Sponsored and organized by the Davis Bike Club, the Davis Double Century is one of California's most popular long distance cycle rides. Starting and ending at Veterans Memorial Center, it's a 200 mile organized bike ride occurring annually on the third Saturday in May. This ride has a reputation for being a good starting double century for advancing riders. However, with the addition of Cobb Mountain in 2006, this reputation may likely change. Note that this is a ride, rather than a race; as such, riders are essentially competing only against themselves. Up to one-thousand riders participate each year.

The route is pretty much the same each year, and hits the following points:

In addition to having to cover 200 miles, the course requires over 8000 feet of climbing, concentrated between Winters and the Route 16 turnoff north of Rumsey.

See Bicycling Activities and Clubs for other bike-related events.

A video of the course can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQz1EYt-M_M.

In 2008 there were around 700 riders.

The date for 2010 is May 15th. The date for 2009 was May 16th.


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2010-04-26 16:35:14   I'm a rest stop captain in Capay Valley at Guinda Fire Station.

I need volunteers noon to 9:00.

Email me to volunteer.

Jim ([email protected]) —jimhdlc767