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231 C Street


Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Wed: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Sat: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

(530) 758-4000

Dr. Guerrieri is a friendly optometrist with a practice located downtown on C Street.


Dr. Dennis Guerrieri received his bachelors of science degree from the University of California, Davis in 1981. After earning his doctor of optometry degree from the University of Missouri, St. Louis in 1986, he returned to Davis and started working at his solo optometric practice located on 14th Avenue in Sacramento.

Opening of Davis Optometry Office

Desiring to have a practice in his hometown, near family and friends, in 1989 Dr. Guerrieri opened an additional practice located at 231 C Street, Davis.

In order to offer his patients expanded services with updated technology and more hours of availability, Dr. Guerrieri recently consolidated his practices to his 231 C Street Davis, location. He is a member of the American Optometric Association, the California Optometric Association and the Sacramento Valley Optometric Society. He is also a member of the contact lens section of the American Optometric Association and specializes in hard to fit contact lens wearers.

He lives out in the country in Davis where he and his wife, Maureen, have raised their four children.

Historical Information

Dr. Dennis Guerrieri originally opened his practice with Dr. M. C. Blackman, who retired in 2008. The optometry office has since been named named after Dr. Guerrieri alone, and the front signs have been updated. Front View Of Office Prior to Dr. Blackman's Retirement

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What was your experience Dr. Guerrieri?

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Reviews for Blackman & Guerrieri from 2005 through 2008: ~14 comments

2008-09-28 18:07:24   i've been a patient of dr. g's for about 3 years now and LOVE dr. g!!!! i was going through finals and stressin and ripped one of my last contacts, i got his personal cell off the answering maching and he met me down at the office on a sunday...gave me a free trial at no charge...he's a clutch dr. —liamcalfy

2008-10-12 09:46:24   I love Dr. G's office, nothing but good experiences. i highly recommend him —SydneyMyers

2008-11-20 11:08:48   I've been going to see Dr. Guerri my whole life, he's always been amazing. My mom still drives down from 45 minutes away to go to him. She likes it there so much she won't switch. —sarahlant

2009-04-15 12:32:43   My one-time experience with this place was overall pretty negative. I picked this place at random for a quick contact-lense replacement. I made it clear over the phone that I was not a regular customer (and thus had to send over my prescription). The office-lady nonetheless assured me that a single replacement would be free. When I went over to the office however, I was presented with a $30 pack of contacts. My protests that this was not the deal were (politely) brushed aside; I didn't really have much choice at that point since I needed my normal vision immediately. Basically, the staff should be better-informed of the policies of their workplace. —Fazil

2009-04-21 08:45:46   I have been with Dr. Guirreri for 4 years now, and have nothing but positive experiences with him as an optometrist. I think any negative comments on this page are generally directed at the office and staff, and from what I see, the staff does have a high rate of turnover, and the new people may not be as informed about policies and procedures as some would like. I have found Dr. Guirreri himself to be extremely knowledgable, very helpful, and willing to put himself in your shoes to find the best medical or lifestyle option to fit your optometry needs and would highly recommend him. —xen0cide

2009-05-11 16:05:14   Dr. Guerreri is WAY cool and I have not had anything but good experiences in regards to him and his staff. I once lost my reading glasses and had no money to buy new ones, so he gave me a cheap pair for FREE and I didn't even have to ask! Thanks Dr. Guerreri!! —mydiaz

2009-06-26 23:45:13   Dr. Guerrieri is a G! (You know, g for gangster...) He is very talkative and knowledgeable. The staff (interestingly all women) tried their best to help me with all my needs. —deathstare

2010-02-18 13:28:00   I don't remember which doctor I had, but he complimented the back of my eye, which was funny but also awesome. Very friendly. —FloridianPlywood

2010-04-13 15:52:01   The folks at Guerrieri’s office are thoughtful, patient, informative, skilled, and very friendly. Today I had three pairs of glasses that I needed adjusted. Raquel, with warmth and consideration, helped me until each fit perfectly. This is the treatment my husband, daughter and I have received consistently from the people in this office for years. —sks

2010-05-06 11:17:50   All of the girls are very cute..The girl that helps you find glasses is especially cute.but don't try anything, she's married! Aside from being cute she also is very helpful and she know's everything about glasses..She found me the perfect pair.. Thank you! —GaryC

