Davis Apartment Hotline (1-877-754-5544) is a property management company likely associated with one of the bigger Davis Property Management companies. Call the number and you will hear a prerecorded message extolling the virtues of their service, followed by a request to leave a message describing your apartment needs. Anyone that has actually used the hotline is encouraged to add their experiences.

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This number is incorrect. The woman who answered says she has been getting calls for awhile regarding Davis Apartment Hotline and has told Davis Wiki that the number is changed. I called information and they said there was no listing for Davis Apartment Hotline.

Googling "Davis Apartment Hotline" doesn't show up any information other than this page. Davis Rental Hotline (which may be what this page was supposed to refer to) offers information on "over 20 rental complexes." The website is associated with Jon Berkley Management.