In January, 2014, a complete change of ownership and management occurred at Davinci Court Apartments. Old comments are here for historical reference.


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2006-03-17 I lived here 2006-2007 and it was pretty cool. The neighbors above us were idiots and made a lot of noise, but Doris was awesome and anytime they couldnt fix stuff immediately they let us know why and when it would get fixed. (Eg, ordering parts and stuff like that.) They did their best on getting rid of ants in individual apartments, but they really should spray the whole building but are under the impression that doing that wouldn't get rid of the ants. Have lived in other places that suck so much since, this is one company that doesn't actually try to take advantage of students and work their hardest to keep things running. I would live there again if it weren't for the fact that it's a big "college student" apartment complex. —Rin

2006-01-16 23:19:06   01/16/06—looks like they are now occupied —MattJurach

Yeah, they definitely are. Can we get some numbers on when renters were allowed to move in? I know they paid for them to live in a hotel for a few months (how long?).PhilipNeustrom

2006-03-09 20:40:10   My boyfriend lives here. It was nice that they paid for his food and hotel for a few months, but after all ... it was kind of a hassle that the building was not finished. This place is very expensive (I mean, it's new). However, the carpets are cheap. They keep on shedding like crazy, no matter how many times they are vacuumed. A BIG CON is that the lady manager is a total asswipe. She avoids being in the office to help tenants during open hours. When she's ever there, she absolutely loves giving student tenants an attitude. It also takes FOREVER to repair many of the things that are still wrong with this place, despite DaVinci being new. Actually, they haven't fixed anything my boyfriend and his roommates requested to be fixed since December. A PLUS is that the apartment my boyfriend is in has vaulted ceilings in most parts of the apartment, which is awesome. It's also a quiet area. I would say ... find some other place to live that's somewhat worth your money before resorting to this area. —MindyYang

2006-03-10 15:10:38   Coincidence that the Masonic Temple is located on Da Vinci Court? Of course not. This makes my imagination run wild and wonder if their are applications of The Da Vinci Code in Davis ;) —KristyHeidenberger

Leonardo da Vinci had no connection to the Freemasons whatsoever and the Priory of Sion is a hoax. —WilliamLewis

2006-03-14 12:11:20   I live here. I like the layouts of insides of the apartments and how some bedrooms have a.. sticky-out window (eh, I forgot what they're called). They have a really nice color scheme, too. Those are about the only good things. The apartment complex has horrible accoustics and everything echos throughout the middle of the courtyard-area. It doesn't help that it's filled with loud, college kids. It seems like a small step up from dorms, to me. And my downstairs neighbors are total jerks who don't understand the concept of music being too loud. So, if you're a college kid who wants to PAR-TEEEeeeEee OmGz!!1, then this is a good place for you. :\ If you're looking for peace, keep looking. (But keep in mind, I may be a little spoiled. I came from Eastlake apartments, which are pretty quiet and nice) —CourtneyRiddle

2006-03-14 12:44:58   Were you thinking "bay window"? —JulieEickhof

2006-03-14 19:02:03   I heard the former manager lady who was here at the beginning of the year has been fired recently? True ... no? —MindyYang

2006-03-21 13:23:34   For me it seems the same if not a little quieter than it was at Sharps and Flats (which wasn't particularly quiet but I could sleep every night). I heard that they brought in a new manager too (from the lady who did the original leasing). Which I think is an improvement because the old one seemed a bit crazy, and condescending sometimes. A few minor problems with the interior but for the amount of free rent we got, it doesn't really matter. —MichaelNguyen

2006-04-15 13:53:31   Hmmm...that's interesting that people are saying that this is an expensive place to live in. When I called about leasing (a long, long time ago), the lady told me that DaVinci Court apartments was LOW-INCOME housing and all that they had were four-bedroom apartments. Was I misinformed? —MM

2006-10-23 00:06:26   MM, you would be misinformed. There were a percentage of units designated "low-income", but the rest were priced in accordance with the Davis rental housing market. I know 'cause I lost in the lottery for one of those low-income slots... too bad, too, because it looks like a nice place! —ErinManley

2007-04-09 11:08:03   I have stayed at Da Vinci last year. It is nice and new, but way overpriced. In addition the walls and floors are too fin and you can hear all your neighbor noise and sounds. There are also some low-income units with some real trouble makers that could be your neighbors. Dogs and cat are OK!, but dogs could be “TOO BIG” to get them leave with you. Before moving in make sure you know what you paying for. —Stanley