2010-05-13 15:48:59   There are two girls there who are HOT. One sits at front and the other is Latina and tall. The guy there is super chill and funny. Its a great office and the Dr. is cool. Thanks —j.allen

2010-07-27 13:41:16   I've been seeing DJ Guerrieri for over 17 years. I've driven over 70 miles one way just to see him. He is thorough, informed, intelligent, and most of all personable. His professionalism and personality can't be beat. I won't trust anyone else with my eyes. —WilliamVolkl

2010-10-27 11:37:06   Excellent place. Got a great eye exam, including a discussion of what the relative diameter of blood vessels in the back of my eye means for heart disease. Got some great sets of glasses. They tried something new and it worked well. —YogaBhoga

2011-01-10 15:39:45   I like their selection of frames better than some other places in town, plus they had a stash of discontinued frames at a big discount so that the entire price of some pretty nice frames was covered by GSHIP. Plus, good service - and some of the staff even helped me decide on a style. I've already gone back for one adjustment and they were fast and helpful again. —LauraLibby

2011-02-05 15:08:01   I wouldn't say this place is terrible, but it is certainly not as excellent as all the comments on this wiki page lead you to believe. Dr. Guerrieri takes his sweet time getting into the exam room, and I spent most of my time with one of his technicians, not the Dr! He talks too much and doesn't really give you the time to explain any concerns. Also, it is ridiculous that you have to pay to release your prescription! The staff has made errors on my bill, so examine yours carefully. —yadayada

2011-10-11 21:04:46   Very highly recommended. As a poor college student, anytime I have to get a new pair of contacts or glasses I'm apprehensive. His office staff is always very helpful in helping me solve my eye problems without spending a lot of money such as suggesting ways to keep hydrated, ways to make my contacts last longer, what eye drops to buy, etc. The Dr. himself is very knowledgable, friendly, and eager to get to know you on a personal level. I now know about my cholesterol level because of the diameter of my eye arteries! Great place, been going here for two years. —JadeLopez

2012-01-26 13:35:49   My first visit to this optometrist went seemingly well... they examined my eyes and taught me how to use my new contacts etc. I gave them my insurance info and they informed me that I was covered for either one set of contacts or one set of eyeglasses. Sounds great right? WRONG. Apparently with my consent the office ordered a more expensive set of contacts, and when I went to pick them up I was informed that there would be a 50 dollar charge. This was my first time going to an optometrist outside my hometown, so I figured somewhere along the line I was mislead into ordering a more expensive pair of lenses. I didn't have the money at the time so I got only what was covered by my insurance.. the lenses for my left eye. I later came back with the money and ordered the other half, its been two weeks now and the lenses STILL haven't arrived. Disorganized, misleading, I will probably never go here again -> they take advantage of ignorant college students. —CliffordThomas

2012-03-12 11:03:22   The staff is friendly. However, the first time I saw Dr. Guerrieri back in '11 he kept touching my leg, like a lot. Pats about 5 inches above the knee. When I went again this year there was another guy in the room and he only touched my shoulder. Maybe he is just a friendly guy. But it felt really patronizing, and not really necessary as an eye doctor. Also, the most recent time I went they were running over 30 minutes late, which I get because they're busy, but I think they should call in advance if they're running that late and let their appointments know. —davislady

2012-03-19 12:15:02   Over the weekend, the frame of my eyeglasses became bent out of shape after someone sat on them in the aftermath of St. Patrick's Day festivities. I needed to have them repaired quickly, but I'm still new to town and don't have a local optometrist. I called Dr. Guerrieri's office and asked if it would be possible for them to bend my frame back into shape, even though I was not a patient. The receptionist told me they would be happy to see me, and Dr. Guerreri was able to fix my frame for me without any charge. I found him and his office staff to be friendly, accommodating, and professional. I will definitely consider signing up with Dr. Guerrieri when I switch to a local optometrist. —AlexHirsch

2012-06-13 18:21:43   Dr. Guerrieri and his staff are wonderful. Went in to my first appointment with them this morning and it was a great pleasure. I appreciate their courtesy, customer service and efficiency. The staff is very kind and knowledgeable. And Dr. Guerrieri is a great optometrist who takes the time to explain the health of your eyes and what he expects will happen to them in a few years. They accept private payments. And they are super fast at getting an order in. Convenient location in downtown. Had a great experience and I do recommend them. —MelannieLavarias

