) —PhilipNeustrom

Oi, I thought I had set it already, and that it wasn't working, which makes me wonder why I didn't report the bug. But yeah, it wasn't set, my mistake. ~Dave, when is launch by the way?

2007-03-31 11:44:46   Also, can you check out the pgh and roc themes in IE 6/7 to make sure they're decent looking? —PhilipNeustrom

2007-04-03 20:44:19   This entry seems to be strangely -centric to a location other than Tustin .... (= —

- Just a little for now.. it hopefully will grow.

2007-04-04 15:44:28   Saw your note regarding the RGB Wiki. We would love to have more input! Look forward to your contributions. —AdamDewitz

2007-04-04 15:45:21   BTW, nice theme :) —AdamDewitz

2007-04-05 10:23:22   You are officially not allowed to move the Plant Science Teaching Facility. If that's not the right name, I will petition the University to change the name of the facility. —JabberWokky

2007-04-05 10:29:07   Re: ASUCD and the book store. Penn State has a big huge building across from campus that is a student run, student owned bookstore. They just up and made their own. —JabberWokky

2007-04-05 11:37:25   Nah, not painful, merely fragmented. I do the same in comments. Like this. —JabberWokky

2007-04-06 00:10:14   i wish we could have discussed the issue before you deleted the page. ideally, professors and thus would join with immigrants and workers by canceling classes and going out to the rally themselves. i know this sounds completely idealistic for uc davis since we're so apathetic and prefer to have professors who do research about social issues and don't incorporate any activism. this should be an observed holiday. there should be no school. but since there is, we will try to make a statement. while most profs and tas will not cancel classes we can still urge them to postpone midterms and homework assignments to create less intimidation for the walk-out. as for your question regarding may 1, the history behind may 1 was explained and i don't see why you're questioning the action taking place on this date. as i stated, it is an international holiday and last year had national significance for the worker and immigrant movement. this is an important date and will have significance for the davis community. —JessicaRockwell

  • Didn't delete page, not debating the date of the event but merely your message. ~D

2007-04-06 00:38:16   the significance is may 1. the central theme to the event is tied to what may 1 stands for. we are then taking the day of action to encompass the many issues that pertain to may 1. the words "may 1" need to be in the title because there are many days of action put on by groups. what separates this event from others is the significance of may 1. —JessicaRockwell

- Gotcha, sorry about that. ~D

- I appreciate your willingness to entertain the discussion and change your stance on issues as clarification and information is given.

2007-04-07 08:55:46   hello David, is there a wiki link explaining the rules regarding why [email protected] and/or Latinx can not be used? xie xie ni. —JessicaRockwell

  • No, I just prefer to stick to the customary rules of English and Latin grammar. And I hate those stupid cute ways that people abuse the language in an effort to be 'politically correct' or some other nonsense. ~D

2007-04-08 17:12:44   Please, please get in the habit of signing your comments with the signature button. Just putting ~Dave doesn't leave a link and makes it very hard to follow; particularly when you aren't the only Dave involved in the discussion. —JasonAller

2007-04-09 07:52:57   Hey, I set my default wiki! (Now I'm curious as to if the sig link works) —JabberWokky

2007-04-09 11:38:14   I truely hope you don't mind the tone of the last post I made to Preston. I'm trying to get it through his head that just because there's a problem with his edits doesn't mean it's motivated due to his political leanings. I kind of threw you under the bus a little, saying you were both the same. I hope you take it as trying to get through to Preston that editors are equal, and not blithely equating your actions. You're not tossing around accusations of racism, censorship and killing puppys or whatever he's gone to at this point. —JabberWokky

2007-04-09 16:09:41   I noticed that floatLeft and floatRight in common.css had their clear: left and clear: right removed. Do you know why those were removed? They need to be there for layout to work as expected. —PhilipNeustrom

I'm going to go ahead and add them back in, along with a bit more margin for the thumbnails so they don't run into text. Let me know if there was a reason for the clear's being taken out.

2007-04-10 05:06:21   Actually, Jason's well past me in number of edits. I do them mornings, so they are all clumped together. Philip, Jason and I are 1 2 and 3 right now... but honestly, people like AlphaDog contributed far more than their edit count indicates. He created long, complete entries with almost every edit. —JabberWokky

2007-04-14 15:10:02   Want to try your hand at some Javascript-y thing? Try and make it so that when you quick edit a paragraph with an image floated to the left or to the right that it doesn't 'pop' downward and instead sits there all inline-like. It's setupEdit in The fix shouldn't require any changes to the wiki CSS —i it should all be doable via the javascript. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-04-16 11:54:58   Yeah, but it's not scwiki, it's santacruz. That, and the fact that I didn't use quotes broke things. —ArlenAbraham

2007-04-19 01:44:06   Proposal: change .tableOfContents { white-space: nowrap; .. } to .tableofContents { ... } (remove the white-space thing, which will make it wrap). See FAQ for an example of a long table of contents where this would help.