2007-05-02 02:00:38   Take it from me, DO NOT LIVE HERE. Living at Da Vinci Court is like living in an over-priced dorm (minus the meal plan). I have lived here for two years (the second year resigning being a mistake), and I can't stand it. It is cheaply constructed, shoddily built, and even more poorly managed. Your money will be much better spent renting a four bedroom house (and for the price you pay here, believe me, it would be cheaper!) —limoore

2007-05-09 16:58:10   It took forever to move us into these apartments in the beginning. And when we finally moved in, it was finals week! I was PISSED to find my bathroom was flooded every other day b/c the bathroom upstairs was broken and their overflooding soaked down through their floor (my ceiling) into my bathroom! When the plumber guy came, he told me it was PEE and my apartment smelled like PEE constantly! I didn't have hot water for 3 months and the German lady is a total BEEP! And parking SUCKED!

Aside from all the troubles, the regular manager is super nice. The affordable priced apartments are DEFINATLY nice. —AggieAlum

2007-05-16 04:56:58   the german lady is the owner i think ... and yeah, she can be rather difficult —christinegallo

2007-05-22 18:25:56   I live here right now and I really don't think it's that bad. The management has always been super nice to me, and I haven't had any problems with my neighbors. Pricing changes depending on what floor you live maybe people who say it's "overpriced" are living on the top floors. I find the price to be decent, and well within the bracket of what people trying to find a place to live in Davis typically pay. Considering the complex is new (new appliances, carpets, etc.) I think it's a pretty good price! I do agree that maybe the walls are a bit "thin" sometimes, but isn't that what one would expect in an apartment?

Someone commented that the parking sucked...I just have to say that I have NEVER had trouble finding a parking space...I guess if you're coming home in the wee hours of the morning you might be out of luck, but the 4br apartments can get 3 or 4 spots...that doesnt sound bad to me! —Krystal

2007-07-19 15:31:40   I live in Da Vinci Court right now and I really like it here. The place is nice and the management is great! Dorris, which I assume isnt the "rude German lady", is super nice and friendly, and even remembers your name and which apartment you live in. The apartment itself is spacious. I live in a 4 bd, 2 bath apartment. As for the comment about carpets shedding, I had a problem with that earlier on in the year, but now they dont shed much at all. Hey, afterall, isnt it new carpet?

The only downside in my opinion is that the floors are fairly thin as are the walls. Upstairs neighbors are slightly rude, but overall, great place to live. =) —Jfong

2007-10-07 17:30:59   Starting in late summer/early fall of 2007, DaVinci Court has had an ant problem. Management is working with a pest control agency in order to figure out why only the TOP floors are having ant invasions that dominate a kitchen or bedroom in only a matter of hours. My apartment has been struck twice in 3 days on opposite ends of the apt, and we live quite tidily. I believe they are in the infrastructure of the complex. The management is seeming to do all they can, but its getting old fast. —MichaelAWoods

2008-1-3 12:24:03   Well, they took care of it in a timely fashion and I haven't seen anymore ants. I don't know if they got rid of them or they left, but I haven't seen them. For as big a problem as it was, they were gone in two weeks which I thought was good enough. —MichaelAWoods

2007-12-07 22:33:04   I actually live here 2007-2008 and it's great.. it's pretty quiet except for random loud music you get once in a while and the amtrak train sounds.. but the windows are so tightly sealed that you don't hear anything unless you open them. Also, it's so close to the bike path and Safeway, so it's great. I currently live in the four bedroom and it's SO big for SO cheap. And Contrary to what JFong said... the German Lady is the owner I think.. Dorris is not the German Lady.. she's the landlord:] she's quiet nice actually. —YuJinChoi

2007-12-18 22:49:44   Do not live here if you have cars! The transportation is absolutely horrible!

I loved my studio apartment when I lived there b/c everything was so nice and new. But I soon realized that they were too quick in bldg this complex and I ran into a lot of problems such as non-working elevator, no hot water for several months, constantly leaky toilet... It was a nightmare!

The prices here are also ridiculously high, and there are no bus stops nearby! —AggieAlum

2008-03-07 21:06:15   does anyone know how much a studio apartment is? —ValeriePeterson

