Davis Outreach is a student-run, non-profit organization that provides assistance to high school students in their quest for higher education. Our goals include educating high school students about the college admissions process and promoting college awareness among underrepresented and underserved youths in various communities.

Davis Outreach has created several college-preparatory workshops that are tailored to the needs of high school students, with each workshop focusing on specific topics that are crucial for college-bound students. Davis Outreach will continue its contact with the students throughout the years with subsequent workshops. Our first set of workshops are geared towards sophomores to educate about the college admissions process, including why students should consider a higher education, college entrance test preparation, admissions requirements, extracurricular activities, and the different types of post-secondary schools. In the students’ junior year, our workshops will help with their preparation to complete college application forms, including personal statement essay, scholarships, and financial aid. In the students’ senior year, Davis Outreach members will help the students in selecting schools and provide any other necessary advice to help students transition from high school to college.