Also, add padding-right: .9em; to .tableOfContents td to make it look slightly nicer when text rubs up against the right hand side. —PhilipNeustrom (please reply on my hub page.)

2007-05-02 16:35:30   I am told to remind you: remind david to fix bug on bug reports page using css. include page image. —PhilipNeustrom

Is that bug related to harvardwiki's front page?

2007-05-21 23:58:00   This guy was sexy... until he did some things on the DAC page. remember: Good Grammer is hot. —Chibi

2007-05-24 00:42:00   thanks for the macro=) —LizethCazares

2007-05-24 11:51:10   Thanks for catching what ["Hospitality"] was supposed to be. —JabberWokky

2007-05-24 14:47:05   Thanks for pointing that out to me. It actually should be 10% off first time clients instead of $10. But yes, the discounts can all be combined. So if you're a student, and a first time client and add me to myspace, you end up saving 25%. Thanks for fixing up my page! —Rachelottlinger

2007-06-11 16:10:46   Dammit, I was wondering how long it would be before somebody renamed : to /!

2007-06-11 20:14:11

Oops. 3:30-6. Can you still make it? —WilliamLewis

2007-06-12 08:07:01   Re: Clickwiki — Sure! I just figured out that email was you. I'm releasing 1.0.5 this week, and I'll go ahead and package it and possibly even get the thing up on a public SVN server. I packaged the first few releases and stopped, since nobody was requesting them. —JabberWokky

2007-06-12 12:29:54   I started the talk page to put an end to the revert war. As a compromise, if the page remains stable, I'll leave the talk page in its deleted state, however, if the Dahlek page continues to be in dispute, expect to see the talk page return. —JoseBleckman

2007-06-14 10:14:09   hiyo! —StevenDaubert

2007-06-24 02:53:19   thanks for spotting that >_< —StevenDaubert

2007-06-27 04:42:22   dave, does Fluffy Donuts open at 5 or 5:30? if your comment you said 5, but the time listed is 5:30. i'm hoping it's 5. i'm hungry. zai jian. —JessicaRockwell

2007-06-27 16:18:52   RAAWR DAVID POOOOLE!!!111!five —StevenDaubert

2007-07-05 14:39:00 < — you will like —StevenDaubert

2007-07-13 00:46:48   if in "proper" you mean gender neutral. ok! —JessicaRockwell

  • Proper would simply be that formal title which is ascribed in the dictionary, I curse that they adopt modernistic politically correct terms at the loss of history over some silly concern of theirs, but then again, they are politicians. ~Dave
    • well i wasn't going for a formal title. i was going for a gender neutral term of what was there before. it also happened to be the term that was on the links. as for your thoughts on "political correctness", "loss of history" and "silly concerns", we'll discuss that on the other pages. —JessicaRockwell

2007-07-13 00:51:50   Very well put. Now, after all that discussion, who's gonna be brave enough to integrate that page? Not it! :-) —CraigBrozinsky

  • Thanks, I can do it later.. after classes end, after I graduate.. I dunno, people will do it eventually. ~Dave

2007-07-15 09:15:36   Slick, thanks! —CovertProfessor

David, I think you acting as William's agent and had no business deleting my comments. You've mistaken him for a little brother needing protection. You also seem to have missed the point, I purposely left William's deletions intact and did not restore him to his page because it his page and had removed the latest comment I would have reiterated it on my page and have left his page alone. Just in case this is a habit with you, please do not delete any comments on my page and feel free to add your own. I let others consider the sources and make up their minds. In this city so intent on taking control of the dialog, that seem exceptional at this point. TheTallman

  • Firstly, I do correct the misographies and other errors in comments left on this page, it is just a matter of habit. Secondly, I removed your comment because I knew he would, it is clear he doesn't want to have any more of your grief on his page, and given that motivation it seems unlikely that he would want to keep around the further grief you gave him regarding his removal of your comments from his page. I believe that this is an open medium, and so I don't really feel anyone really owns a page, it is merely politeness and social contract that we tend to respect each other's personal pages. In this case, I simply wanted to beat him to the edit, so it was merely competition (I have been lazy about edits and the like as I am currently in Southern California), rather than somehow protecting him (he is a big guy, I am sure that words will never hurt him). Mister Tallman, if that is your real pseudonym, I think that you are the only little person involved in this issue, I think perhaps you would benefit from just moving on and dropping all this grief and drama. ~Dave

