Davis Dykes
Email List and Social Group of Women in Davis
[email protected]

Lots of women, lots of random events, from meeting for afternoon cocktails to hanging out at the farmers market to hiking in the hills to mud wrestling. It really is a DIY kind of organization with room for all the fabulous grrlies out there.

Recently the DD crew have been meeting up for coffee on a (near) weekly basis. Send an email for more infos.


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Ooooo. I think for the most part we are part of the strange breed that happens to be both queer and feminist. Except for Mara, she's queer and an anarchofeminist. Except that I think Louise is more gay than queer, and Marge is much more of an old fashioned lesbian. Anne on the other hand is a flag-toten, union-minded bisexual. -MistressAlthaea

2008-11-12 23:22:09   Hey. I tried unsuccessfully to send y'all and email, which led me to wonder: Is this still a happenin' group?? —Schmidt