This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


D.M.B.R. is a bicycle repair service that offers free pick up and delivery by appointment only
7days/week 6am-10pm
[email protected]

Davis Mobile Bike Repair is no longer in business

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2008-05-06 18:05:34   Tony did an really speedy and awesome job on my road bike! Highly recommended, plus you don't even have to leave your house! —CaseyDeCino

2008-05-06 18:35:55   Tony did a great job tuning up and replacing the breaks on my old mountain bike- it rides so well now!! The pick up and delivery service is totally awesome- two thumbs up! —shearer

2008-05-07 09:45:24   Tony has got some crazy bicycle skills that you don't want to pass up. And he'll pick up and drop off your bike, what? He has kept me riding smoothly for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else and neither should you. —BreeGee

2008-05-07 11:34:52   I should also mention that Tony can tune all kinds of bikes. road, mountain, cruiser, antique, bmx, your around town beater... —BreeGee

2008-05-07 11:43:54   I had a great experience with Tony and is providing a much needed service in davis. He was very professional, quick, reliable, and experienced in the field. The fact that he comes to your house for pickup and drop-off is great. He fixed two of my bikes which had a lot wrong with them. He completely did a overhaul on both bikes, cleaning out the bike, greasing the seat and chain, replacing the cables, etc. He called me with a price quote before replacing anything on the bike which I appreciate as I was given the opition to decline certain things that needed to be fixed to cut down on the cost. I am very happy with his services and will call on him again. —ElizabethBarthel

2008-05-08 09:08:16   Tony did a great job on my bike! I had a mountain bike that was a wreck, had been left outside for 2 years and I was about to scrap it, and now its back in shape. The bike runs smoothly, is cleaner than I thought possible and the repair was cheap too! The pickup and delivery were great features, as it can work around my schedule rather than having to make time to drop the bike off. I definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs professional repair at reasonable rates. —DanielR

2008-05-09 21:31:41   Sounds like a great service. With mobile bike repair you know that it's an experienced and motivated mechanic working on your bike, rather than taking your chance with a new employee at some shop. Not to mention the business model is a win/win: It costs less to run, so the savings can be passed on to the customer in the form of better service at the same price. —PeterAnselmo

2008-05-15 13:49:27   Tony fixed up my Diamondback, and was able to fix the gear shifters for a third of the cost that Freewheeler was going to charge to do the job. After seeing how great the bike rode, I brought my Trek to him, and he got the brakes working perfectly. He picked up the bikes and delivered them...and I didn't have to deal with the bike/repair shops that essentially try to convince you that you should buy a new bike rather than fix your old one. Awesome! —RMC

2008-05-15 18:59:40   Loved how easy this was!! Since my car is way to small to fit my bikes in, I've had to bum rides from friends, wait for my bike to be done, or walk home when I needed a tune-up or wheel replacement. But Tony came to my house, working around my schedule, to pick up my bike. Not to mention, my cruiser runs so well now!! I will definitely be contacting Tony in the future when it's time for my road bike to get the once over. —britany

2008-05-17 19:18:34   Good stuff. Highly recommended. Picks up, drops off - everything to how you need it to be. Also, very helpful advice, does the little things right that makes a bike run smooth. My road bike was pretty trashed up - he replaced everything and pretty cheap compared to other places. —Drewzie

2008-05-28 19:58:46   The service was top notch! Tony was friendly, had a flexible schedule, and did an excellent job fixing up my bike. Highly recommended. —EricLin

2008-05-29 11:58:55   Tony did an awesome job. I cut down on my commute time and I no longer squeak and it stops like a charm! Get your bike in for some needed TLC and you will be rewarded. Very affordable prices and convenient pick up and drop off. —SaraL

2008-07-17 01:02:54   Tony did a super speedy and great tune up on my bike. He picked it up on Friday night and I had it back Sunday (before classes started on Monday)! The bike was like brand new when he returned it. So clean and rode 10x's smoother than before! I recommend him to everyone!!!! —akwiat11