2007-07-20 11:20:10   Thanks for tidying up my page links. Much appreciated. —AlexQuan

2007-09-16 18:15:23   Please stop editing under pseudonyms such as Joe Levy. Which others have you used besides that one? —Graham.Freeman

  • I made one edit under JoeLevy some time ago, I claimed responsibility for the account and all its edits to mitigate drama and conflict, the only edit I did make was something I would feel uncomfortable about ascribing my name to however it was not something of malice. I have only used this name, and a few others "." and ".." which were proof of concepts relating to bugs and such, sadly I wish I owned "~" but I missed out. Do you have any further accusations or claims? questions or queries? or any holes in the whole you would like to be filled in? ~Dave

2007-09-22 19:17:26   David, do you know who has been editing as "Carla Lewis"? Without meaning to offend, I don't think it's you because the person in question demonstrated better writing ability than you typically do, but you've edited from the same IP address as that user recently so you must know them. —Graham.Freeman

  • Okay, you are presenting three points to me. Firstly, Carla Lewis makes edits that are better written, I suppose that is a matter of preference and style, though I am a bit offended, I am unsure also how my writing fails your qualifications, but that is aside the issue. Secondly, you infer that because we have edited from the same IP address as Carla, then I "must" know her. This denies the possibility that I am unaware of those using my IP connection, either people mooching my wireless or that I am mooching wireless from elsewhere. Or that there are more than many possible users that I do know of my IP address, ergo more than two other people living in this four bedroom house. It could very well be that I am pretty unaware of the use of my IP address, the activity of my house mates and the like. But to answer your question, yes. ~Dave

2007-09-23 07:54:58   The Halo page wasn't highly relevant, but it was Andrew's first page. Maybe cutting him some slack would have been in order. It wasn't like he was given a lot of time to correct the page, or many helpful suggestions. If we want the wiki to grow we have to help welcome new users and provide information that will help them learn how to make the most of the wiki. Remember too that Davis is at that time of year when new people arrive. —JasonAller

  • I suppose, I am just forgetting it is the new year.. now I wonder why did he create the page.. ~Dave

2007-09-24 15:17:56   Sup Mr.Poole? It's me, your previous nerdy Asian roomate. Just let you know that you didn't stop by the post office and transfer mails to your new address. I am getting a huge pile of them in my apartment now. :( —thebigshow500

2007-09-24 18:37:09   Hmmm I read somewhere dogs do see some color in shades of yellow to blue but miss out on the greens and reds. Which to mean sounds like dogs should never drive. I would imagine that, to a dog, they don't know what they are missing so they can't define things in colors like we do. But then again, that is just one of the many reasons, including opposable thumbs, why we are the owners and they are the pets. —Judge

2007-10-02 02:23:32   i added the comment macro w/ a welcome to the wiki link to a few of the user pages with zero outgoing links. jraller mentioned that it might be a good idea in the IRC channel and i figured that'd be marginally less mind numbing than my mechanics homework. —RyanJames

2007-10-02 23:53:32   I don't have a table, but am working on a sign. jessica might let me borrow her laptop. maybe we could meet at the oak tree? —PxlAted

2007-10-03 23:57:04   lol. —PxlAted

2007-10-08 12:38:39   I think comment boxes are useful for people who are nervous about editing. —PxlAted

  • I suppose, but then again, I think quick edit makes things pretty easy as well, honestly I think that it is kinda a silly thing to have comment boxes on relatively fact-based pages, that is where there really isn't a want or need of opinion, perhaps people would go to a talk page if they are nervous such as they do on wikipedia. But seeing nervous edits made on the wiki, there hasn't been any greater use of the comment box rather than simply editing the page... perhaps a friendlier interface would be a better adoption to make? ~Dave

2007-10-08 19:19:36   Hey, since you're running, I broke our your public page to a different entry. You might want to upload a different photo or add some info about your campaign to it. —JabberWokky

2007-10-09 01:30:16   Thanks, that looks better. —WeMo

2007-10-09 03:34:18   No problem, but I'm a little concerned that people will be a bit less likely to edit your personal page than a public page, just out of how things normally work. I'm trying to get all the candidate entries into a form where people can zip through them and get an idea of who they want to vote for and refine that into something we can use in the future for all elections. The "narrow nav" is for an active election, to be replaced by a "wide nav" at the bottom of the public entry afterwards (so the focus is the active election, and then on the person and their past runs, platforms and activities afterwards). —JabberWokky

