(526 B Street, Davis, CA 95616)
Siobhan Truesdale
one of the Schools in the DJUSD

Past Principals

Rob Kinder (  -2023)


The Davis School for Independent Study is an accredited alternative school in the Davis Joint Unified School District. The Elementary school program (K-6) is similar to homeschooling where the parents are the teachers who are guided by a credentialed teacher. The parent attends weekly meetings along with the student. The students meet once a week with their teacher who gives the students their assignments for the next week and collect what they've done for the previous week.

The secondary school (7-12) program is a little different. Some students are "split-site" and take some subjects at a junior high or at Davis Senior High School. Lab Science, Foreign Language, some Art classes, Music (Band, Orchestra, Chorus, etc.) and other electives are not offered at DSIS, so if the student wants to complete requirements for college entrance or just want to take those subjects, then they would have to take some classes at the High School (or Community College). Some students take only one class (Math, for example) at DSIS. Some students decide to take all of their classes at DSIS and graduate from High School at DSIS. DSIS provides an alternative for the student who can't stand to sit in a classroom all day, or needs to work, or is involved in an activity that makes going to a traditional high school difficult, etc.

Secondary students meet once a week with their teacher who supervises their progress and assigns work for the coming week. The student is wholly responsible for completing all work on time. Since attendance is not taken, if the student completes only 80% of the assignments for the week, then it is considered that they cut class 20% of that week. It is estimated that the student would need to put in around 20 hours (minimum) to complete all the work. Sometimes, depending on the assignment and the enthusiasm or interest of the student, it could take a longer or shorter amount of time. Then there is always the student who likes to believe that they study better under stress and choose to put in the hours on the last day before their appointment. All night study sessions can happen.

The DSIS high school student is considered a District High School student, so can go to the Prom, High School dances, Grad Night, etc. But they cannot be on the Davis High School campus during the day unless they have a reason, i.e. have a class. So someone couldn't transfer over to DSIS and then hang out on the High School quad all day "visiting" with friends. To attend the huge DHS graduation ceremony at Toomey Field, the student would have to be taking at least 5 classes in their final semester of high school at DHS. DSIS hosts their own graduation ceremony, which is quite nice. Each teacher introduces their graduates. The entire School Board attends and shakes the hands of each graduate as they are announced.