Gyotaku is the traditional art of using the actual fish to produce a print on silk or paper.

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Christopher M. Dewees is an internationally recognized expert artist in the traditional art of fish printing (gyotaku), a cofounder and past officer of the Nature Printing Society, and is a UC Davis Marine Fisheries Specialist Emeritus

Gyotaku fish print artwork by Christopher can be purchased at The Artery, Ren Brown Gallery, via Dewees' store, or directly from the artist. 

Connect with Christopher on social media (Dewees at Facebook, Dewees at LinkedIn). 

Member of California Society of Printmakers (,  The ArteryNature Printing Society,


Books written by Dewees

Christopher is author of two books on the traditional fine art of gyotaku fish printing.

  • a A Life Among Fishes: The Art of Gyotaku (2017) Read his stories from a half century of printing fish and shellfish using traditional gyotaku techniques. Learn about his fascination with gyotaku as a graduate student, which started him on the path to become an internationally recognized gyotaku master. The book describes fifty years of his stories and poems linked to many pictures of his gyotaku artwork.
  • a The Printer's Catch: An Artist's Guide to Pacific Coast Edible Marine Animals (1985) Read about the traditional art of gyotaku fish printing with artwork and information on 32 commercially important fish and shellfish families found along the Pacific coast. Learn about the biology, structure, ecology, and commercial fishing for each fish family.


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