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Jamie Morton
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Computer Doctor was picked as best computer repair in Yolo County, Enterprise Newspaper, Readers Choice 2014.

Computer Doctor assists clients with computer repair, virus removal, and data recovery. Computer Doctor works with both Mac products and Windows products. Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, all Mac OS,  Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion, Snow Leopard,  and earlier versions. Will Replace OS in any system Mac or Windows. Works with Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10.   Networking with Email accounts and Calendars, and networking, will set up printers to work with Mac products and Windows products. Will set Apple TV, and Blue Ray TV networks, as well as home sound systems. We are flexible and will work around your schedule.  City and State permits current, 2018.

Computer repair has a 1 to 7 day turn around in most cases. Data recovery can take up to 8 days, depending on the state of the hard drive. Computer Doctor believes that computer repair should be priced to reflect the cost of a replacement of device. As a result we charge reasonable prices and are available 7 days a week to provide support for your computer problems. They give free phone support to all their clients. They do home theater set ups and stream Netflix. They also do conversions from vhs to dvd, back up of data, virus removal and clean up and speed up of your computer. Computer Doctor is a home based business located in downtown Davis.

2009 - Present total Reviews ~ 14 reviews/comments


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2010-01-21 13:18:32   I'm not the greatest with computers, but I know when there is a problem. My computer had been making loud humming noises for awhile; when I finally got around to fixing it...I decided to go to the Davis Computer Doctor.

Once I got there, he immediately had solutions to my problem. He blew out my laptop with a professional blower and uploaded software onto my computer, which I did not have before. He was VERY knowledgeable and friendly.

He charges $70/hr, but since I was only there for 15 mins, it was $17. All in all it was a very good experience and I would highly recommend anyone to see him if they have any computer problems.

FYI. He runs his business out of his home, so look for the sign on the mailbox. Call ahead for an appointment. —GoAggies22

2010-02-09 11:55:46   I had been working on a very important project for work, it is Sunday night 8pm, my computer crashes, and then I got a blank screen. I called Davis Computer Doctor, because there ad said 7am - 11pm Sun -Sat, and I got a real person, within two hours Jamie got my document, and then next morning 8am my computer was perfect. The fee was under $100 he was great. I would highly recommend Computer Doctor, as the best repair place in Davis. Mark —Mark5577

2010-02-27 23:36:46   The computer doctor fixed my computer problem rapidly, at a very reasonable cost, and with minimum disruption to my work. —franklr

2010-03-05 20:22:57   Had a serious problem with my computer, this virus took over taking me to sites I never heard of. I called around and Davis Computer Doctor was available and the most reasonable in price, and he could see me right away. Jamie works out of his house, he was knowledgable and friendly, he did not rush me and took the time to explain options. In fact he taught me some methods to protect my computer from virus, I left my computer with him for a few hours, and for just $35 he removed the virus and my computer was back to normal. There is no question in my mind that Jamie enjoys his work, in fact we talked about how interesting computers are, and how they work. It was a real pleasure working with someone who truly likes what they do, there is a sense that it is about the work and not the money. I will recommend Davis Computer Doctor to my friends, and Jamie did make my computer feel better!!!!!! —dana3333

2010-04-12 09:55:25   EXCELLENT service. Knowledgeable, patient, reasonably priced. There aren't enough hyperboles to describe how happy I was with the service. HIGHLY recommended. —browneyedblues

2010-05-06 12:54:12   My computer crashed and I lost a folder of recent valuable files. Tried different method to recover but failed. Friends referred us to Davis Computer Doctor. It took only 20 mins for Jamie to find the files. Plus he is very friendly. Highly recommended. Randy —LaoRuan

2010-05-19 10:01:41   My computer had stopped working properly due to a problem with the anti-virus. Programs wouldn't work and had no sound or video. Thanks to Jamie, I got all my problems solved in 24 h and I have now a computer that is as fast as a new one. Would highly recommend him! —AnaM

2010-06-01 22:09:24   I had an excellent customer experience. He took my slow-running 2006 Gateway PC with years of accumulated viruses, malware, etc. and within 24 hours had it running as fast as the day I first bought it. Extremely reasonable pricing too for the service he provides. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and can diagnose and fix the problems quickly. It was a relief to find him after my experience with a prior Davis repairman who did not quite get to the root of the problem. I highly recommend the Computer Doctor! —klanim

2010-06-10 16:18:48   Hands down the best place to take your computer. Even though he runs the business out of his house, the owner was professional and is the nicest man. I had the worst virus on my computer and almost lost everything. I called and the owner took my computer right away. We were able to save ALL of my work. He took the time to explain everything and even had my computer back to me that same day. Thank goodness because I had a project i needed it for. This is your best choice! Great work and a great price! —danid321

