Winter 2011 calendar is up! Look through and see what interests you. Please be sure to read the description when enrolling.
For a compilation of the workshops including their dates, locations, and description, look at the Davis People's Free School/Workshop List

Winter Workshops are here!

A partial calendar... (Scroll down for details.)

Now accepting workshop submissions! Don't know how to submit a workshop? Look here! Want ideas for what to teach? Here's a list compiled from our community interest survey!

To "enroll" in an event, click the "Click here to enroll" at the right of each class. Include your email/phone in your response if possible. Enrollment options will be made available as soon as teachers submit a list of possible teaching dates. Check back soon if you're interested in a class that doesn't yet have an "Enroll" icon. Questions? Email us! [email protected]

If you are interested in seeing a workshop on a particular subject or teaching one yourself, fill out this quick interest survey!

"Regular" Format Workshops
"Beer Brewing" with Spencer. Please enter your email to enroll Click here to enroll.
"Psychopharmacology" with Jed. Sunday Feb. 13 from 1 to 2pm, in the Yurt; Do you have a hard time asking your doctor questions? You can ask a trained psychiatrist ANY QUESTION about your medications, other medications or other drugs you might want to use. Topics will include major types of medications, drug interactions, recreational drugs, side effects, coming off your medication, and students' questions. Come to learn about your medications in a safe environment.
"Guitar" with Erica Click here to enroll.
"Persian conversation and elementary reading and writing" with Mostafa Click here to enroll.
"Introductory Meditation" with Ray Click here to enroll.
"Introduction to Massage" with Kurt Click here to enroll.
"Hand-sewing Clothes Alteration" with Aria Click here to enroll.
"Witchcraft & Tarot" with Amber Click here to enroll.
"Cooking Different Cuisines" with Amber Click here to enroll.
"Anarchist Knitting" with Megan Click here to enroll.
"Yoga for the Rest of Us" with Greg Click here to enroll.
"Community Change Strategies to Meet the Future" with Greg Click here to enroll.
"Affordable Solar, Conservation and Food Production For the Davis Home" with Greg Click here to enroll.
"5 (or more) Ways to COMPOST" with Derek Click here to enroll.
"Spanish Conversation Night for all levels" with Sonia & Megan Click here to enroll.
"The Bike Collective" with Robbie Click here to enroll.
"Body of Knowledge" with Karl Frost. Email to enroll: [email protected]
"Intro to Cross Country Skiing" Feb 20 with Brett Anne. Click here to enroll.
"Women Trans Friends (WTF) Bicycle Repair" with Sarah. Click here to enroll.
"Psychopharmacology" with Jed. Click here to enroll.
Recurring Workshops
Sunday: "Contact Improv (Modern Dance) Jam" @ University Club (on campus across the Arboretum/road from the Music Building) 3:30-5pm. Newbies encouraged to attend! this is an 8-week series, not drop-in basis. Informal jams will resume in march.
Mondays: "Open Bike Night (Fun bike-related events!)" with The Davis Bike Collective @ 1221 1/2 4th Street, Davis, CA (Intersection of 4th and L Street); 6:30-8:30 PM

"Foundations of Shambhala Meditation" @ Davis Shambhala Meditation Center 133 D St Street, Davis, CA (Above First State Bank); 7-9 PM

