“Saving Walnut Trees From a Fate Worse Than Death”
Davis Science Café
Wednesday, July 11th, 2018
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
G Street WunderBar
228 G St, Davis, California 95616
Complimentary soft drinks courtesy of the UCD College of Letters and Science

Each month, Professor Jared Shaw with the UC Davis Department of Chemistry hosts the Davis Science Café, featuring scientists who are studying some of today’s cutting edge topics. This month’s guest is Professor Daniel Kluepfel from the UC Davis Department of Plant Pathology and USDA-ARS who explores the interactions of bacteria with walnut plants. Invite a friend, and get here early to grab a seat at G. Street Wunderbar. Let’s drink to science!

Abstract:  Commercially cultivated walnut trees are grafted onto rootstocks that are susceptible to several pathogens that cause an estimated 18% annual yield loss worth hundreds of millions to the industry.  Our lab is focused on one of these diseases known as Crown Gall  which is a disease caused by a ubiquitous soil-borne bacterial pathogen. This evening we will discuss the global approach we are taking to manage this malicious pathogen.

Contact Professor Jared Shaw more information, at [email protected]or www.facebook.com/groups/davissciencecafe.