2010-07-02 11:34:45   Davis Computer Doctor is the person to call! Jamie has worked on computers and networks for me and I couldn't be more satisfied. He is available, knowledgable, efficient and very reasonably priced. I'm happy to know Davis has such a valuable person to help with big and small computer issues. —mamawolfe

2010-10-25 21:36:18   Jamie the "Computer Doctor" is by far the best computer service repair guy I have ever had and for that matter one of the best service professionals of any kind, be it auto, plumbing, electrical or anything else. He has fixed problems on both my home pc and my laptop for very reasonable rates and has always been available to answer any questions I've had concerning problems I have had operating or understanding my computer, including those not related to the specific problems he fixed. I highly recommend his services. —PaulFisher

2010-10-27 12:39:00   Being a small business owner with many computers, Jamie did a GREAT job helping repair my old sick Dell. Now, it's up and running and i'm able to network with my mac's again. Thank you. —RayJohnstonPhotography

2010-11-12 09:06:39   Have known Com Doc for years, began using his srevices about 3 yrs ago, found him a good value for the very dollar and knowledgeable. Very computer smart.WSweet —Wsweet

2010-11-15 19:27:15   Super super service, Jamie is easy to talk to and he is quick and honest. He told me the repair would be under $50 and it was. He worked for over 3 hours on my computer at his lab, and now it is great. super repair —DarrelMarkus

2010-11-30 11:34:13   I have a few things to say about Jamie, Davis Computer Doctor. He is professional, I felt that he treated me as a valued client. He knows his stuff, fixed my computer in a quick professional way. I will call again if I have any problems. Carol —CarolHayes

2010-12-26 18:55:37   It is the day after Christmas, and my network was acting up, I called Davis Computer Doctor, and he fixed me up, all better now, great doctor. Tom —Tommarks

2011-01-13 11:24:43   I have been to Jamie many times with all sorts of computer issues. He is always very fast, courteous, and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend taking your computer to him, I always have and will continue to do so. —colin

2011-01-20 20:30:24   Jamie doesn't know anything about computer repair. My computer was worse when I got it back and I had hard time getting it.

This guy is a dishonest and arrogant. He told me that he spent 5 hours trying to fix my computer, but when I checked the event log, he only spent 20 minutes. He wanted me to pay him $55 for work that he did not do.

Be aware of the good reviews that he wrote himself. —Mony

Reply by the owner of Davis Computer Doctor; In ten years of doing computer repair at some point a client will not be pleased, and here is this situation. I will explain my side, and then leave it alone, I want to say I did my best, it was not good enough for this client. I was unable to repair the computer, it happens, I was able to back up the data, and I charged for only the back up. Under 10G is $45 over 10G is $55. I put a great deat of time on this computer job, doing research on the problem, consulting other tech's, and most of the work would not show up for the event log. Maybe I missed something, it is quite possible, maybe another tech would be able to fix the problem, which is why I only charged for the back up. the personal attacks, well if this is this persons opinnion of me, then I am unable to change this. It this client wants to question what clients have written about me, then again, I cannot change what this client believes, the reviews stand on their own, I have nothing to do with what people say about my work, as I have nothing to do with what this person says. I hope someone else can fix this persons computer, or they replace it which was my suggestion. Jamie

2011-01-25 11:07:17   The Davis Computer Doctor was recommended to us by Larry Dieterich (the Mac Paramedic) to help us with some PC and network issues we were having. We had a "laundry list" of items to tackle and Jamie handled them all very efficiently. Not only did he fix the problems we were having but he had suggestions to improve the "technology world" in our home. He was very helpful in getting our Bluray system set up on our network as well. —AhnaHeller

2011-01-25 14:58:38   Quick, GREAT service. Jamie, computer doctor is a wiz with windows issues. Being a Mac user and having an issue with my windows machine Jamie fixed the problem after 8 pm and only charged me for 15 mins. —RayJohnstonPhotography

2011-01-25 16:41:47   Jamie is professional, efficient and user friendly. For those of us who aren't that skilled with computers, he speaks our language and explains the problem and solutions in simple terms. He is fair with pricing, and does a great job! —mkanami

2011-02-09 16:49:51   After 6 hours of trying to solve my own connectivity problems...I called Jamie. Best phone call I could have made. He had it fixed within 45 minutes of arrival which kept the costs low. He even offered further support should I need it; use him...he's good! —TracyJohnson

2011-03-03 13:39:33   My husband and I have been delighted with Jamie's work. He gets right to the problem and is affordable. I highly recommend him! —TeresaKing

2011-05-04 10:37:02   Just wanted to throw in a quick pitch for Davis Computer Doctor. The hard drive in my laptop started to die on me last week. After getting some ludicrous quotes from other places (almost as much as the value of the laptop), I took it to Jamie. He was able to recover much of the data and got the laptop up and running with a different hard drive. Not only was the job done quickly, but the price was a fraction of what I was quoted elsewhere. Highly recommended! —JeffreyErickson

