Glorious Battle!

The Davis Boffer Club is a venue for kids who never outgrew the urge to hit each other with sticks. We build our own padded weapons, and participate in our own versions of more popular activities including capture the flag, steal the bacon, grand melees, and good old fashioned one-on-one duels.

We are NOT a role playing or LARP group. Although we may appear similar on the outside, we operate more like a pickup game of Frisbee or a friendly game of tag, and we definitely don't take ourselves seriously.

So if you or anyone you know might be interested in a good workout doing a wacky college activity that wouldn't and couldn't happen anywhere else, send us a message or drop in on one of our meetings. Come to meet the interesting people, if nothing else! —Dustin

B.O.F.F.E.R stands for:

B est O ption for F oam F ighting E xcluding R oleplaying

Regular pickup games: "Saturdays @ 10:00 a.m."

Meeting Place

If you are interested in more info:


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2013-08-24 01:22:29   Saturday, August 24th Boffer is cancelled. Confirmed number of people is too low. If you are interested in joining us in future weeks I recommend joining the Facebook group or emailing us. —BGonzales

2013-09-17 15:30:47   Saturday, Sept 21st Boffer is cancelled. Boffer we resume at it's regular time The following week. —BGonzales