2008-05-31 23:42:22   yea i thought this place was great when i first moved in but like someone above said they built it WAY TOO FAST. they skimped on A LOT of materials and cut one too many corners! the walls are about as think as a piece of printer paper, as are the ceilings and floors. so get ready to tip toe around or piss off your downstairs neighbor and cross your fingers you dont have moderately loud people above you because you'll hear EVERYTHING, every single bed squeek and groun and TV. (if you dont believe me look above at all the apparently "rude" upstairs neighbors, I guarantee you they were just being normal but the place is so poorly built they seemed rude!) the manager is nice enough but she really just tells you whatever you want to hear and will completely change it at the drop of a hat if it doesn't suit her anymore. she ALWAYS has the "out on the property" sign up and i guarantee you shes just sitting in her apartment because we've looked all over for her before with no luck. and yea the parking situation SUCKS. no one had assigned parking until almost november last year so there were never enough spots (because the manager decided she needed a vacation right before passing out the parking spots and the temp didnt know what was going on). oh yea so youre also limited parking spots and you wont know if you get as many as you need until... well... november :) and after that it just sucks to be you doesnt it? one last thing so you can do your own math...4 large washers and only 2 dryers??? you better be picking up your clothes from the dryer the second the buzzer goes off cuz its not uncommon to find entire loads of laundry thrown to the side. I hope this review helps people get a better idea of some things you can't see in just a visit to the complex!-JK —JKCRDG

2008-10-28 15:00:34   I have lived here for the past 3 years and absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The manager is VERY fair and professional,exactly what is to be expected from an apartment manager. She used to be a police officer for 30 years so she keeps the place very clean, noise free and very safe (VERY IMPORTANT). This is my absolute favorite place to live! A great home and studious atmosphere! The apartments are very NEW, well maintained since they clean it during turnover each year. The living rooms are SPACIOUS, kitchen and bedrooms well designed. Doris always decorates her office for the holidays which makes her office look very festive and inviting and is greatly appreciated. So far, this has been the BEST place to live anywhere! I feel bad that many UCD students have not had the chance to live in such hotel like apartments! —stephsteph

2008-10-28 15:10:16   I have to also add that the price is fabulous and the best in Davis and possibly anywhere else, and that the manager is very nice and easy to talk to! I don't know why there are ANY bad reviews about this place because Doris is very sweet and Da Vinci Court apartments is the type of place that you would look forward coming home to after a long hard day at work and school. —stephsteph

2009-02-12 15:10:13   I have lived here since March 2007 and all I can say is I love it here. When owners got rid of the opening manager (she was a ding)and brought Doris in to replace her I think it was the best move ever. The complex is NOW with her QUIET, Clean, Spaceous, Only 5 minutes by bike to Campus. Any repairs that need to be done, just go in or call Doris and she will have it fixed that day or the next day if the repair man is gone for the day. Once in a while they may have to order a part and it is still repaired faster that any other place I have ever lived. The Manager is always very nice and remembers us on our birthdays and has large socials every year so we can get to know our neighbors. There is always lots of good food and treats at the complex socials.There is always some type of candy or treat in club house too. It is always nice to go in to the clubhouse even if it is to study because it has a nice home feeling. Doris always has nice warm decorations for what ever the season or holiday may be. You know on the days when you miss home just a little bit, you can go down there and get that same warm feeling and not have to drive or fly home. We have lots of wonderful people in this complex from ALL over the WORLD and I think of living here is like the DaVinci international house. People that complain about this place can only be because they have broken the rules and were held accountable for it. I personaly like that because the rules are there for all of us and you know what the are when you rent here so no reason to get upset if you make lots of noise and security somes to your door or you have several friends over and don't tell them they need to park else where. I noticed one person was upset they had a friends car towed twice. I feelings were Hey, did you not get it the first time or are you just a SLOW learner. Bottom line I Love living here and wish everyone could have such a nice place to live while in Davis. I have 100% agreement with the entry from Stephsteph.... Best Place in Davis!!! Drew Green


2009-02-12 15:12:41   I forgot one more thing I love about living here. The PRICE IS RIGHT —- Drew Green —DrewGreen

2009-02-23 15:11:55   I currently just moved in fall 2008 quarter and I love it here! Ignore all of the bad comments left on this page. That was all from when the old manager was here. The new manager here is Doris, and she is very nice. She is the most understanding manager I've ever had. She knows that we are all students with a budget and she takes that into consideration with everything here. It is also really QUIET here and I can actually study for once. The neighborhood is great, and right next to the bike trail that only takes 4-5 minutes to ride to school. I have a dog and it is very convenient because it is a short walk a way from the dog park. The apartments are located in a not through street, which is quite nice because it is not next to a noisy busy street. Bus line M & W is pretty close too. There is also a lounge here with free internet and printing, also a nice gym. I currently live in a studio, and the inside is NEW & spacious! —thuy23t

2009-05-05 09:41:39   This place is absolutely great. I love that it's so new and it's just a really great environment. The rent is cheap considering what you're getting. Doris is great, everyone always says HI when we see her. I admit, I was a little hesitant when I saw the older reviews when moving in.. but I never encountered a problem since I've lived here. It's quiet, well maintained, and still feels very new. The bike path is literally right there.. walking to the bus line takes a little long, but it's no problem. One thing to mention is that there's no visitor parking. This means that your friends or family have to park on the main street.. unless they have a UCD parking permit then they can park in the nearby parking lot. So yeah.. besides that this place is awesome! Definitely come check it out and see for yourself. —SuperNinja87