2007-10-11 00:56:31   way to be on top of things. also, i'd like to buy you a sandwich. —JillWeinstein

  • Thanks, uhm.. a sammich? maybe I will feel like eating later, it is kinda late now.. eh sometime whenever around eating times that you spot me or something I would be glad to accept. ~DP

2007-10-11 01:39:18   Ungood naming standards uncomply with Newspeak Dictionary One, please revise fullwise. —BrentLaabs

  • Antefiling, ungood naming standards unexist. ~dp

2007-10-15 16:56:59   Did you find Megabyte yet? A cat strikingly similar to that was on my porch in Solano Park several days in a row last week. I haven't seen it since though... —CarlMcCabe

  • No, sadly, I would be greatly indebted if you caught him or called me if you saw him again. ~Dp
    • Sorry, I saw the cat again and it wasn't the same one. —CM

2007-10-17 09:06:32   As I keep wondering about these occasional "non-edits", what did you edit? —JabberWokky

- That is a good question... I don't quite remember? ~D

2007-12-08 06:07:14   i'm giving you a gold star —MattBlair

  • Thanks, so why are you involved in all this jazz anyway? ~D

2007-12-08 06:22:25   There's a lot to the jazz. I jumped in feet first earlier in the year heh. —MattBlair

2007-12-11 14:19:43   Hi David, sure I would like some help with the css colors, thanks. I'm afraid I'm not too good at picking good colors, feel free to download and edit the CSS files on the Madison Wiki and upload alternates to my personal page, and I can try them out. Don't mess with my special table classes, though! —KarlMogel

2007-12-13 11:10:02   how did you superscript the TM on the Freecycle page? That was fabulous. —ElleWeber

-Thanks, there is luckily a character in unicode which allows for it, also copyrights and all that jazz™. ~Dave

  • You can also use ^TM^, which will superscript anything (like x2). Also ,,2,, for subscript, so you can say AquafinaTM is H2O. Check out Help with Formatting for more little tips. —JabberWokky
  • Er.. in this case it was actually in the title rather than text, though it is nice to have reminders about formatting.. yeah.. just noting here that the titles now allow for unicode, or most any normal character. ~D
    • "on the [...] page", which I took to mean your edit to the entry itself. By the way, if you start using it heavily, you should be aware that a Unicode is broken by quick edits (see the poetry credit on my DavisWiki editor profile as an example... I normally fix 'em around the wiki, but I've been leaving that one alone). —JabberWokky
  • On the Macintosh, it's option + 2 to make a ™. —BrentLaabs
  • On Linux, it's compose, T, M to make a ™ (compose is usually the right Alt key).

2007-12-27 17:11:13   First post from the iPhone! Also I'm working on ventura over break. —BrentLaabs

2008-01-17 11:04:39   Hey, I know it is probably okay with them, but unless you okayed it with the authors, technically the STS Club content is violating copyright. If you emailed them to ask, just delete this notice, otherwise they need to be contacted for permission. —JabberWokky

2008-03-09 12:42:19   About the Board, where do I leave a message? —StevenDaubert

2008-03-17 20:57:39   Why not have AKΨ as a redirect to Alpha Kappa Psi? It would better match other fraternities that way. —JasonAller

Because I could, I mean we do support unicode now, so why not? I would argue we should alter all other fraternities to this correct notation. Otherwise, it revealed an interesting.. feature.. of renaming and edit conflicts.

2008-03-17 21:03:27   The unicode is great as a redirect, but how accessible is it for the average person at the average keyboard? —JasonAller

Redirect from text to unicode? ~D

2008-03-20 11:56:21   I still haven't received an answer to my previous query as see above, and do you have any spare mobo jumpers? —StevenDaubert

2008-03-23 22:07:34   okay for sure, I would lurv to find out where to post and say pick me cuz I need moar positive in my life

but yeah, I bought 10 jumpers for a buck seven and fixed my problem —StevenDaubert

2008-04-02 19:58:09   From a coding standpoint how hard would it be to add an optional box for explaining what your quick edit was? Would this even really be necessary? I just have the urge to sometimes explain what my quick edits are... —StevenDaubert

Relatively easy.. I mean, I could do it I think... yeah.. I could but am lazy/busy, I think the point was that they want people using the edit feature still, that quick edit is just to correct a typo, I would like a radio button set of options (like 'replied to comment' or 'correction' etc.). ~D

2008-04-09 23:10:15   Thanks

I still need to go to the board wiki... Harass me to do so —StevenDaubert

2008-04-18 12:53:48   "Pilipino" looks like a misspelling, but it is a real term that describes people from the Phillipines. Don't worry, I had my doubts about that spelling for the longest time, too. —CalamityJanie

Uhm... no. Pilipino is a tagalog loan word from Spanish to mean Philippine, however, to refer to the people of the island, the correct word is indeed spelled with an 'f', e.g. the Filipino man from the Philippines, if it were spelled with a 'P' it ought to be a 'ph' for phonetic reasons. I feel now as if I am missing something or being successfully 'trolled' :P.

