Player Demographics
Youth ages 9-19, with a specialty 6-8 program for young players
Level of Competition and Selectivity
Competitive & Selective

The Davis Legacy Soccer Club (DLSC) is a competitive youth soccer club in Davis.

This year, the Davis Legacy supported 40 competitive teams from U9 to U18, with a specialty program for 6-8 year old players.

Davis Legacy teams participate in league and tournament play at the highest levels offered under NorCal Premier, USYSA, and US Club.

The DLSC Soccer Fields are located south of Highway 80 to the east of Davis, past the car dealerships. While the club is more competitive than Davis AYSO, its values are placed on development, fun, and family.

The Davis Legacy are known for providing the highest levels of quality soccer training for the players in the community while enhancing their social/emotional and physical health, in a positive and safe environment. 

From the Legacy website:

"In adopting a style of positive soccer, we strive to foster an environment free from the “fear of failure”, where our players can explore and be creative without the fear of making mistakes. We believe that such an environment, with no limitations, is where our players can grow the most and realize their potential both as players and people. The motivation to play attractive soccer must be greater than the fear of losing."


DLSC hosts many tournaments ( that attracts teams not only domestically, but also internationally from nations such as Germany.

From its Summer Super Classico tournament to the renowned Summer College Show Cases for the Girls and Boys, the Davis Legacy Tournaments host some of the most elite youth talent the country has to offer.

Not only do the Legacy tournaments give an opportunity for players to showcase their skills, it also provides a boost to local businesses in the Davis community.

With over 850 teams, 600 different clubs, and over 10,000 participates and spectators traveling to Davis through out the year, the economic impact of the club ripples through out local shops and eateries.


The Davis Legacy follow the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) age group brackets which are selected by year of birth.

The U8 program is for players born 2009 and younger.  This age group has a 7 month season, March - May and August - November.  No tryouts are held for this age.  Rather, drop ins are conducted in mid February.

The U9 - U11 age group tryouts is held at the end of January/early February.  This age group has a 9 month season, March - November.  The U9 age group is for players born in 2008, the U10 age group is 2007, and the U11 age group is 2006.

The U12 - U14 age group tryout is held in mid to late February and have a 10.5 month season, March - January.  The U12 age group is for players born in 2005, the U13 age group is 2004, the U14 age group is 2003.

The U15 - U19 age try out is held in February they have a 9 month season, taking a break during high school play.  Their season is March - November.  The U15 age group is for players born in 2002.  The U16 age group is 2001.  The U17 age group is 2000.  The U18 age group is 1999.  The U19 age group is 1998.

Field Renovation

The Davis Legacy are currently making the Davis Legacy Soccer Complex the top club complex in the nation. Davis Legacy fields have long been recognized among the the elite fields in the country and with the expansion to 16 fields, DLSC hopes to grow its tournaments to decrease player dues to the smallest amount possible.


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