2011-05-24 15:55:33   The Computer Doctor fixed my computer very quickly. The price was very reasonable. When I hooked everything back up, I plugged the printer in the wrong place. Obviously it would not print. Jamie was out running errands, so he quickly stopped by and fixed the problem. He also noticed the mass amounts of plugs and extension cords I had hooked up. He said it was a major fire hazard. He reconnected everything safely, all at NO CHARGE! It is nice to see that there are people out there that are not in it just for the money, but to make sure you are satisfied. A rare find these days. I highly recommend him! —JeanneNathan

2011-05-24 18:17:08   My fiance's computer contracted a virus two days before he was supposed to leave for a military trip. We depend on the computer to talk while he is overseas so it was vital that it was fixed before he left. The Davis computer doctor fixed it in time and the price was more than reasonable. We were very satisfied and will come back if we encounter any problems with our laptops in the future.

Update 2012-04-08 My husband's hard drive crashed and Davis Computer Doctor once again put in the new hard drive and put windows and various software onto the laptop for a very reasonable price! —LoriOrf

2011-08-15 12:11:03   I took my laptop to Jamie when it started running horribly one day. Initially, we thought it was just some viruses that had gotten on there (despite continuous protection by Kaspersky). I was able to drop it off at Jamie's after 10pm that night - amazing! We thought it would be done the next morning, but it turns out the hard drive basically had failed. I eventually went and purchased a new hard drive, which Jamie installed. Trying to save my files took a very long time - so long that we weren't able to recover everything because the original drive was so messed up and slow. Overall, the process of getting my laptop back to me with a new hard drive and working again took 6 tortuous days. Jamie was very responsive whenever I contacted him for an update, and his fees for all of this were EXTREMELY (ridiculously?) reasonable. Although I feel like I am starting over with a completely new/alien computer, I still have many of the files I started with and my laptop runs much faster than it did before. Jamie seems to have a number of computers that he is working on at any given time, and it is unclear to me whether this degree of multitasking contributed to the length of time it took me to get my laptop back. At any rate, Jamie seems very knowledgeable and trustworthy. His accessibility and price cannot be beaten. I would go back to Jamie in a heartbeat the next time I have a problem with my computer! —ESparrow

Reply by owner of Computer Doctor; I am glad I was able to get your computer running smoothly, and faster then it was before. I dedicate equal time to every sick computer that comes to me, most computers I turn around in 24-48 hours, sometimes there is a major challange of data of recovery which takes longer. I am very pleased that we were able to recover most of your data. Jamie

2011-09-25 07:22:07   computer stopped working suddenly yesturday, and I needed it fixed right away. A friend recommended Computer Doctor, and I called, well great service and great price, my computer is running perfect now. I recommend Computer Doctor —debbiestrong

2011-12-16 08:40:35   Jamie at the Computer Doctor offers the most reliable, knowledgeable and affordable repair service (and advice) I've ever experienced. I've been through many, many computer issues since my business purchased an Apple 2E in the early 1980s. After using other services I was completely blown away by Jamie's excellent and quick service, and I always get more than I bargain for. He works the same hours I do - evenings and weekends - so the turnaround time is unbeatable. Recently I asked for Jamie's advice on a new computer, and he responded immediately with exactly the info I needed to make a confident purchase. I could have saved myself money and frustration if I'd only found the Computer Doctor sooner! —nancyredpath

2012-01-06 11:19:39   Jamie took my PC hard drive and diagnosed it, discussed with me what his plan for repair and then stripped out the drive, added RAM and so many upgrades it feels like a new computer. His fees are extremely reasonable and he has a professional attitude and approach. I didn't have any data loss but my computer was nearly inoperable by the time I took it to him. He followed up by making sure I knew he's available for post-repair questions which I did have, and which he answered thoroughly. Computer Doctor is now my repair guy for my computer.


2012-02-28 14:57:29   One of the better customer service experiences I can remember. Jaime, thank you very much for talking me off the ledge.

My laptop was toast, or so I thought. I called Jaime to see how much a new hard drive, operating system, etc. would cost. He was very understanding, and told me that until he looked at it, he would hold judgement. He explained my assessment of the problem, and related solution, was one of many possible solutions.

I dropped my computer off at Jaime's business/house, and he had it over night. He called me the next day to explain that my problem was a minor operating system error, and that the hard drive was fine. Jaime loaded all the current software and updates, made sure everything was running smoothly, and returned the laptop back to me. It now runs better than the day I bought it. All this for under $100. Amazing.

