The Davis People's Free School Mission Statement

(as brainstormed at the Oct 8, 2010 organizers' meeting):

"The Davis People's Free School promotes a beneficial model of education and society based on participation, creativity, gumption, self-actualization, and sharing by channeling the energy of the Davis community into hands-on workshops and events. The Free School provides free, safe, compassionate education to all people of all cultures, socio-economic classes, genders, and ages, students and non-students alike."

Instead of considering "what can I get from this," participants are encouraged to contemplate "what can I give?"

The Future After assembling a sturdy infrastructure, the organizers hope Davis residents nurture and maintain the Free School, enabling it to grow, multiply, and evolve.

Principles of Ethical Communication 1. truthfulness, accuracy, honesty, and reason 2. freedom of expression, diversity of perspective, and tolerance of dissent 3. understanding and respect for other communicators 4. access to communication resources and opportunities 5. providing climate of caring and mutual understanding 6. avoiding and condemning degrading communication (hate speech) 7. courageous expression of personal convictions 8. sharing information, opinions, and feelings 9. guarding against threat of unethical communication 10. accepting responsibility for consequences

Why Free?

The point of keeping it free is to ensure that everyone involved wants to be present solely to teach and to learn, and not to deliver the minimum product to be paid. We intend to change the paradigm (at least for a few hours a day) from "What can I get out of this?" to "What can I give?" Hopefully, this cultivates a safe space for sharing skills, knowledge, and a good time!

What does "free" mean?

  • Teachers and the school may not charge except for the exact cost of materials (e.g. the raw metal for a metalsmithing class). Students can pay the teachers with the fruits of the prosperity that their new-found education has brought them. Better yet, pay it forward!
  • On events such as field-trips for "learn how to backpack," all costs (gas, food, etc.) will be shared equally among students and teachers. No additional costs may be charged for teaching, guiding, etc.
  • If you have class ideas, constructive comments, or want to help facilitate this project, please e-mail us!
  • Or to submit a class!