This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


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Davis Bike Repair took a slightly different approach from a bike shop — they brought the shop to you! This small business focused on personal service: you could send an email or call to set up a time for them to come fix your bike. It was great for students who didn't have a car, or didn't want to hassle with bringing their bike down to a shop. Prices were competitive, and hours were flexible. Also available were repair lessons — great for learning to work on your own bike.

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2006-05-12 16:30:26   sounds like a groovy service. Best of Luck! —BorregoJohn

2006-08-13 17:40:40   Peter was easy to get a hold of through both phone and email. After he fixed my flat tire, he also put some oil on my chains and fixed the fenders which were rubbing against the wheels. He also filled up my tires with air. I was willing to pay for a tune-up but he only charged me for a flat tire fix. He also explained to me what he was doing when he fixed the tire which helped me learn about bike repair. I am really glad I used this service and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs help with their bike. —LindseyKrabbenhoft

2006-08-17 22:02:50   Peter is very responsive, professional, and does excellent work. I emailed him on the evening of 8/16/2006, and after a quick exchange, arranged for him to come to my office the very next day. He was very thorough and performed a complete tune-up on my Bianchi. Peter explained what he was doing, and answered all of the questions that my co-workers and I threw at him. He looked at their bikes as well and offered some free assistance and advice. It is obvious that Peter takes pride in his work. He also charges less than the local shops, even though he provides much better customer service. Peter, you need to charge more! I highly recommend Davis Bike Repair. —DavidGrundler

2006-09-10 19:29:41   Peter serviced my bike a couple days ago and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who might be having bike problems. He contacted me in one day and was able to arrange an appointment the next day. He also is able to adjust to your needs and will clearly explain everything before he does it. The price is also definitely cheaper than most bike shops. —JayaramChandrasekar

2006-09-11 17:14:53   I broke a spoke on my ride over the weekend, so I decided to email Peter since he did a great job on the tune-up last month. As always, he got back to me the same day and we scheduled an appointment at my office the next day. I was having issues with the rear wheel and breaking spokes, and I asked Peter to re-lace the wheel with new spokes. Peter carries a wealth of spare parts and supplies, and he had everything I needed in stock. Again, I would highly recommend Davis Bike Repair. —DavidGrundler

2006-09-12 20:44:49   Peter's service is great. This is the second time he's worked on our bikes (different bikes), and both times he was able to come out the next day, explained what he would do, and got to work. The first time he did well with an audience (our 3-year-old wanted to watch), and the second he worked on his own. He's friendly and competent, not to mention very convenient and very affordable. Thanks, Peter! —HawleyKnob

2006-09-18 13:10:28   Peter is very knowlegable about bikes and his services were quick,reliable and well priced. Not having a car as a student makes it difficult to take my bike to a shop especially when you have a flat tire. I am the owner of Elizabeth's Pet Sitting and my bike is my sole mode of transportation for my work so having a quick service is of highest priority. The best thing was when I had an inccident with my spare he not only fixed the flat on my main bike like orginally scheduled ,but also had time to work on my spare. It was hitting two birds with one stone and he only charged me one labor charge. Being a student petsitter I reccommend that students use peer student services. I highly reccommend peter as he is proficient and quick. Both bikes repaired in under 30 min. Returns calls or emails in a timely manner,competitive prices 4/5 stars —ElizabethBarthel

2006-09-20 15:08:39   Peter responded instantaneously to my e-mail and we set up a tune-up for the following day. He arrived right on time in his car and performed a complete tune-up in about half an hour with his mobile bike shop, explaining everything along the way, for $39 (plus $4 for a new brake cable and housing). He clearly loves bikes, and used to work at Freewheeler, which wanted around $75 with a 2 week wait for the same job, but he now runs Davis Bike Repair as his own business. I couldn't have asked for better service. Don't waste your time with the downtown shops as long as Peter is in town. —AlexanderMarks

2006-09-28 15:41:45   Peter's prices are very reasonable, especially considering that he does housecalls. He works quickly and does good work. Highly recommended, especially to people who (like me) don't have a car and can't be without a bike while it's in the shop. —WilliamLewis

2006-10-04 19:52:23   Peter came over on saturday afternoon and took care of 5 bikes in 3 hours with very reasonable rates for his high quality of service! My neighbors and I are ecstatic! Thanks peter! —AngieSeto

2006-10-08 10:50:59   Peter just left a few minutes ago. He was friendly, knowledgable, and easy to reach. I e-mailed him last night around midnight, and he called me this morning (a Sunday) around 10. We arranged for him to stop by at 10.30, and he was done 20 minutes thereafter. He explained what he was doing and answered all my questions. The new tire cost more than the tube and labor combined. I'll never let a friend go to any other bike repair shop again. —PatrickDragon

2006-10-14 14:59:24   Awesome! Thanks, Peter! Jessica Brown —JessicaBrown

2006-10-26 14:19:05   I'm never bringing my bike to a bike shop again. Peter was easy to get in touch with, professional, and has very fair prices. I like how he explained to me what he was going to do with the bike beforehand. Two thumbs up. THANKS PETER!!! —WiniChen

2006-12-23 16:30:26   Thanks Pete. You should add lessons to part of your services. See you in the summer. —PaulMeyer

2007-02-24 04:25:32   Peter is the best. Lots of patience. His prices are extremely reasonable compared to downtown bike shops —KaiWan

2007-06-04 19:48:05   I cannot say anything except. AWESOME! Now my feet can use a little bit of a break walking all over Davis. —MelissaFreixas

2007-06-10 11:34:06   Awesome! Quick e-mail turnaround. I emailed Peter on Friday and he was here Sunday morning 10 am sharp. He was quick, efficient, and the price was very fair. He replaced my back inner tube and my right brake cable in about 15 minutes flat. Highly recommended. —AllieStevens

2007-06-23 15:46:36   I emailed Peter last night and within 3 minutes had a reply. He came out this afternoon to work on one bike and inspect another. Within half an hour he had completed the inspection of one bike and pumped it tires, and replaced the tire on one bike and fixed its brakes. And it was very reasonably priced. I would recommend DBR to everyone who needed bike repair. —NatalieTroxel

2007-06-25 18:41:11   Peter responded promptly, gave great advice, was reasonably priced and was both professional and friendly. Sooo much better than going to a bike shop. I have nothing but good things to say about going to Peter for help with my bike. —AnjaGilbert