The playing board, fashioned the same as Monopoly.

At some point, the Davis Rotary Club commissioned a version of Monopoly with a Davis theme. Each property is a local Davis business, and was sponsored by these companies. The money has Woodland Real Estate printed on it. It features some really neat Davis specific things, like the title being cow print, and the "Go to Court" spot using a Toad Tunnel to move you across the board.

A copy is among the games available at Java California, whose owner created the game. The game was a fundraiser for a local hospital and raised $20,000 for a vehicle.

Just like normal Monoply, but Davis! Orange, as well..


The Hattie Weber Museum of Davis put up a "Davis on Board" exhibit in March of 2023 with two versions of Davisopoly: one created by Enterprising Entrepreneurs, a Junior Achievement Co., created in 1985, and the other (the Rotary Club edition featured here) that was apparently created between 1996 and 1997. The museum team came to this date based on the lifespan of the businesses and organizations featured in the game: specifically Sophia's Thai Kitchen which opened in 1996 and the Game Preserve which closed in 1997. Additionally in the "Davis on Board" exhibit was Coffee Time, a board game developed by six Davis locals in 2023. The Coffee Time creators are Aaron Wedra, Milly Judd, Stevie Price, Landon Christensen, Sam Lundholm and Matthew Wright.

Hattie Weber Museum's Davis on Board exhibit in 2023