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ummm. It's blatantly obvious that this group meets at the quaker house. What is wrong with stating the de facto relationship per se ? ~SD

  • I am only writing as an observer of long standing: I believe the Friends Meeting really likes for a variety of community groups to use their facility but they don't want their name to imply or be taken as a complete endorsement of the group and everything they do. If their name isn't used, then there's more freedom for the groups and the Meeting. I don't know if they've ever made an explicit statement to this effect, or not. —DougWalter
    • Oh, and the Latin phrase is "per se," which you might want to use after the Latin phrase "de facto." Both are parts of English, but that's where they come from. -DW
      • That was my guess, but a pure guess. I open my home to various groups and organizations, and some I am in charge of, others I'm merely a member of. I do try to distinguish which are which. -jw
        • I figured it was something of that non denominational nature, Also good catch Doug I was rushing :D. I'm just leery of removal of information, but it make sense when you don't look at it from a protecting the wiki standpoint. ~SD