Tuesdays: "Acro Yoga" with Tamara @ Hickey Gym Dance Room; 5-7pm
Third Tuesday of every month: "Free Admission Day" @ Explorit Science Center
Wednesdays: "Yoga" through The House on campus Click for directions or (530) 752-2790, 12:30-1:30pm
Thursdays: "Writing Workshop" @ Women's Resource and Research Center Library in North Hall, Room 114 (on campus), 5-6pm. Bring writing samples, get peer edited and critiqued and help with brainstorming
Thursday nights: "The Chillage People" Musician's Collective @ the TCS sound lab; 6:15pm. All levels welcome! Only requirement: Create and bring a 30 second clip for discussion.
Thursday nights: "Fire University" @ 3rd and D. Learn to spin fire! (or just watch)
Almost every Thursday: "Ecstatic Dance: Dance to the newest beats of local DJs, learn to hula-hoop, or converse about human existence in the corner." Most weeks, we meet in the Experimental College Dance Room. Email [email protected] for the most current location/information.
Fridays: Join us at the Domes from noon to freezing o'clock for a Gardening Bonaza! Learn how to garden while helping on-campus coopers! For more info., email the Domes Garden Coordinator, Janaki[email protected]
Friday mornings: "Mini-Composting Workshop and Tutorial" 9-9:30am @ the Sunwise Compost Demo Site. To attend this, you must contact Derek a few days before and confirm you are coming.[email protected]
The last Friday of each month: "Critical Mass," meet under the Oak tree in Central Park
Saturday: "Korean Drumming" with Susie @ Kleiber Hall Room 3 (on campus) 11am

For a compilation of the workshops including their dates, locations, and description, look at the Davis People's Free School/Workshop List

Workshops by Other Organizations
2: "Nima Arkani-Hamed: Space-Time, Quantum Mechanics, and The Large Hadron Collider" 7:30 pm, Arc Ballroom. Relativity and quantum mechanics make existence of a macroscopic world wildly implausible, and yet we live in a huge universe—what tames violent quantum fluctuations, and why is there a macroscopic universe? The Large Hadron Collider is poised to shed light on some of these mysteries. Click here for more info.
5: "3rd Annual 4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology 2011 Winter Workshops" 9:00-4:00 pm, Social Sciences and Humanities Building Room 1100. This professional volunteer development opportunity will help prepare 4-H volunteers, teens and staff to incorporate science, engineering, and technology into 4-H projects. The workshops emphasize experiential and inquiry-based learning, providing practical examples of incorporating hands-on activities that invite youth exploration, promote active questioning, and application to the real world. Click here for more info.
12: "Investing - The Art of Building Wealth" 7:10-8:00 pm at Young 184 on campus across from MU. Student Investors and Entrepreneurs is hosting a workshop where investment adviser and realestate investor Robert Woods will teach students how to build a stable financial future through a variety of investing instruments.
22: "Backyard Composting Workshop" 11:00 am-12:30 pm at the Tri-Co-ops on campus. Learn how you can start your own compost pile in this FREE workshop! We will focus on backyard composting and what materials you need, what can and cannot be composted, how to keep your compost pile steamy and active, and troubleshooting help. Come if you want to start your own pile or need help with the one you already have! For more information contact: [email protected]
Winter 2011 Workshops (Planning in progress)
(a partial list...)
"Beginning Hooping" with Kimmie & Michelle
"Anyone that Wants to be is an Artist" with Kathy & Kat. We'll talk about individual's possibilities and forming a supportive artistic community.
"Know Your Rights" with Chuck & Marguerite
"Improvisational Acting" with Pamela
"Hand-Rolling Herbal Cigarettes" with Alexa. Emphasis will be on learning how to grow and use traditional, medicinal, herbal plants.
"Bread-Making" with Emily
"Psychopharmacology" with Jed; Come to learn about your medications in a safe environment.
"Natural solutions to pest control" with Alia
...and more to come!
Past Classes
"Bee Charming" with Derek, February 5, 12-1:30 pm in the Yurt at The Domes
Friday nights: Alternative Relationships: How to live pleasurably and ethically with others" with Brett Anne Balamuth. This workshop will explore the necessary parts of great communication and student interest will inform the specific relationship models discussed. This workshop will happen concurrently in the same room with "Stitch & Bitch," a craft and emotion friendly gathering. Learn to sew, knit, or just let off some steam. Tea included. Feel free to bring snacks or appetizers to share! Date/Time: Every Friday at 5pm at Dome 5. Click here for map. [email protected]