2009-08-13 22:25:23   My roommate and i are looking for another girl for the master bedroom in our apartment. the room is $520/mth and comes with its own bathroom. e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested —Darya

2010-02-22 17:48:17   Uh, the people on here are lying. Doris sucks. She's super mean. And the cell phone reception here is garbage. I wouldn't live here. —danprater

2010-02-22 17:52:59   Oh, and your car will get towed even if you're a tenant, without the all-important sticker. Doesn't matter if there are a bunch of open spots still, you'll still get towed. And it's not super cheap. The people on here are lying. It's about the same as anywhere else, just go check around. And tweakers are breaking into people cars. Tweakers! —danprater

2010-05-16 23:54:21   $575 one bedroom available for a guy in summer 2010 sublease in a 4br 4th floor. Email here: [email protected]danoush

2010-08-06 20:33:27   Doris is very nice, she was never mean. I would recommend this place to my friends. The price is pretty good for me, my housemates and I really enjoyed our stay. If I'm not graduating, I would definitly live here again! —Sherryii

2010-08-19 12:57:50   I lived in Da Vinci 2009-10. First off, Doris is the best manager ever! Anytime we had a problem, she was on it ASAP! Much better than Tanglewood where I previously lived. I wish I was still living there, but I graduated :( The maintenance man is always so kind and friendly like Doris too! It's relatively cheap, and close to campus which is a plus! Seriously, best apartment ever! —BrittanySM23

2010-08-23 12:20:26   Doris (the apt manager) is awesome! I have lived here for about 2 years now and have no complaints! Doris makes sure that whatever you need is taken care of...with professionalism! She has taken great care of us! She is like the apartment mother! :) very welcoming and helpful! I highly recommend this apt to live in! it has a nice bike path to campus which takes about 5 mins on bike/15 mins on foot! —MarcusAurelius

2010-09-04 11:38:04   I lived here for two years (2008-2010) and I loved it. I think theyre one of the nicer apartments available in Davis. The buildings are fairly new, the amenities are great, it has its own bike trail to campus that takes 5-7 minutes, and management is really nice. Doris helped us facilitate an apartment trade-up as we moved from the first floor to the fourth. We had a great view (and theres vaulted ceilings on the fourth floor!). Anyways, definitely would recommend this place to anybody planning on living in Davis. —danoush

2011-05-23 20:46:31   This is a great complex, my roommate and I have a lease for a third floor four bedroom, two bath apartment here. We're actually hoping to move in with our friends who have another apartment in this complex. Which means we need someone to take over our lease for the 2011-2012 school year. They only have fourth floor apartments left, which are $100 more a month, plus we're offering $200 off the security deposit. Email me if you're interested in either the entire apartment or part of it. [email protected]KayleeThatcher

2011-06-08 02:03:51   As renters (WHETHER YOU ARE A COLLEGE STUDENT OR NOT), you expect a certain amount of RESPECT. Undergrad students are treated terribly- we had the "security guard" that WE pay for sit outside of our apartment multiple times throughout the year waiting to complain to us about minimal noise or for waiting in an unmarked parking spot. However, when our bikes were stolen from the property, nobody was there to write up any report. The owners are very nice and respectable, but the management and security are another story (we were complained to about noise at 7PM one Saturday evening). Whether you are a undergrad student, grad student, or are living with a family, you need to be realistic and acknowledge the fact that despite any complex in Davis, THIS IS A COLLEGE TOWN WITH COLLEGE STUDENTS EVERYWHERE. In addition to the fact that parking is a pain for visitors (even day visitors, or for yourself if you live in a 4 bdrm unit, which gets 3 permits), the apartment does little to accomodate any necessities you may need. It's also important to note that doris is nice WHEN SHE WANTS TO BE. She picks favorites around the complex and also picks LEAST favorites- meaning once she's rude to you, she's not hesitant to be rude again and again, so be conscious of that. Also, when there was a gas leak at our complex and hot water was turned off for 5 days there was no compensation and people were entering our apartment unannounced throughout this entire time. It's a shame because the units themselves are spacious and comfortable, while the location itself is also very convenient (being super close to campus). —dreplaza

2011-06-08 02:05:55   Oh yes, must add that the maintenance person is so sweet and helpful!! —dreplaza

