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Superb Tutors is a tutoring company aimed at tutoring UC Davis students, high school students and elementary school students. The company offers in-home tutoring or tutoring at a local cafe or library. Prices range from $26-38/hr depending on your package. The company was established first in San Diego near UCSD but expanded to Davis in 2010 to serve UC Davis and the Davis community.

They offer tutoring in a range of subjects including: Math Algebra Geometry Pre-Calculus Calculus Differential Equations Linear Algebra Statistics

Chemistry General Chemistry Organic Chemistry


Biology General Biology Molecular and Cellular Biology Biochemistry Genetics Anatomy and Physiology Exercise Biology

Engineering General Engineering Bioengineering

English Writing Grammar Composition Essay Support Reading

Languages French

A full list of subjects can be accessed at


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2010-06-12 21:14:15   I first used Superb Tutors in San Diego when I went to Summer School at UCSD. I was VERY impressed with my tutor and the company in general( started by a UCSD graduate who is now a Stanford grad student, he's only 26!), so when I was looking for a tutor up here I was really happy to see that they had expanded into Davis. In general the tutors are super accommodating and willing to meet you on campus, off campus, or even at your house. The prices are reasonable especially when you buy a package(which I recommend since if you need tutoring the more the better), and they are quick to respond to any questions about payment or any thing else. Another great thing is that almost all the tutors are pretty young(grad students etc), so a lot of them have taken the classes they are tutoring you in the last couple years(sometimes even the same prof!) or have TA'd for the class, so they always know what's expected in the classes they tutor for. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Superb Tutors for any tutoring needs! —AmandaD