I highly recommend this business! —JakeJurgenson

2012-05-02 16:25:44   I have used The Computer Doctor many times. Each and every time he has done a perfect job. He truly cares about his clients needs, he is incredibly patient and meets every timeline I have requested. His business is set in a small town which in my opinion suits him perfectly. He cares about his customers!!! —mikestarchild

2012-05-24 13:33:50   Thanks so much for helping me figure out the problem with Photoshop! And your assistant was fantastic too! - Jackson from Buttons 'n Bears, Oh My!JacksonMurtha

2012-08-19 08:43:19   Our family Mac died recently; potentially taking most of our photo bank from our daughter's first years. Although we had the protection plan from Apple, we had not yet acquired an external hard-drive; I was shocked to find that the company Apple recommended for Data Retrieval charged a minimum of $700! I consulted DavisWiki and came across information about Jamie's Computer Doctor service. I was encouraged by the comments, and I contacted him. He is forthright, realistic, extremely knowledgable, and the perfect combination of professional and personable. In my original consultation, he outlined the options available, and was completely upfront about the possible limits of his service. He shared his expertise willingly, and without regard to whether or not I had formally engaged his services. When the work was initially completed, he stressed that I should review the work and consult him with any issues; I found that a number of items had not been retrieved in the original work - I contacted him and he swiftly resolved the issue. Without a further charge, no less! Jamie is an incredible resource - he is honest and capable, and his service is affordably priced and trustworthy. He will earn your trust, just as he has earned mine. My highest recommendation. —MatthewSchneider

2012-09-10 11:58:11   Computer Doctor is the most legit person to take your computer to in Davis. This price is at least 2x less expensive than any other place in town. I had to replace my internal hard drive, I initially took my laptop to iFIX Electronics which totally wanted to rip me off and gave me an estimate of $260 than I took my laptop to Jimmy who offered to fix my lap top for $50 as long as I bought the hard drive which he recommended buying at best buy for $50. My computer is working great now and I am really thankful for his services plus the money I saved.


2012-11-26 13:30:44   ***** 5 stars. The best computer repair experience ever. My hard drive crashed over the Thanksgiving weekend. He was gracious enough to receive the computer on a Sunday. I really had expected the worst scenario. The following morning he tells me its all done and ready for pickup. He gave me a run down of the new configuration and was very helpful about questions etc. Hands down the best in town!! —knuppen

2013-02-13 15:53:36   I've used Computer Doctor for the past six years or so and I can unconditionally recommend him. He's always done great work for a reasonable price and recently, in the middle of a computer crisis, I called him and he came over the same morning, fixed the main problem and about five other problems, taught me how to use my new computer, taught me how to do my own system maintenance and reconfigured my desktop to be user friendly - all within an hour. In short, Jamie is the most awesome computer guy I've ever come across in 25 years of practicing law and trying to figure out how to use my computer. —CeciliaModdelmog

2013-02-13 18:23:23   Best computer repair business to go to! He is very knowledge, efficient, and friendly. He diagnosed the issue and fixed it within 2 days! My computer is back and running— possibly faster than before. He gets the job done quicker, better, and for less. In conclusion, I definitely (x100) recommend him. —YingChen

2013-10-03 15:26:11   Hired Computer Doctor, Jamie is totally amazing, fixed everything so quick and price was great. will hire again for sure. Suzy —suzyadams

2013-11-06 09:17:23   Jamie is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend!! My computer completely died on me so I brought it to him with little hope of recovery. Not only did he recover all of my data, but he fixed the computer up to working conditions all for a crazy great price! If I had taken it anywhere else they would have charged me an arm and a leg, probably not covered anything and would not have had it working again. Jamie is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met and it is clear that he loves what he does. I will absolutely come back to him again and I would recommend him to everyone. This is the guy you want working on your computer! —Shay7B

2013-11-07 12:40:47   I’ve been taking computers to Jamie for years now, and he’s just the best. I won’t go anywhere else and I recommend him unconditionally. He’s always prompt, reliable, honest and so reasonable. He’s insanely knowledgeable about all things techy, and he’s just an all around good, nice guy. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s saved me now from technological despair. Basically a rock star. —LaurenSwift

2014-11-22 21:07:22   Jamie, Computer Doctor, just left my house, he is super nice, and helped me move my office, I have a new apple computer plus 5 windows 8 machines. He does it all. His prices are reasonable, and he works super fast. I recommend Jamie very highly. ***** five stars. —GeraldPage

2015-04-25 15:19:37   I just went to Computer Doctor, Jamie saved all my data from a crashed Raid system, All for $70 he saved very important data. He is the best. becky —beckybecky

2018-03-27 11:31:23   We have been working with Computer Doctor for many years, he has fixed both our Apple computers and Windows, Recently he saved my computer from water damage. Was a $45 service, removed all the water, and now running fine. We highly recommend. Bill —Dark