2011-06-13 01:02:07   This place is really great. I had several problems and they took care of it right away. The land lord was even willing to help me even on her day off. It's a plus having classes right next door at the extension. The apartments are spacious and bike trail leads to campus 8mins away. When your lazy, the bus stop is not that far away. —ashchu

2011-07-09 02:05:12   I am a transferred student; I rent a studio at Da Vinci Court apartment, and have lived here for 2 years. When I first came to see how my room looks, the manager explained and showed me the constructions of the room carefully and patiently. Everything was cleaned, and the carpet was well washed. So I was fully satisfied with it. The apartment is located in a very quiet place, which is good for anyone to live, especially for students because it is easy to study. Also, the environment of the apartment is cleaned compare to many apartments my friends lived in Davis. I have a pet living with me in these 2 years; I always take my pet for a walk near the apartments, which are next to the UC Davis extension and other offices, and it is good for students who have classes, internship or volunteer works there (about 1 minute of walking). The apartment is not far to the W and M line buses, and chevron, KFC, Taco Bell, Wendys, IHOP, Applebee, etc….Even Safeway, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Quiznos are only few blocks away from the apartments.

There is also an undercross that you can bike to school; it takes about 5 or 8 minutes. In addition, the apartments have plenty of bicycle spots, and a spa and swimming pool, with the quiet environment, it is good for relaxing. There are sofas, gymnasium, laundry room, and a snacks and soda dispenser in the office. Snacks and cookies are available on the office table of the office on Friday and weekend. There is also a printer for residents to use, and more importantly, the restrooms are always cleaned and smelled good. There were at least 3 parties held at the office each year, (the welcoming and a rest before the exam parties), subway sandwiches, popcorn, water, chips and fresh baked cookies were provided by the manager, it is a good chance for us to interact with our neighbors. Doris, the manager, is a very kind lady, and she is so nice, even the man crafter is nice too. Whenever I have problems, the manager would help me to solve it immediately; she would follow up afterward to make sure everything is fine too. More importantly, she is a dog lover; she not only introduced me to a clinic, but also taught me a lot of knowledge about raising my pet. One more thing I have to mention is I really love the holiday decorations in the office by her; it was so beautiful and organized. Overall, I love this place; the rent is fair and worth living. I would definitely refer this place to my friends. Thank you Doris!!! Also, the maintenance person is nice and helpful!


2012-02-08 20:46:18   I have lived at Da Vinci for the past two years and have had a really positive experience. I live in a four bedroom, two bathroom apartment and it is pretty nice. The living/dining area is quite large, the kitchen has relatively new appliances, the balcony is a good size, the bathroom has two vanities separated from the toilet and shower, and the master bedroom can easily be shared. The walls can be a little thin at times, but in this type of complex where your surrounded on all sides, I think that's pretty standard and you just have to accept it.

While I understand some of the comments about Doris, the office manager, are negative, she is really not that bad. Sure she can be a little blunt, but I like to think of it as tough love. She just wants to make sure the rules of the complex are followed, which I appreciate. If you get to know her, she definitely warms up and can be a delight to chat with. She really does care about the residents and tries to remember your name and which apartment you live in. Maintenance has always been speedy, from the little fixes to big fixes like fixing our fridge and our washer (which both needed repair guys, both of which came out the next day). The on-site maintenance guy, Casas, is always friendly and says hello when you see him.

The pool here is pretty tiny and since it doesn't see that much sun being in the middle of the complex, it's pretty cold, even in the summer. The hot tub is great which a lot of apartment complexes don't offer. Both are kept pretty clean though which is nice.

Parking is a little tough here. For a four bedroom apartment you are allotted three parking spots, (two of which are a tandem spot which you share with one other person in your apartment which can be a pain sometimes). You can put your name on a waitlist for an extra spot which is pretty much always granted (but it depends on how many cars they have). It is by permit so your friends technically can't park in the lot, but a lot of my friends have gotten away with it before for a few hours.

There is a bike path that goes under the freeway and railroad tracks and straight into campus which takes around 10 minutes max. You can also take it to get to downtown which is even closer. Also, the M and W bus stops are about a 5 minute walk from the complex.

Overall, I think Da Vinci is a great place to live and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering living here. —Katiekish

2012-03-27 14:37:28   This is my fourth year living at Da Vinci Court Apartments and it will be my 5th next year as I start working! I have been living here since Freshman year and I have had a very positive experience. The following is my review of the complex and feel free to ask questions.

