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July 2011 - Acquired by was a locally oriented website created by UC Davis students to serve the Davis community by helping members save money on textbooks. More recently, however, it became part of a national network called Koofers, offering more or less the same services.

The site serves as a textbook price comparison engine by comparing prices from theUCD Bookstore against over 20 online retailers including,, and to help students save money on rising textbook prices.

In 2010 the company reincorporated under the name "Textbo" to expand it's platform to over 50 university campuses nationwide. In 2011 a white label platform was launched to help non-profit organizations and clubs on campus to help fundraise and give back to the community.

Textbo was acquired in 2011 by

Davistext was featured in a California Aggie on October 7th, 2008.

Also see other local bookstores.


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2009-09-21 12:31:30   Wow, this is awesome. I love how it shows you the price the bookstore charges, this is extremely helpful. Keep up the great work! —michellefong