Areas of Service
Local and out of town runs
7 days per week
(530) 756-5555

Davis Cab is one of the Taxi Services in town.

  • Davis Business License- Not on file as "Davis Cab".
  • Sac Airport Permits- Unknown at this time
  • Yolo County Business License- As of Mar. 31, 2010 No License on record with Yolo County, possibly restricting transportation outside of Davis, if not within the Davis city Limits.
  • Need a ride? See the Taxi Services entry!

How was your ride?

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2010-03-04 01:32:37   Davis Cab is run by a single driver, Paul, who is the nicest, most alacritous driver in all of Davis. He has the best rates in town with the fastest response time. There is no better cab in town. Trust me, as an avid cab user of 4 years, there is no better choice than Paul of Davis Cab. - Marina Circle Boys —GeoMed

2010-04-01 05:30:22   Did not show up for a ride to the airport. Seemed nice on the phone. Not sure what happened. I called and I got no answer. :( —DavidA2

2010-04-07 23:06:31   OH MY GODDD!! This guys was ridiculous!! Our friend was stuck in Woodland from 10-11 at night, an 18-yr-old girl with a dead phone- which I told him- and he still decided to NOT show up, not tell us he wasn't going to show up, and then avoid our calls while we attempted to ask how close he was. We ended up finally having to call the police. This guy is soooo unprofessional its not even funny, don't trust him if its something serious. —daviscabhater

2010-04-29 15:02:37   Paul is quick, professional, and friendly. Probably cheapest cab in Davis too. Stick with Davis Cab. —JCL95616

2010-05-12 19:11:10   Very fast, professional and friendly. I highly recommend Davis Cab!!! —koalas

2010-05-12 19:21:47   Had a very pleasant experience with davis cab. The driver was very friendly and courteous Best rates in davis. Highly recommended! —Hannah1346

The above two comments (koalas and Hannah1346) were posted from the same IP address. Hannah also supposedly know enough about the business to change the “departed business” macro to “now Davis Cab” (see revisions). In any case, the phone number has been changed to the 5555 number, which has two other sources validating it.

2010-09-23 18:00:32   Just a shout out to the drivers at Davis Cab for throwing some of your overflow our way to Village. Paul, Ryan, and the other guys. We appreciate it!! - David 'Max' Placencia —DavidPlacencia

2010-10-16 03:09:40   Wow. This was terrible. I used him twice before and he was decent in his time, 5-10 mins and good fare. BTW, Cash only. I created this account just to tell you about my absolutely ridiculous experience. Me and my friend wanted to go downtown, he said 10 mins. After 10 mins, nothing, so i call him and call him and call him and call him again. Yes, no answer, got voicemail a few times, busy signal. The line went though well over 10 times in addition to a busy telephone line. I called this cab because the student run tipsy taxi failed to show up as well. I just decided to be DD, which what I should have done in the first place!! Basically: if you want a driver to not tell you he is running late, cant do it, phone is dying, or simply cant make it anymore. He ditched me and my friend, and left us out with no warning. AVOID this cab driver. go with college cab, I took them once actually. anyway, this guy is on his own, with a mini gps, own cell, and car with DAVIS cab on top. fancy huh? —cleopatra

2011-01-28 21:53:25   Called for a ride tonight. Was told that he would be there in 5-10 mins and would call when he got there. Never showed up, never called, didn't answer his phone when I called after waiting for 20 mins. Just never heard from the dude again. Very unreliable, obviously. —Jibbajaba

2012-02-21 12:28:29   Great rates and was very professional. The other reviews kind of worried me, but I had a great experience coming from SMF to Tercero. Driver was courteous and didn't play terrible music! —MichaelYabut