Management Doris is EXTREMELY helpful! She is the main manager here along with another assistant manager that comes in on the weekends. She really likes dogs and she's up to chat if you just drop by and get your packages from the office. The only downside is that she is the only employee so sometimes its hard to catch her because she needs to go to the post-office, pick up supplies, eat, & other stuff. She also lives in Da Vinci too as does the other assistant manager. She closes down the office at around ~10:00-10:30pm so you can catch her if you didn't pick up your packages before 4pm. The office is open from 10am-4pm on weekdays. She can be strict with certain things like biking on the sidewalks, locking bikes to the stairs, etc. but it benefits the residents in the end. It's really annoying to be almost run over by a bike when you're walking on the sidewalk. She can be very straightforward, which saves a lot of time bumbling around so I appreciate that but other people might take it for having a "mean tone." I haven't had a problem with her. You can slide checks in through the slot in the office door when she is not there. She does recognize her residents and their apartment numbers mostly but will not know you by name unless you introduce yourself obviously. She also decorates the clubhouse for every holiday and really goes all out during Christmas!

Maintenance Over the past 4 years we have needed a few repairs including: clogged drains, many light replacements, replacement parts for the sink (due to calcium deposition), and other miscellaneous problems (nothing major). All we have to do is go down to the office and let Doris know and usually the maintenance guy will come the next morning unless they need to order new supplies. The maintenance service is VERY prompt and maintenance guy is really nice! If no one is in the apartment, you can give him permission to enter so he can fix it while everyone is away. It is really hassle-free and he is very trustworthy as we have opted for that many times and nothing has been stolen. I see him around in the mornings when I'm on my way to campus and he always greets you. We have not had any bug problems but I have lived on the second and fourth floor so I imagine it may pose a problem for people on the 1st floor. Weekdays only though.

Parking CARS: This is probably the main problem with this complex. There are just not enough parking spaces because the parking lot is so small. I believe you can acquire as many parking permits up to however many number of rooms are in your apartment. For example, I live in a 4 bedroom apartment with 5 people and we have 4 permits. However, I believe you can request additional permits if there are any leftover. If you have a 4-bedroom you will be assigned one of the tandem parking spaces, which can be extremely annoying since you have to move outer car out before the inner person can use their car. This is unavoidable because the parking lot is so tiny. Also, as a result of the tiny parking space, there is NO GUEST PARKING! On the weekends, there is free parking at the UC Davis parking lots right next to the complex but on weekdays your friends must park across from IHOP and walk the way to Da Vinci. They do tow here so I would not risk a long visit from a friend, especially at night time. This is really just to ensure there are enough parking spaces for the residents, though it sucks that guests have to park so far. ALSO, there is a blind spot when you try to exit the parking lot, near where the garbage dump is so you have to be careful in that corner especially at night. There is also a small blind spot when you try to exit at the entrance of the apartment where the roundabout is so make sure you keep to the right or left when entering and exiting.

BIKES: There are some old bikes in the bike parking that I swear have not been touched in ages. They should really be removed by the residents but some assholes just leave them there when they get flats and never touch them instead of putting it on their patios. I just double-park on them when there aren't isn't bike parking left in the back. It can be hard to get a parking space if you come home late at night so you may either have to double park or not lock your bike to anything (which I do not recommend).

Security There is a security guard at night. He will come and politely ask you to quiet down if you are making a bit of noise. Sadly, this is really needed because of the way the apartment complex is built. Any loud sound will resonate to all the apartments. You can hear people laughing or jumping in the pool outside (facing the inner circle of the apartments). In addition, parties tend to get really loud because of the same reason. I know there are several bad reviews because of management breaking up parties or whatnot but some people (I'll bite my tongue) decide to throw loud-ass parties in the middle of finals week and it gets really annoying when you are trying to study. So yes, it does suck that you can't really hold loud parties here but you will be thankful when the testing weeks come by and you really want to study in your own apartment.

Architecture Again, sound is the main issue and it's really a crapshoot who you'll get as an upstairs/next-door neighbor. The walls are not the thickest so you will hear any type of loud sounds. One year we apparently had a musician living above our rooms and he would play music and sing his heart out during the day-time, which drove us crazy when we wanted to nap in the afternoon. We didn't complain because he should be free to play music/sing in the afternoon but I guess they should have really made the walls louder. Blasting music is another story since you could just wear headphones for that. To repeat, the way the apartment complex is built amplifies any sound made in the inner circle of the apartments.

