720 Olive Dr. Unit X
Right next to the Rocknasium
Tue-Sat 10am - 6pm
(530) 753-3466
Web site

Davis Motorsports is Davis' only motorcycle shop, offering repairs, parts, and new/used scooter sales.

They are now under new management (former shop owner Jeff retired.)

  • To learn more about motorcycles and scooters in Davis, visit our Motorcycles page.


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2005-12-02 08:06:38   I've had discussions and some minor service done through Davis Motorsports and have nothing but good things to say thus far! Seems to be owned by the same man who does everything else in the place and he's very easy to speak with. The inventory may not look very big, but my guess is that it's not worth maintain a large inventory for a bike shop, especially when he stands ready and willing to place orders for customers. Definitely would recommend others give this shop a try before heading out to Woodland, Fairfield, or Sacramento. —AlphaDog

2005-12-10 14:10:45   Jeff, the head mechanic is awesome. Like AlphaDog said, they don't have very much in stock, but they can order anything you need. I went in to have my bike looked at, small oil leak, he had it for a day or two, and took a look and siad it wasn't a major issue and didn't charge me for the service. —JeffNakamura

2006-04-06 13:48:27   Great shop, he does a good job on repairs and at least for me did the repairs in a cost effective way that avoided me having to pay for lots of expensive new parts. —AaronBurda

2007-02-27 11:25:15   honest and fairly priced.best bike service i have ever had in 20 years........thanks jeff —RichardRusakowicz

2007-07-11 16:38:33   They don't like go-peds, neither does JB's —StevenDaubert

2007-10-05 09:57:08   I've used Jeff as my motorcycle mechanic since 1990. (OMG 17 years!) He does it right the first time at a reasonable price. He's by far the best mechanic I have worked with. Also, he'll discuss your options and figure out the lowest cost way to get you back on the road. Finally, he sells one of the best scooter brands available! —TimDunn

2007-10-17 21:12:47   Jeff worked on my bike today and I was impressed with his work, attitude, and price. Top notch mechanic! —bordiga

2008-03-08 21:32:13   Great service!!! honest and fair. All service departments ( motorcycle ,bike,car) should take a lesson from Jeff.. —z-one-punk

2008-06-19 17:41:10   I've been there today for my first time... I'm very impressed, very good work, nice people there, they gave me some nice suggestion. Very happy for their service! —Fede

2008-08-20 14:36:16   I have been bringing my Vespa there for three years and have nothing but good things to say. Their work is always solid and their service is very personal. They know their stuff. —SteveKent

2010-05-14 11:45:55   Jeff is a very good mechanic, he taught me several things about my bike and helped maintain it in good running condition. —LinaPlanuty

2011-02-21 02:17:01   I've gone to Davis Motorsports many times and I've always been very impressed.The owner really listens to you and is always up front and honest as to what he think is wrong and what its going to cost. He's fixed repair jobs that other places, namely Berkeley Performance Motorcycles, messed up. This place does an honest job at an honest price, I've never been unsatisfied with the labor, estimates and turn around time. If you ride in Davis, or even Sacramento or Woodland this should be your place of business. After having brought my bike to this shop a handful of times the owner remembers me, and always treats me with respect, which as a young guy I don't often find from motorcycle shop mechanics. A ++ —ReneMacleay

2011-04-20 09:30:55   Like everyone here pretty much says Jeff is a great guy that will be straight up with you and do an honest and fantastic job. If I'm doing work on my bike and run into problems, I can call him up and he is willing to help out. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to bikes, and what I assume quads and scooters as well. I have never felt that this place was unreasonable and the service is fast! I definitely recommend that you come here first when running into trouble. There really is no other competition when it comes to Davis Motorsports.

Keep the rubber side down. —DanielLebe

2011-08-02 10:41:42   If the owner is reading this, they should set up and list a company e-mail. I am abroad and cannot answer the phone but he just called me (he has my bike at the moment)


2011-11-21 10:22:27   Jeff is a great guy who does honest work! He has tried to help me get the "biggest bang for my buck" with my scooter by keeping all repairs and maintenance directed at those most important while letting me know about the repairs I will need to address at a later time. We are fortunate to have such a trustworthy tradesman and shop owner in Davis! —THOMASSLABAUGHII

2012-04-19 10:50:35   This happened last year, but i was riding through downtown and my r6 would sporadically lose power and die. I kept starting it back up and was able to make it to the shop. I explained what happened to Jeff, and he simply tightened up my battery plugs and it was ready to go. No Charge or anything! I've brought in my bike for service before too, and Jeff provides excellent customer service! I highly recommend his shop. —FiddyFetzer

2012-06-19 15:26:16   Jeff has been gracious in providing after hours consultation with a prospective buyer of my son's motorcycle the problems with which Jeff diagnosed a year ago. I was very pleased with his manner and his helpfulness. Very easy going and capable. I understand why he is so highly regarded—a definite plus for Davis. Thanks Jeff for your good heart. Mikos Fabersunne —MikosFabersune

2013-06-08 13:05:57   Jeff retired and sold the business to experienced mechanics. They opened on Memorial Day weekend, 2013. I am giving them a try today and hope they can help me as much as Jeff has done so in the past! —THOMASSLABAUGHII

2013-06-10 11:51:55   Is Davis Motorsports still open? I keep calling but nobody answers and the place was closed when came by. Are there any places in Davis that can change a motorcycle tire? —TomasSudnius

2013-07-30 16:30:51   Nice people, but their incompetence was shown. Took my bike here for an oil leak problem 2 weeks ago. They keep making excuses as to why I haven't gotten my bike back. It's just a startup shop good for quick and easy maintenance. In hindsight, I should've just shelled out the money, took it to the dealer, and payed the higher fee to get it back within a day. I've had valve clearance inspections done in less time than this. Not happy, won't be returning. —StevenTaste

2014-08-11 10:10:53   Went there to buy and have installed new tires for my Yamaha 1300 Tourer. Talked to the new owner, ordered tires and at the same time, feeling very uneasy. After going home and really thinking about the conversation with this guy I decided not to have him do this work, phone called him and told him so.. He kept the $100 deposit which he "had to do because of the expense of ordering the tires". Yes, it had been less than 24 hours. I won't be going back which is too bad as Jeff really took care of me when he had the place.. After seeing and hearing of other's experiences, I am glad I got out of there...who knows, that 100 dollars may have saved my life, —frankdupree

2017-12-09 23:30:51   I have had them install tires a couple times without issue. Great prices, pretty quick turn-around, just calling the day before. Not sure about other stuff, but I'd trust them with tires, for sure. —AlanRaetz