1015 Olive Dr.
Sun noon-5pm
Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm
(530) 758-4610

Design House Furniture Galleries is a fashionable furniture store owned and operated by Noni Storm and features a fine art gallery on it's west end. They have rotating shows and participate in the second Friday ArtAbout.

What was your experience at Design House?

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2007-11-11 09:51:53   Whoa, the worst place I have ever seen. The place is dim and dusty and for good reason. So you can't see how the furniture is all dinged up. I don't think they clean the place because we saw dead mice on the carpet in the back. Then the nutty old lady Noni that runs it wants to special order everything. Which would be fine except it takes them like 4 months to get the furniture and then it comes in wrong. Then by the time it DOES come in the owner is out of town and nobody can figure out what it is she ordered because she won't be back for two months? Plus the furniture was way over priced. The guys delivering are nice though. Although one of them told me the owner has not had Workers' Comp for the employees for years and after getting fined made all the guys become sub contractors. How do frauds like this stay in business? We took her to small claims to get our deposit back. What a bag. —LouisM

2008-04-04 18:02:36   Just ordered a couch through Design House and was overall very pleased. I felt that it was very reasonably priced (though I did get it during a big "sofa sale" over President's day), and the employees were all very helpful and nice. I didn't feel smothered or pressured when I was touring their warehouse, my sofa came in on time, the delivery people were very friendly, and the couch is just what I ordered. What more can you ask? —ABlack