Other considerations ***PEOPLE: The students I met have been pretty nice. There are some families living on the 1st floor with kids and such. ***LAUNDRY: You can have your own washing/drying for ~$40 bucks a month or you can use the machines in the office. There is a vending machine where the wash/dry are too. Closes at 10pm just like the gym/clubhouse. ***GYM: There is a gym that is open until 10pm at night that has some lifting machines, 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, and a TV. It gets busier at night time but rarely do you have to wait for a machine unless you happen to go when other people routinely go (varies every quarter). ***POOL: Swimming pool is NOT HEATED and the top apartments block the sun most of the year so it is FREEZING. Like I tried to swim in it once in Spring and had to get out in like 15 minutes to jump in the spa because my body couldn't generate enough heat to stop myself from shivering (even doing laps). It gets a bit warmer in the summer. And yes, there is a spa. You can see some people relaxing in it at night time. ***PETS: Pet-friendly apartments! You just have to pay a $500 dollar deposit that you will get back when the pets move out unless your pets rip up the apartment. ***Every quarter there is a social event at the "clubhouse" (where the gym and the main office are) and you can get free Subway sandwiches, cookies, chips. Also, there are free cookies every Friday in the office and usually free candy everyday. ***COST: Higher apartments costs more money. We paid $2400 for a 4-bedroom on the 4th floor in my first year. It comes down to around $450 for a single bedroom and $400 to share the master bedroom with 5 people. The master bedroom has its own large bathroom and the 3 outer single bedrooms share 1 bathroom and 2 sinks. A 4-bedroom on the third or second floor will cost around $2200 but it changes every year so I would go ahead and visit the place first. The apartment is pretty new. I think it was build in 2006? It's a pretty nice place and the view is nice if you higher up and facing the bike path. ***PROXIMITY: The apartments are pretty close to campus and there is a bike path so you pretty much are NEVER biking next to cars. I can make it to campus in 4-5 minutes if I am biking fast on my road bike but you can make it in 6-8 minutes if you just want to cruise. 10 if you have been blessed with a really heavy cruiser. There is also a Safeway that is about 4 blocks away. ***BUSSING: The bus stop is near where IHOP is, which means you'll have to walk about 5 minutes to get there. It is not that convenient and its faster just to bike to school but whatever floats your boat. ***PATIO: There is a patio if you live higher than the 1st floor. You get enough sun if you want to garden a few container plants if that's your thang or you can just leave your bikes there over the breaks/let your pets out to play lol. I just let my cat roam and sunbathe there and am thinking of starting a hydroponic garden so we'll see where that leads. Theres not really a danger of getting your stuff stolen unless you're patio is linked to your neighbors. Just check it out when you move in. ***LIGHTING: there are ceiling fixtures in the halls and rooms but you should really bring at least 1 more light for your room and 2-3 for the living room or it's really dark. I'd go to costco and get the bulbs with the most lumens with another fixture and you'll be set.

In general, I recommend Da Vinci if you — do not want a party apartment complex (If you do, look up Tanglewood which is pretty closeby) — don't swim often because the swimming pool is freezing most of the year — want a pretty new apartment complex and don't mind the cost ~$400-470 for a room in a 4-bedroom — do not drive to school due to the limited parking spaces (it could work out though, its just that the tandem parking spaces are really annoying) — do not bus to school because the bus stops are a 3-5 minute walk away (plus a traffic light if you are heading toward school) — have pets under 28 pounds

Feel free to ask questions. —GraceLan

2012-04-19 02:52:13   ok Doris is a total b__. She is very rude. She talks like you have offended her and her eyes wide up like she is about to attack you. It is SCARY. Do not live here! RUN! —MustTellTheTruth

Dear Must Tell THe Truth..... If you are going by the rules or you have paid your rent you really don't need to worry.... Most people that have not complied with rules or rent payment have all kinds of strange thoughts going throuh their minds.... If your in compliance with the above you know that there is not any reason to worry. —DavinciApt

2012-06-21 15:36:05   I had a great time living here, there were never any problems with my apartment and the complex is very quiet, which was great. Doris, the manager, was excellent! She is a very kind lady, and she made everything very clear and easy. I also really enjoyed speaking with her, she's very friendly and we've had great conversations. The complex itself is very close to campus. It took me about 5-7 min. with my bike to reach Shields library. Definitely look into this complex if you're seeking for a quiet, clean place! —MichaelKo

2012-07-19 13:24:02   I recently just moved from da vinci court after living here for a four years in a studio and miss the convenience already! I wish I could still live here, but am no longer a student. Doris the manager was the best manager I have ever had, and I have lived in 2 previous apartment complexes, so I know how different apartment managements can be. She is also very understandable with rent. I worked a few jobs while going to school, and having a caring manager is something that made it easier for me. Anytime I needed anything fixed in my apartment, it would be fixed the same or next day. Maintenance is a bonus here because of how much smaller the apartment complex is compared to other apartments. A few of the reasons I loved living here were: it's a five minute bike ride to campus on the convenient bike trail, close to M and W bus stops, close/walking distance to Safeway, fast food, & a gas station, close to downtown, close to the freeway, and is pet-friendly. My dog really enjoyed living here because the bike trail is located right behind the apartment complex where I could walk him. The bike trail even leads to a dog park. I also spent a lot of my time studying, and the apartment is a very pleasant and quiet place to live. I never had a car during any of my college years, because living here, I did not need one:). —thuy23t

