Davis State of Mind: YouTube link

"Davis State of Mind" is a parody music video created by students at UC Davis School of Law for the law school's annual Cardozorama (now Aokirama) talent show. The King Hall 3Ls entered it in AboveTheLaw.com's annual video competition, and came in second place by 47 votes out of 10,000 cast. In Davis, over 18,000 people posted the video on Facebook, and 64,000 people viewed it in its first two weeks on YouTube. Mayor Joe Krovoza, a King Hall alum himself, even posted it on his Facebook wall and encouraged Davisites to vote in theAbove the Law competition.

While the lyrics were written by the male law student who appears in the video, the background music is from "Empire State of Mind" by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. The female vocalist is Jennifer Coombs, a professional singer from the Sacramento area. The video was part of a craze of Empire State of Mind tribute / parody videos (see Island State of Mind, Oakland State of Mind, Portland State of Mind, and Galactic Empire State of Mind)

This video also got linked from the Davis Enterprise. See also Cardozorama for the general event that spawned this video.

Former city council candidate and 2011 King Hall alum Daniel Watts edited the video. Watts and the rapper/lyricist appeared on CBS local news and the local CBS morning show.

I recognize everywhere they filmed this ¬_¬ Daubert