The Davis Municipal Code is basically the book of laws that govern the City of Davis.

Every time the city council passes an ordinance, that ordinance becomes part of the municipal code. Whether or not the ordinance takes effect immediately is something that is determined on a case-by-case basis.

The city council has fairly broad discretion in what laws it can pass, but the council's lawmaking powers are limited by the state constitution and any state laws that supersede municipal ordinances.

If you live in Davis (or even if you visit) you are subject to:

The Davis Municipal Code is copied here, the City of Davis version of the Davis Municipal Code is the definitive on-line version. One potential purpose of copying the Davis Municipal Code to the wiki is to allow wiki-residents to comments on, or suggest improvements to the laws that govern their lives. There is a Slashdot article that discusses using wikis to eliminate bad laws.

Suggested link format for the Davis Municipal Code section:
Chapter pages: ["Davis Municipal Code/8A" Chapter 8A] CARDROOMS 
Section pages: ["Davis Municipal Code/8A.01.010" 8A.01.010] Cardrooms defined.

To discuss a section of the code please create a page using the suggested link format and the page format used in Chapter 1.

Davis Municipal Code


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2005-05-27 23:45:13   Jason, i took a look at the muni codes and your proposed format looks good to me. —ArlenAbraham

2005-05-27 23:46:48   also, what was Ord. #2096? and what did it repeal? —ArlenAbraham

Does the City Council pass Municipal Code? Does it become law as soon as it's passed? What limits the scope of the laws the council are allowed to enact? How often does it change?

  • I've incorporated my answers to these questions into the top of the page. As far as how often it changes, it's really up to how productive the council is feeling. They seem to pass a few new ordinances a year. —OscarSabino

2009-12-06 09:34:09   Just to be pedantic, in addition to the city, county and state codes, we are also subject to codes written by applicable special districts, such as the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control DistrictJimStewart