2012-09-04 11:52:42   Excellent place to live. Doris does a great job keeping everything in order, and she is very helpful


2012-12-28 20:13:39   I loved living here, spent three years here. Doris is great, really helpful and takes care of any issues very quickly. This is a great location, love that you can get on and off the freeway fast, walk to downtown and school easily, but you are off the beaten path. Good place for grad students, its usually very quiet. Highly recommended. —nikkimoore

2013-01-17 08:35:04   I lived in Da Vinci Court Apartments with 4 of my buddies and I thought it was a great place. We shared a four bedroom apartment and there was plenty of space to have 2 large couches, a massive television, a coffee table, and a six-person dining table. The kitchen was large enough for three people to cook, though that was a rare occurrence. Since the entire place was carpet, it was warm during the winter so we did not need the heater. Over the summer, you could cool down the apartment quickly with the air conditioner. The complex is also conveniently located 4 minutes from downtown, 3 minutes from Safeway, and about 6 minutes from the UC Davis campus. As students, we thought it was very nice and we routinely had people over, so it is not hard to follow the noise protocol. In the earlier comments, I do not know how people think Doris is rude or mean because she was very helpful in telling us what shes expects of us (don't blast the music) and always asks how we are doing whenever we saw her, adding a friendly touch. The maintenance was great because if we had a problem with the door, carpet, or anything, we told Doris and it was fixed within a day or two. I would highly recommend this place to first-time apartment users or those that want a peaceful, and cheaper, place to live. —AJS

2013-06-05 10:11:43   Okay, I'm honestly just writing this review because this is information that I would have wanted to know prior to moving in. First of all, this place is STILL under construction. I was never told this prior to signing the lease. They have been renovating the apartments all year, and I wake up to the sound of drills and hammers in the morning, with the construction workers on their cranes right outside my 3rd story window, lovely. Secondly, I have had both my bike wheels stolen off my first bike, I had another bike, and the whole bike was then stolen. The bike had a U-lock on it too. I've been at 3 previous apartments, and I can't say that I have experienced the degree of thievery that I experienced at Da Vinci. It really surprised me, seeing as this is a relatively quiet neighborhood. Also, if you get a 4 bedroom apartment, you will get 2 tandem spots (meaning one in front of the other parking). It was supremely inconvenient, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. If you do have one of the park anywhere passes, sometimes if you come home late, all the spots will be filled because of people and their guests, and you will be forced to park 2 blocks away. Don't expect to have any guests drive over since there is no guest parking, and any street parking is 2 blocks away. Your guest can park the risk of being towed. The bus stop from this complex is also a block away instead of being right outside like many apartment complexes. One last complaint I'd like to make is about Doris. One time I came in asking if there were any of the park anywhere passes left, and she was very rude to me about it. I think that there are some really rowdy people who live in this apartment, because in addition to thievery, I noticed that someone actually smashed the window of Doris's truck with a rock. Honestly, these are things that you think came with the apartment unless you lived here. The positives are that everything inside looks relatively new and there's a spacious living room. But I will definitely not be renewing my lease. With all things considered, I have to say that I have had the worst experience with this apartment out of all the apartments I've lived in. —StudentRenter

*also forgot to mention : if you live in the room closest to the kitchen, you get to experience the pleasure of literally hearing the sink turn on in the kitchen every time it is used. The pipes are DIRECTLY in the wall next to my bed. Just another benefit of Da Vinci Court.

2013-11-01 21:01:10   I had a wonderful time living at Da Vinci Court. DORIS IS AWESOME! And so is Casas (the maintenance gentleman). Doris is very fair. I found her to be a very nice and caring lady. She took care of apartment issues very quickly, and she was also nice to chat with from time to time. The apartment we had was in good shape and was a very comfortable place to call home for three years.

The cell phone reception is quite bad, but that, of course, is beyond the control of the apartment manager and owner.

The complex is very close to Safeway, and a very short bike ride/drive to the UCD campus. Parking wasn't an issue for us (it was just two of us). If you have a UCD permit you can park in the lots next to the complex.

Bottom line- worth the price (reasonable rent!) and close to campus/shopping. Doris is the best. Cell phone reception can be an issue. 9/10 if I were to rate it on a scale. If you can get a place here, get it! —ChristianAcevedo