2008-06-02 18:51:07   Shouts to my main man DP!

whats really going on? —StevenDaubert

2008-06-03 20:44:40   coho has vegetarian pho... How can that exist? How can that even taste good? —StevenDaubert

Well.. honestly CoHo pho' isn't really pho' actually, I would be tempted to say there really isn't a soup in town that should be called that. I would think it possible to adapt pho' to be veggie, is it pho'? well is a faux meat burger a still a burger? I think it is just a faux meat pho'. ~D

Oh and yeah, I did look into that one thing with the wiki code, I had some unexpected bugs, I might be able to work it out later.. philip's code is somewhat hard to follow sometimes (esp since I am a 'noob'). ~D

2008-06-09 18:10:52   Congratulations to you for your degree-completion. :P —AmyChow

2008-08-09 01:42:53   Do they carry hidden statistics? :-) —IDoNotExist

2008-08-09 02:06:51   Been reading Slashdot tonight? :-) —IDoNotExist

2008-08-13 23:53:16   Apparently a sheriff can grand a CCP based on his discretion... —StevenDaubert

2008-09-02 15:42:10   Yep. I hail from a beach city Orange County. —ascapoccia

2008-09-03 21:34:22   Nope, wells and river water feed Ventura. The city is bounded by two rivers, I don't think we need your smelly Davis water (S=). I will not confirm nor deny any speculation related to government weather control satellites, though. —BrentLaabs

2008-09-06 14:15:11   You are now the only person I know who has used celerity correctly in a sentence. Well, besides me. I mean, I just used it correctly in the previous sentence. Intel used it in naming the Celeron chip family, although rather than making me think of speed and fundamental units of something, as they had intended, it makes me think of celery. —IDoNotExist

2008-09-09 19:14:22   I still request the functionality to tell people what I just quick edited via recent changes, not that I just quick edited

am I making sense? Probably not —StevenDaubert

  • Yes, sorry, I had spoken with Philip, and I just thought of an easier way, lemme just check a few things. The problem is that the current method by which quick edit works requires taking the data in the quick edit box, putting it back where it belongs, and then resubmitting the entire document over again. This poses a difficulty because there is this middleman that needs to be educated a bit more, and frankly, I just now have a little more time to look at the code, but now there are no installations to fiddle with, its a shame really. I will try to keep you posted about any work on this area, unfortunately there is still only Philip as a programmer, and he is currently without a place to live in SF, so lots of work.

Figured it was something like this, thank you. Please keep us appraised —StevenDaubert

2009-01-16 20:51:48   Ok, it is a wanted page. Please make the page for that link. If the page can not be made then the link should be removed from Wanted Pages. —JasonAller

2009-01-18 19:09:13   (I added to the thread you have on Jason's entry with a working example — it's up to you two to figure it out, but I link periods all the time, personally). —JabberWokky

2009-05-07 11:02:17   Do you know if Whole Earth Festival will be interrupting Dragon on Friday? —MasonMurray

As far as I am aware Dragon will be continuing as schedule. I don't think the hippies invade until Saturday. ~D

  • I'm actually quite sure that WEF begins today. Some hippie down town offered me free weed and asked if I wanted to play munchkin with him. ~Mason Murray
    • Though this is now historic, I ran into the same guy later in the night walking around town. At least they were nice hippies :) ~D

2009-05-11 14:42:57   There is one for WikiSpot already: IRC. If you mean a general use one, this one is okay, but it isn't open source, and it's controlled and hosted by one company. I'm not sure we should have it as a general feature. It is also (as far as I can tell, and I looked pretty hard) the only non-java web client that works well (i.e., works on different browsers, doesn't randomly barf code, etc). I'm hoping some open source one pops up that we can use. —JabberWokky

2010-07-18 13:19:25   I went there a couple nights ago, the matre d started to say no split checks no AA then he saw it was me and smiled and continued. —StevenDaubert