Administrative: 132 E Street, Suite 250
Sunday Worship: 215 East 14th St., Davis High School - IPA Theater
Sundays 10am
[email protected]
2002 Spring

Discovery Christian Church is part of the Christian Church Movement and defines itself as a non-denominational, Bible-based, and Christ-centered church. While they have people from all different backgrounds of faith, they share an uncompromising committment to Jesus as the Son of God and the authority of the Bible. They also believe that while there are some issues where there is freedom to hold different opinions, the Bible clearly teaches on the following:

Mission: helping people discover the good news of Jesus.

Vision: a multiplying church, planting multiplying churches.

Values: Relationships//Joy//Authenticity//Multiplication

Discovery Christian Church was established in spring 2002 with the assistance of Stadia.

Discovery Christian Church's Downtown Mission Center and Administrative Office is located in Mansion Square at 132 E Street, Suite 250.

What's been your experience with Discovery Christian Church?

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2006-01-01 10:57:30   The acronym "DCC" reminds me of transferring files over IRC. Sorry, completely unrelated. —MichaelGiardina

2008-04-05 04:47:47   Personally, this church had been a life changing experience. It's not one of those traditional churches. I went to a Christian school for 6 years and was forced to be at church at least once a week before I went to college, and it had never touched me. This is totally different. The pastor, John, is great. He'd made an impact on my life. My first time at the church, I approached him after the service, and he was so easy to talk to. He pays attention to everyone's need and make the effort to know everyone on a personal basis. At this church, they stick to the bible rather than Christian tradition, which in my opinion is what makes this church such a wonderful experience.

Oh, and John was a marine biologist with a PhD in Ecology before he became a pastor, just a cool fact about him.

John, if you're reading this, I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you so much. And thanks to all others who'd been so great and friendly to me. —AmyNU

2008-06-12 11:05:09   I love Discovery! I have been going here for about a year and half now and I came in just after John was made pastor. I grew up in a church that was small and it had many problems with gossip so naturally I was suspicious of Discovery's small size when I first came. God really opened my eyes with this church in that not just the pastor is wonderful and has a huge heart for God and people but the whole church has a huge heart for God. These people are very welcoming of college students and try very hard to be involved in the community around them. They have done many service projects with some of the elderly in davis doing yard work for them. They have supported the 1000 Wells project on the Davis Campus that provides clean water for people in Subsaharan Africa. They also have some service projects working with immigrant kids in Sacramento. They follow the heart of God helping the "widow, orphan, and foreigner"

Its a plus that they don't have their own church building because it lets you see that the church is the people not the building! I highly recomend this church to any college students or any family that wants to see how God works through our hands and wants to get involved in a family of people after Gods heart. —jlgroom

2010-03-27 20:03:55   LOVE THE STAFF! This is such a great church. I still enjoy listening to the sermons. —Dozer