2012-11-23 15:30:58   Dr. Guerreri is absolutely awesome. One of the best doctors and staff I have ever experienced. —Annonymous78

2013-07-05 01:54:25   I had been going to Dr Guerreri for several years before I started having real issues with him and his office. He and his staff are very nice, but have struggled nailing down my prescription over the last couple of years. But the worst of it started almost a year ago now. I went in complaining about eye pain, redness, irritation, etc. Dr G suggested finding a new brand of contacts with varying water content, etc. Well, those didn't work out either. I went to him at least 4 times over the span of 8 months and all he told me was to keep trying to find a new brand of contacts because my eyes were probably just drying out quickly. When it got to the point where my eyes hurt so bad and were so light sensitive and my vision was so terrible that I had days where I literally just had to stay at home with my eyes closed, I decided to get a LASIK consultation from Dr Miller (also in Davis). Well, turns out I had extensive damage to my cornea (in Dr Miller's words I had "the rattiest corneas [he's] ever seen" - which is hilarious despite being horrible) that Dr G should have caught MONTHS earlier. I should have been told to stop wearing contacts immediately after complaining of pain the first time around, but instead I was told to keep cycling through a dozen trial pairs of contacts. Now my corneas have basically rubbed down to a point where they are too thin for LASIK. I wear glasses, but since my corneas are so abraded, there's no way to get a true prescription, so everything is always blurry. I've been seeing a corneal specialist for the past 4ish months, who was also astonished that Dr G never noticed the extensive damage. And even after all this and after Dr Miller sent Dr G his findings about my corneal damage, Dr G still sent me new contact trials. Come on, now. So I guess my conclusion is that if you have a really straight forward prescription, Dr G will probably be good enough. If you ever have pain or irritation, see an opthamologist. It is definitely not worth it to just trust that he knows what he's doing - in my experience, he certainly did not. And it cost me months of my life, lots of money in steroid prescriptions, specialist visits, and an upcoming surgery. I'm telling everyone I know to switch optometrists. (btw - Dr Miller has been really good so far. His staff is crazy nice, really good at following up with appointments/checking in to see your progress, etc.) —Annastina

2013-09-23 22:25:17   I'm Dr. Bob Miller, the ophthalmologist named in the previous entry. I'm afraid that I need to clarify some of the comments made.

Dr. Guerrieri is one of Davis's finest optometrists, having continued in the vein of Dr. Blackman before him. He has blessed me with his request for consultation to take care of many of the medical issues that come up in his office, including LASIK, cataract, glaucoma, and diabetes problems. We have worked together for many years, precisely because I have HIGH CONFIDENCE in his ability to see medical problems and refer them as appropriate.

While the patient above (who has fortunately disguised her name, making it possible for me to comment here) had some significant eye problems when she first presented to my office, these were NOT due to any issues with Dr. Guerrieri's care! Unfortunately, medical problems with eyes occur sometime despite the very best of care, and this occurs in every doctor's office.

Dr. G. wisely noted the problems with this patient, and referred her to me for evaluation and possible LASIK, in order to get her out of her trouble with her contacts. I concurred that there were problems, and that these should be cleared-up first. (Certainly not the worst I've ever seen!). The patient sought care from a specialist out of town, and when she came back, we proceeded with her surgery, which has gone very well. (Of course, it's in-appropriate to relay the details of a patient's care in this forum...)

I'm happy to be able to help clear this up. Dr. Guerrieri has been a fabulous resource for eye care in this community, and he has my vote of confidence. Hopefully, this response will show the truth about my fine Davis colleague. Dr. G and his staff (especially Raquel) care deeply for their patients, and show their dedication by following up closely on their medical and surgical care with me. He runs a "classy office" and provides the best of care. I'm privileged to be part of their "eye care team"! Robert B. Miller, M.D. / Advanced Valley Eye Associates —BobMiller

2014-03-10 15:42:46   Thanks for explaining your concern, Annastina. Thanks, Dr. Bob, for explaining your side. Personally, I really like Dr. Guerrieri. He's a little wacky and funny, but he does care. I discovered my favorite contacts through him. I also like that he works with UC Davis health insurance.