216 F Street
Every Day 9am-6pm
(530) 564-1024
[email protected]
Jason Scott Lee
June 2007
Payment Method
Cash, check and credit cards

Davis Movers is a moving company staffed by current and former university students. They use blankets, shrink wrap, and can disassemble stuff so your stuff gets moved wherever without damage. They have lots of experience with moving things into apartments, so if you don't want to haul your desk up two flights of stairs, these guys might be worth a call.


1 Student mover, $35.00 per hour 2 Student movers, $60.00 per hour 1 Full size cargo van - $45 flat 1 16ft moving truck - $75 (within Davis) flat 1 26ft moving truck - $45 per hour

2 hour minimum. $15 gas fee for travel outside of Davis.

Small dorm moves (5 items or less) = $100 flat.

Getting a quote

If you answer a few questions beforehand, they can quote you a flat rate for the move.

  1. What date and time would you like to move (include 2nd date/time)?

  2. What are the addresses, cross streets, city/town/borough + state, zip code? Are there any move in/out time restrictions at either building? Are there any parking restrictions near the front of your building (no standing/parking anytime, bustop or bike lane?)

  3. Are there elevators or stairs (list # of flights of stairs (16 steps are a standard flight)) at each location? Include # of stairs to get to the building entrance or stairs inside apt, narrow stairways or hall; any unusual conditions in getting the elevator like a long distance to get to it, switching elevators within building or stairs to get to service elevator, etc...

  4. What are you moving? List EVERYTHING you can think of; (estimate the # of boxes (sizes?) + bags, include furniture dimensions, please don't be vague).

  5. Are there any conditions worth noting; (very heavy items, oversized items, very fragile or expensive items, etc...)? Does anything need to be disassembled/reassembled? Does anything contain glass or marble?

  6. Do you need 1, 2, 3 or more movers and/or will you provide assistance? All moves performed on the peak days of month (end/beginning of month) require a crew of 2 movers during this period.


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2008-07-08 14:08:06   If Jason Scott Lee, who played Bruce Lee back in the 90's, is the owner this place has to rock! —JamesSchwab

2016-08-25 12:24:00   Been trying to get in contact with these folks for 6 days to reserve movers and they are either unresponsive or rudely say they will call me back and let me know, which after 6 days of filling out forms and emails I don't have a lot of optimism about. Giving up. —kw