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David Breaux (aka Compassion Guy) (1973?-2023) was a Stanford University graduate, self-described "street therapist", and Davis resident who could be found standing on the southeast corner of Third & C Streets ("Compassion Corner") asking people what their definition of compassion was. He had a compilation book published with writings from this experience. He hoped that it would be the first of many.

David Breaux on compassion (2015)

Which leads me back to what I believe to be the basic components of compassion–listening, acknowledging, mutual understanding, and action; you make space for yourself and others by remaining in an attentive quiet place, being still, making sure you and/or the other share that attentive space by acknowledging what is being said or what is happening. Then the mutual understanding takes place, the connection, that allows for an action to be taken to alleviate the suffering. That action then brings harmony back to the energy of love.


He is also the creator of "Compassion Bench" located there. It was built by many volunteers in 2013.


David in Action

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2011-03-31 19:34:39   So strange to become aware of how little we know of others, let alone ourselves. It is easy to walk around, see someone, feel you understand them by their appearance and continue on our way, never realizing what they are truly doing, who they truly are. This is what happened with David.

I would walk by the corner of 3rd and C streets often in daily/weekly walks around town and would often see this man standing there. At first glance, you say to yourself, "Oh great, another homeless man looking for a handout." David, however, never asked me for anything until about 3 weeks ago. I was walking by and he asked me if I cared to write a few words about compassion. I thought about it for a second, jokingly told him that compassion was hurting yourself by helping others, but pondered what it truly was for me. I grabbed the pen, wrote in his journal what I truly felt compassion was - a self-sacrificing love for others as we love ourselves- and carried on with my day. Little did I know that this seemingly homeless man was far from it.

I picked up the Davis Enterprise this afternoon and found that he has been working on this book, now complete, that he has been working on for the past two years. It makes one think about the assumptions we all make in a simple glance. Now I wonder how many others have missed an opportunity for growth by the assumption we all make based on appearances alone. I wish David the best in his endeavor. —Wes-P

2014-07-10 16:57:48   Wow, for years I see him standing on that same spot, today I finally know who he is. He still stands on the same spot though —Cyclonus

2014-08-20 21:34:16   "He still stands on the same spot though"

Not for long — David is taking his passion for compassion on tour in a couple of weeks. As I recall, the plan is to do month-long stints in various cities across the U.S. over the next year. I'll miss his steady presence at 3rd & C! —JimFrame

2015-06-16 13:01:20   HMM.... looks like he could be a male version of Rachel Dolezal. Lets hope not! —dave6180

2023-04-28 15:18:44   Devastating news that Davis Breaux was found dead in Central Park yesterday :(. He was an incredibly guy who left positive impressions on people as well as the city. His presence is forever going to be missed by people throughout the city of Davis. —GOOSECORE

2023-04-28 15:24:12   This must be one of the saddest and weirdest things (reality stranger than fiction) ever to happen in and to Davis. It’s like David Henry knew his fate all along. I am very sad about this, even though I didn’t know him. —ConstantiaOomen