Everywhere in Davis, primarily Downtown/UCD Campus Area
Hours (Subject to Change)
Wednesday-Friday 7pm-3am
Saturday 11am-3am
Sunday 2pm-10pm
[email protected]
Facebook page
Twitter page
Andrew Watters
Payment Method(s)
Tips Only (Cash, Davis Dollars)

Davis Pedicab is a new human pedal-powered taxi service in Davis, the first to arrive here since River City Rickshaws went out of business. Every rider is trained and holds a City of Davis license to operate the pedicabs, which are most often seen around the Downtown and UCD Campus areas of Davis on the weekends. The pedicab operators use a tipping system, meaning ride costs are negotiable and based on what the riders think is fair.

  • Davis Business License- On file, but not yet on Davis business registry website.
  • Sacramento Airport Permits- Not required for this service
  • Yolo County Business License- As of Mar. 31, 2010 No License is required for this particular service as they do not use Meters.
  • Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Davis has many taxi services for your transportation needs!

A Davis Pedicab was stolen in the early hours of June 10, 2012 from a home near 3rd and B Streets (More info & photo here). The pedicab was found on Thursday, June 14 in the neighborhood west of Davis High School, near a home close to Anderson Road and Villanova Drive. The residents said the pedicab ended up in the neighborhood via somebody else.


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2011-01-09 12:51:00   I think I saw these guys at the Farmers' Market yesterday. Looked like it would be a good ride. —CovertProfessor

Until they don't have change and you wind up paying exorbitantly for a ride from the core area to chestnut Daubert

2011-09-16 10:05:48   I love Davis Pedicab! They are awesome people, very friendly and reliable. And Pedicabs are so much fun! Especially at night (after a few drinks). Robert and Bobby are the best! —WikiChiki

2012-02-15 23:59:01   Pedi cab was so much fun! Our cabbie even had a nice warm cheetah blanket in the back!! Ask for Paul, he's dope!

Thank you Paul for the ride, you added the cherry on top of my friend's birthday. By the way, we lost your card! :( —jessicure

2013-04-04 20:52:15   Is this still in business? I haven't seen a pedicab around town in quite some time. —IDoNotExist

2013-04-20 01:45:10   Davis pedicab is still in operation, with a new phone number: 410-829-0249


2015-04-11 04:11:29   My friend and I had gotten a ride from a pedicab driver before this, and he was awesome. Unfortunately another pedicaber picked us up and pedaled us from g street to right off of pole line, about a 10 minute ride (a little less), and he insisted that we pay a minimum tip of $10 per person after we gave him about a $10 tip. It was incredibly rude as I myself work a $9/hour job with tips, I would NEVER request a tip. I will never get a pedicab again purely because of his insistence and taking advantage of two girls on an empty street. I'd rather take an over-priced uber than deal with a jerk who demands cash. —Angie91